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Putin inaugurated a monument in memory of the victims of Stalinist purges

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday inaugurated a monument in memory of the victims of Stalinist purges, called 'Wall of Pain'.

US captures a militiaman involved in the attack on the US Embassy in Benghazi, 2012

US troops military special forces have captured a militiaman who would be involved in the attack on September 11, 2012 against the US consulate in the Libyan city of Benghazi. The attack killed four Americans, including US Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

US, South Korea and Japan call on North Korea to "avoid irresponsible provocation"

The heads of the largest states in the armies of the United States, South Korea and Japan have claimed Monday to North Korea to "avoid irresponsible provocations" in the framework of a trilateral meeting in Hawaii.

The owner of the submarine admits he dismembered the Swedish journalist Kim Wall

Danish inventor Peter Madsen, owner of the submarine where he allegedly killed the Swedish journalist Kim Wall, has admitted for the first time dismembered young, although it maintains that it was not responsible for his death and Wall died accidentally.

Deaths attributed to Brazilian Police increase 25 percent

The number of deaths attributed to the security forces in 2016 in Brazil rose more than 25 percent, according to an annual report which also warns of a record number of homicides nationwide, with seven murders half an hour.

The main opposition parties reject Venezuela attend the December municipal

The Popular Will, the most important of the Venezuelan opposition Accion Democratica and Primero Justicia, parties have announced they will not participate in municipal elections in December.

Some 250,000 children could die of hunger in months in DRC, according to the UN

Executive Director of the World Food Program (WFP) of the United Nations, David Beasly, denounced Monday that some 250,000 children "could die of hunger in Kasai", a region located in central Democratic Republic of Congo, in the next months if not reach them quickly enough as food aid.

Totaling seven militants killed by the Israeli bombing of a tunnel in the Gaza Strip

The death toll from the bombing carried Monday by Israel against a tunnel built by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) on the border of the Gaza Strip, near the gazací town of Khan Yunis, has risen to seven, in the middle allegations of the authorities of the Palestinian enclave on the alleged use of gas in the attack.

The US Congress tries to regain his power of veto for the use of military force

The most senior officials of the US government in diplomacy, Rex Tillerson, and Defense, Jim Mattis, appearing Monday in the Senate to explore the limits on authorizing the use of military force, the prerogative of Congress in recent years he has fallen from the presidential side.

Former campaign manager Trump, accused of conspiracy against the United States and money laundering

Paul Manafort, campaign manager Donald Trump in the last presidential elections, has been charged Monday twelve federal charges, which include conspiracy against the United States and money laundering, according to the special prosecutor investigating the alleged interference of Russia in the elections of 2016. the charges relate to his relationship with Ukraine, but tangentially have revealed details about the proximity to the Kremlin of some members of the Trump campaign.

Seychelles and the UK restrict tourism to Madagascar by the Black Death

The health crisis plaguing Madagascar following the outbreak of Black Death deadliest in recent years may have important economic consequences in transportation, catering and especially in tourism and leisure. Since last August, 124 people have died from this infectious disease in all its variants (bubonic, pneumonic and septicemic). So far, the authorities have reported more than 1,200 cases, 67% of them is infected by pulmonary or pneumonic plague, the most virulent and deadly variant if not treated with antibiotics. It is still early to assess the impact that this outbreak will bring the ailing Malagasy economy still trying to recover from the political crisis that brought the coup of 2009. Madagascar has a gross domestic product (GDP) per capita of about $ 400 (about 340 euros). The main fear is that the disease will spread through maritime trade and air routes. Why tourism, which was beginning to take off in recent years with an annual growth of 20 percent, may end up being one …

Bulrushes announces that tomorrow Puigdemont explain the "work" being done in Brussels

Vice President of the Generalitat ceased and leader of ERC, Oriol Junqueras, argued Monday that the president ceased, Carles Puigdemont, explained on Tuesday the "work" makes from Brussels (Belgium). "In any case, the president explained. It is not for me to speak for the president. The president has said he will explain about this issue tomorrow. Sure you will do much better than I, "replied TV3 in an interview when asked whether Puigdemont intended to seek political asylum. Bulrushes added that the elections called by the central government for 21 December are as all the polls, "an opportunity" to defend the ideas, and has also ensured that he will not fail to defend theirs but prosecution will expose up to 30 years in prison. Esquerra leader has questioned whether or not the Government will respect the results of the elections of 21-D. For the former vice president of the Generalitat "Now the big question is whether the government will respect th…

Schedule and where to see the Olympiakos-Barcelona live and direct

Barcelona can sentence Tuesday their place in the knockout stages of the Champions League. Barça, group leader with three wins in three days, measured in Athens Olympiacos, a computer and cast adrift which showed less competitive than once in duel Nou Camp. Nevertheless, Greece is always a difficult destiny and boys Valverde (coach again which was home) intuit a deafening atmosphere. The match is played at 20.45 and can be followed by Antena 3 and TV3. In addition, provides narration and live statistics.

A judge gives choice to minors: o Road or reformatory

The only two Jacobean (and papal canard) churches that are outside mainland are on the island of Gran Canaria. From one of them, the Santiago de Tunte, Judge Reyes put Marvel last Friday night at 22 youth aged 16 to 18 years enfilar his footsteps on a particular route to Santiago. They had to travel 45 kilometers over the weekend to complete the route and arrive at Canary Gáldar. "The result was amazing. Some ran to the finish line, others wept ... "says ABC Judge of the Juvenile Court No. 1 of Las Palmas, who accompanied his" sentenced "in the venture. Marvel begins at the end, because they say that "some endings are happy, others are just necessary". Well, at the beginning of this stage fifteen young start judicial measures imposed by the judge and seven others who were in distress. Young people have passed through the Court of Kings because they have committed property offenses or, in most cases, acts of domestic violence. So the judge has no qualms i…

ONCE draw: Check the winning coupon Monday, October 30, 2017

If you are one of the lucky ones who has played his coupon Once this Monday, October 30, 2017 you must know that the coupon awarded 35,000 euros per ticket in the draw for the daily coupon ONCE has been the 26985. Also, 052 series of the same number has been graced with the pay of 36,000 euros per year over the next 25 years. Remember that draws the daily coupon ONCE are made daily Monday through Thursday. Currently the daily coupon ONCE contains a five-digit number and a serial number three with the winner of pay is determined, the draw associated with the coupon that gives back to the winners with a pay of 36,000 € per year for 25 years. On Friday Cuponazo is drawn, with a prize of 9 million euros to the five numbers and series. And on Saturdays and Sundays, Sueldazo weekend, with a grand prize of 300,000 euros plus 5,000 euros per month over the next 20 years the five numbers and series. Daily coupon ONCE is the longest game in the organization doing it since May 8, 1939 called in …

Schedule and where to watch Atletico-Qarabag live and direct

Atletico Madrid has a final on Tuesday against Qarabag in the fourth game of the group stage of the Champions League. After scoring just two points from a possible nine, the whole Simeone has no margin for error and it will only victory in the Metropolitan Wanda against an opponent who took a tie in Azerbaijan. Not the best time of Atletico, who is facing a crisis of goals. However, a good entry is expected to lead the team to victory Tuesday. The appointment is at 20.45 and can be followed live on Bein Sports. In addition, provides narration and dueling statistics instantly.

Inaugurate the shortest and safest line between Europe and Asia

Presidents of Azerbaijan and Turkey, Ilham Aliyev and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in addition to Georgian Prime Minister Gueorgui Kvirikashvili, inaugurated the train will cover the route from Baku, the Azeri capital, to the city of Kars (Turkey) on Monday, to Tbilisi, the Georgian capital. a new branch of the Silk Road This opens. This line Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) will be the shortest route between Asia and Europe rail route. Is an alternative to the Trans-Siberian railway that runs through Russia from east to west. Erdogan believes that the new train "will increase investments and tourism." In his words, "it will transport in a first stage six million tons of cargo" between China and Europe. After the figure is expected to rise to 17 million tonnes in subsequent years. "Trains may move directly between London and Beijing," added the Turkish president. The new train will connect the Asian railway network with the Turkish and European Kvirikashvili, meanwhile,…

Halloween: ten sites in Spain where bump in the night

Fun is guaranteed in these ten places where ancient and modern traditions intermingle to celebrate the night of the dead.

In the car of the future we will control the instrument panel with eyes

Electric, autonomous or assists numerous driving car, SUV and crossover segment sets the trends of engineers and designers when considering the car nearest future. Combining all these requirements Nissan presented at the Tokyo Motor Show prototype IMx, an electric 4-seater crossover that offers a fully autonomous driving and a range of over 600 kilometers. This prototype is based on the new specific platform for electric vehicles and incorporates two Nissan engines generating power 320 kWh and a pair of 700 Nm. The platform allows the floor is completely flat, which results in a large cabin. Thanks to its low center of gravity, chassis offers precisely that promises to redefine the crossover segment, as they say from the Japanese motoring. In addition to its exterior design, interior features a technology which sends. The heart of the IMx technology is the future version of PROPILOT, offering a fully autonomous driving. By selecting PROPILOT driving mode, the system folds into the da…

Porsche Cayenne 2018: authentic sport SUV

The definition of SUV, or Sport Utility Vehicle, passes on one vehicle combining capabilities to venture off the road and more interior space than a passenger car, with good sportsmanship and driving sensations. This is a difficult circle to square, since it first involves greater weight and aerodynamic drag, which is diametrically opposed to the latter. A problem that only the most advanced brands can successfully solve, applying experience, technology and new materials to literally make possible what seemed impossible. In this case, it was impossible to get two-ton vehicle and nearly five meters long were left out as a coupe. And the third generation of the Porsche Cayenne, launched this week, is very close to it, possibly the most the current technique allows. A fundamental role in it has a new chassis, lighter and which squeezes the most out thanks to 4D Chassis Control, which allows it to adapt to every driving situation. The system interprets the forces acting on the vehicle an…

Valencia irrigators apply the Constitution calling for interconnecting watersheds

The communities of irrigators in Alicante, Castellon and Valencia have claimed Monday the central government to implement Article 149 of the Constitution, which empowers it to interconnect river basins in order to alleviate the severe drought in the area of ​​the Region Valenciana. This has been explained to reporters the presidents of the Federation of irrigators communities of the Region (Fecoreva), José Antonio Andújar, and users of the Júcar-Vinalopó, Andrés Martínez, during a working meeting in Alicante Forum Pro Water to discuss the emergency situation of agriculture. Fecoreva has delivered a study to the Ministry of Agriculture scientific and technical solutions for the interconnection of basins must include the Ebro, Tajo and "other possible rivers" by intermediate interconnections. 4% of the flow Thus have referred to point 22 of Article 149 of the Constitution, which states that the State has exclusive competence "law, regulation and concession of hydraulic r…

Vago up to bind: "I'm very fond of the sofa '

First First Dates First Dates weekly edition, the space of four designed to solve the problems of spinsterhood Spanish. Blind dates are, as you said its presenter Carlos Sobera "a journey into the unknown where you have to be willing to know everything." Cásting organizers are right many times, are thoughtful and many other m eten leg match when contestants. That was the case of Vicente and Teresa, whose inconsistency was clear from minute one. Both fifties and burgalenses, their commonalities not go much further. She introduced herself as raucous and adventurous, bailonga, with many birds in the head and a teenage character. "He looked for someone who would like to move, you feel like doing things that have never done," he confessed. No luck with Vicente, who hardly venture beyond the limits of your couch. "What you do in your spare time?" Teresa was interested. "For it to rest, stay on the couch, watch a show ..." was his response uninspiring…

Tuesday Puigdemont explain if asked for political asylum in Belgium

Carles Puigdemont appear tomorrow, at 12.30 pm, in Brussels (Belgium) -the exact place will be announced at 10.00 hours tomorrow to explain the strategy that will follow from now, once the Government of Spain is applying comfortably Article 155 and Puigdemont is dismissed as president of the Generalitat. [Follow live the latest news on Catalonia] During Monday has been known to Puigdemont traveled to Brussels, accompanied by several of his already exconsejeros, and has contacted the Belgian lawyer Paul Bekaert, used by ETA members in Belgium. In addition, Puigdemont has coordinated its appearance before the press tomorrow with MEP PDECat adviser, Ramon Tremosa, Aleix Sarri who has indicated that the regional president will "internationalizing 155 '.

winning combination of the draw for the Bonoloto today Monday, October 30, 2017

See combination of drawing of Bonoloto of Monday, 30 October 2017. The fate has fallen in numbers: 01, 02, 15, 34, 43, 49. The complementary was 41 and reinstatement corresponds to 5. happy acertantes of the six main numbers achieved the top prize. In turn they receive their prize who match five numbers and the complementary four numbers or three numbers. The refund amount represents recover the amount of the bet. Remember that draws the Bonoloto are from Monday to Saturday. Daily and weekly: Bonoloto in two modes of play are given. You can also make multiple bets of up to 11 numbers. The price of each bet is $ 0.50, and is to select six different numbers between 1 and 49. Upon sealing the ticket number between 0 and 9 corresponding to repayment is obtained. Then another drum with ten balls between 0 and 9 will be one which corresponds to the withdrawal extracted. It is allocated to the prize 95% of the total possible collection more boats according to the following categories. In add…

The musical challenge Pablo Alboran Pablo Motos and

Pablo Motos last night received the popular actor Mariano Peña, who came to Hormiguero 3.0 Work of God to present his new play that will represent in the Fine Arts in Madrid between 8 November and 7 January. This comedy, which comes from success in New York and in Spain directs Tamzin Townshed, born from a text by writer David Jaberbaum, who adapted a series of tweets from his Twitter account @thetweetOfGod, which tells how the Almighty down to Earth and choose a theater where his chosen people dictate to the New Ten Commandments, the El hormiguero 3.0 consider that the above are outmoded. Through the Ten Commandments were doing a tour of human vices: lust, lying, laziness ... Members of the public admitted some of the fattest lies that had been told in your life, with surprising results: "I downloaded virus my work computer to not have to work, "" I told my partner who had a twin sister if he saw me with another saying it was not me. " Cristina Pardo, presenter a…

Penalties of up to 28 years for "dynamiting the foundations of the rule of law '

Rise (or alternatively sedition) and misappropriation. These are the crimes alleged against the Attorney General of the State and president of the Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, members of his government, the president of the Catalan Parliament, Carme Forcadell and five members of the Bureau of the Regional Chamber, the same which they allowed the processing of all the laws of the secessionist process that led to the unilateral declaration of independence on 27 October. They are exposed to prison terms of between 18 and 28 years in prison depending on whether you are charged with a crime of rebellion or sedition, which the Public Ministry left to the judges to instruct the causes in each of the courts . Attorney General José Manuel Maza, is clear that, even without an uprising with weapons or combat, the defendants have committed rebellion. "In proclaiming the independence of a part of the Spanish Nation, the common and indivisible homeland of all Spaniards, have dynamited the …

Is positive children celebrate Halloween?

During these days, the streets are filled with posters with pictures of pumpkins, skeletons, skulls, bloody ghosts, cobwebs ... Halloween is here. Inluso in schools they change their usual image and decorate their classrooms with these elements allowing students to go dressed in costumes and masks, the scariest better. But is it right that children celebrate Halloween? Would you support this "party of death" to clear their fears or, on the contrary, it encourages having nightmares? According Angels Ponce, family therapist, parents who have certain fears that their children come first in contact with the word death to celebrate Halloween, should not worry "precisely because it is a party to have fun and be taken in this way . Children are entertained by disguising costumes and watching others, like scare and laugh at it. " The fact celebrate with his friends also gives them a certain "normality" to be with that terrifying image. However, this expert expla…

Puigdemont lawyer in Spain believes that the pretrial detention "is sung" if he returns

The lawyer ceased president of the Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont in the case against the Government by the referendum of October 1, Jaume Alonso-Cuevillas, said that "the detention is sung" to Puigdemont if he returns to Spain -this Monday it is in Belgium, where he has contacted an attorney experienced in political asylum. In an interview 8TV gathered by Europa Press, Alonso-Cuevillas criticized Monday the indictment filed by the state attorney general, José Manuel Maza, against Puigdemont and councilors of their Govern ceased to be "an exaggerated and unusual hardness" . "There should be admitted to process this complaint, but seen the background and vindictive attitude is quite clear jail" and added that if any lawyer had submitted the text instead of the prosecutor, no court would admit to proceeding. He also has accused prosecutor has been released the complaint with the heading 'The Harder They Fall', which indicates that the state seeks &…

Bustamante surprised when Rosa López in the bathroom

Gala Operación Triunfo after several years off the screen had plenty of time to remember the good times of the first edition of Operation Triumph. In fact, shortly after starting the program, the presenter announced a new member of the jury: David Bustamante. The Cantabrian artist, present recent months in the media after his separation from actress Paula Echevarría, is one of the icons of the mythical first edition of Operación Triunfo that revolutionized Spanish television. And weekly Rosa López made an appearance on the set with action included, and repeated role in this gala, with advice to new applicants and anecdotes included. Just one of these stories about its passage by the Academy was one of the funniest moments of the night. In those days, he explained, he was in the house only two bathrooms for all contestants. "I was making greater water" Rosa López accurate, "when Bustamante came and saw me potorrín." The Spaniard tried to explain, claiming that ther…

Secrets: "All our efforts are aimed to address the lack of Enrique Urquijo '

"In Los Secretos we have never had great discussions and ego problems. We've always had the feeling that we had to leave, it was not by choice. We have not said: "So far we have come." Just what we gave for granted. First, when Canito dies; later when Peter died, and finally, my brother ... I'll tell you what, "admits Álvaro Urquijo, which premiered yesterday in the New Alcala Theater of Madrid, a documentary film about the forty-year career of the group: "A life by your side". He already two years ago this newspaper said: "Death, industry and drugs were our three enemies." So much so that could be considered a miracle continue to release albums and gigging with a huge legion of followers behind. "We always found the way to reconstruct with the remaining pieces," says the youngest of the Urquijo, only founding member who is still active. It all started back in 1978. "Canito (José Enrique Cano) was the germ of all. His dre…

The British government sends letters to people in the EU prey urging them to "leave not to be indigent"

The Home Office is sending letters to citizens of the inmates in detention centers in urging them to "leave not to be indigent" EU, which has sparked harsh criticism from organizations defending human rights.

Palestinian Prime Minister calls for Britain to apologize for the Balfour Declaration

Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdala has demanded Sunday to Britain to apologize for the centennial Balfour Declaration in which the British government declared in 1917 its support for the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine, then a British colony .

Kurdish peshmerga Iraqi forces and begin the second round of talks to cement the ceasefire

Representatives of the Iraqi Army and Kurdish militias peshmerga (armed forces of the breakaway region of Iraqi Kurdistan) have begun in Mosul the second round of talks to preserve the ceasefire in force since Friday, which stopped hostilities after the independence referendum in the region last September.

At least 73 killed in fighting between the Syrian army and the Islamic State in Deir Ezzor

At least 73 soldiers and jihadist militants have been killed in heavy fighting in the last 24 hours in the Syrian city of Deir Ezzor in the east of the country, as reported Sunday the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Thirteen policemen killed in a Taliban attack in northern Afghanistan

At least thirteen policemen were killed in an attack by Taliban militia on positions of security forces in Kunduz province in northern Afghanistan.

At least two dead in Czech Republic by heavy storms in central Europe

At least two people have died in the Czech Republic as a result of severe storms that plague the center of Europe and have led to the German capital, Berlin, has declared a state of emergency after another person was injured seriously .

The Somali government ceases to heads of police and intelligence by the October bombings

The Council of Ministers of Somalia announced Sunday the sudden cessation of intelligence chiefs, Abdihakim Said, and the National Abdullahi Mohamed Ali Police, after the nearly 400 deaths caused by two brutal attacks this October, has made known the office of prime minister, Hassan Ali Khaire, in a statement.

Barzani confirms he will not seek to renew his mandate and will leave office on Wednesday

Kurdish leader Masud Barzani on Sunday confirmed its intention to abandon his post as president of Kurdistan when his term expires next Wednesday and will not pursue an extension thereof, as stressed in a speech to the Kurdish parliament speech.

Rohani says it will continue to produce missiles and that "does not violate any international agreement"

Kurdish leader Masud Barzani on Sunday confirmed its intention to abandon his post as president of Kurdistan when his term expires next Wednesday and will not pursue an extension thereof, as stressed in a speech to the Kurdish parliament speech.

The double bombing and the attack on Mogadishu Hotel Nasa Hablod and leave 29 dead

There are now 29 dead, children among them, for the attack perpetrated yesterday evening by Al Shabaab terrorist group in central Mogadishu, capital of Somalia, which began with the explosion of two car bombs, the first one enormous power and a suicide bomber at the wheel, followed by an assault on the well-known hotel Nasa Hablod.

Federer renounces Paris and leaves Nadal to win number one

Roger Federer prefers to focus on the Masters Cup and discarded practically fighting for number one. Swiss, just after winning in Basel, announced that this coming week will not be at the Masters 1000 Paris-Bercy and left Rafael Nadal finished tray on top of the world rankings. To win for the eighth time in Basel, Federer cut the distance with Nadal and set with 9,005 points by 10,465 Spanish. However, their fight is another, preferring to listen to your body and take a breather after a very intense weeks. Prepare thoroughly the London Masters, a tournament that is given great. So, Rafael Nadal needs a single win in Paris to secure the number one at the end of the season. The Spaniard, who last year was not in the French event, can only add, so their opening match against the winner of the duel between the German Mischa Zverev (30 in the world) and South Korea's Hyeon Chung (57) is more important than it seems. It would be the fourth time the lefty ends at the top (it did in 2008…

They will try the Guinness record for the biggest band in a football stadium

The Federation of Music Societies of Valencia (FSMCV) will try to achieve three Guinness World Record, the largest music lesson, the largest parade of marching bands and the greatest band in the world during the celebration of its 50th anniversary. This was announced at its 49th General Assembly held in Elda (Alicante), a meeting that has had managers of 547 Valencian musical societies and has revolved around the organization of events to commemorate 50 years of life FSMCV . On May 26, the idea is to gather at the Mestalla stadium in Valencia to jointly touch musicians of all musical societies to achieve create the biggest band in the world, a spectacle "created and designed for musicians". For this event, the organization also studying the possibility of beating other records as the largest percussion group, larger group of clarinets or larger ensemble of flutes. With its anniversary, the federation wants to "show the world the Valencian musical universe" and inc…

Morate, guilty of the double murder of Cuenca

Sergio Morate is guilty of the murders of his ex-girlfriend, Marina Okarynska (24 years old) and friend of this, Laura del Hoyo, (26), committed on 6 August 2015. This was the conclusion reached unanimous Jury , whose spokesman just read the verdict in the Chamber of the Audiencia of Cuenca where the trial is taking place since Monday. The seven men and two women who form the jury deliberated for six hours on the subject of 36 questions verdict that has given them the presiding judge, José Eduardo Martinez Mediavilla, plus four additional issues. Before they retired to deliberate, around 1315 today the president has instructed the object of the verdict and reminded them that must be "duly motivated and argued." The judge has asked them to do "with caution" and "slowly but surely" and has emphasized that it is very important "to reason extensively if the verdict is guilty or not," to know the arguments . Discussions have since produced six days …

Alicante Provincial Council is committed to providing support for all applicants works municipalities

President of the Provincial Council of Alicante, César Sánchez has pledged that this legislature will be the first in which all municipalities and entities under the province who have requested to benefit from aid Plans Works and Services. In a statement, Sanchez also pointed out that the intention of the provincial government is to cover all projects which are submitted by municipalities because "our priority is to work with them in developing actions to improve the welfare of citizens, equilibrate the territory and ensure equal opportunities. " It has also argued that the Council plays an "essential" role in the structuring of the province, "ensuring the provision of services in each and every one of our municipalities" and recalled that so far this term have already been approved As part of the Works and Services Plans a total of 114 projects worth 37.7 million euros. The provincial leader reiterated in a working meeting with mayors of Marina Alta, &q…

That was the chaotic departure that left a Vettel and Hamilton útlimos

I had to be a placid Grand Prix for Lewis Hamilton headed for his fourth F1 World started out as a nightmare for the British, who saw in the first few corners pricking one result of a collision with Vettel wheel. [Follow the Mexico Grand Prix Live] Both had to go through the garage to repair the damage to the cars and the two contenders for the World rejoined the race in last position. 3 #StartRace #MexicoGP 🇪🇸 Victor F1 (@ g3of1) 29 October 2017El chambers incident, but was investigated at first, he was unsanctioned and understood that it was a haul over career.

Binter launches operations to Lisbon from Tenerife

The airline Binter Canarias this weekend started operations linking Lisbon to Tenerife North, which continues to add routes with capitals like Rome Monday with Alitalia. The canary Minister of Tourism, Isaac Castellano, presided over the ceremony of launching the new line. Departure flight took off from Tenerife Norte at 0:15 pm on Sunday to land in the Portuguese capital at 14:20 hours, from where he returned at three in the afternoon to arrive at 17:15 to Tenerife. These schedules allow passengers Peninsula and canaries connecting flights once you land at Lisbon or the Canary Islands. Director of Institutional Relations of Binter, Noelia Curbelo, stressed the commitment of the airline for connectivity between the Canary Islands and Portugal market that operates since 2005 and recalled that through the inter-connections Binter can be reached from Lisbon every corner of the archipelago. "Binter is making a major effort to improve air connectivity within the Canary Islands and th…

The deadliest outbreak of plague in Madagascar XXI century requires control measures

Control measures being carried out to prevent further contagion of the deadly outbreak of plague that devastates Madagascar meet national and international efforts. The World Health Organization (WHO) has designated eight health centers fully devoted to plague cases in order to ease the workload of hospitals and clinics on the island, and provided medicines to treat up to 5,000 people and protect another 100,000. It is also working closely with the authorities in Madagascar to ensure that control measures are implemented at airports and ports, such as temperature checks and mobilization of medical teams in place to prevent the spread of infection outside the country. As a result of these efforts, a total of 780 people have been cured since 1 August and six of the 40 affected districts have not reported any new cases in the last 15 days, according to the UN. As reported yesterday ABC, the spread of the pest in the largest island in Africa, southeast of Mozambique, is the deadliest of …

Atletico Simeone less wins and goals

Atletico Madrid has scored half of victories in the first 14 official matches last season five now ten then, in his least productive start of wins on Diego Simeone was also suffering its worst numbers scorers from arrival the technician. The draw on Saturday against Villarreal, the fifth in the seven most recent duels -only one of them resolved victory-and the eighth of the campaign, stressed several concerns team this year, despite the compelling match Atletico which lacked punch, matched punishable by a recurrent course. Rojiblanco feeling circulated around the goal that has lacked in his last commitments and almost since the campaign began, with few exceptions, like the five goals he scored to Las Palmas (1-5), the two managed Girona (2-2), both of which became effective against Sevilla (2-0) or two that beat Athletic Bilbao during his visit to (1-2). In those four games focuses eleven of his seventeen goals in the current season. The remaining six are distributed in wins against …

EU submits to see the digital taxation tourism

The European Commission has launched a public consultation its proposal to create tax revenue, advertising revenue or digital transactions of large digital companies in the Canary Islands affects residenciadas companies as fiscally, or . The document submitted was not a legislative proposal, expected for 2018, but was the first step in the offensive EU to end the meager contribution to the treasury of large digital businesses, from social networks like Facebook to commercial platforms like Amazon, through subscription services (Netflix or Spotify) and collaborative platforms sharing trip or Airbnb. The Community objective is seeking views on how the EU can ensure "that the digital economy is assessed in a fair and respectful manner growth" indicates the EC said in a statement. Brussels is particularly interested in knowing the views on "the main problems related to the valuation of the digital economy, Member States and busin…

"We are all Catalonia 'reads the manifesto here SCC concentration in favor of Spain

Catalan, Spanish and European: On October 8th we walked the streets of Barcelona hundreds of thousands of people shouting "Enough" and claiming "seny" sensibly. Then we ask the now former president of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, and independentistas political parties not to give the leap, not to make a unilateral declaration of independence. They have not heeded our cries. Together for yes and CUP want to impose all Catalans social minority in Parliament and Catalonia intended as an independent state. But to build a new state needed more than 70 deputies. legitimacy is needed and have a genuine popular mandate. They dont have it. So they are given for absolutely frustrated his challenge. They can make all the statements they want and threateningly raise all control rods, but they should be aware that departed from the wrong premise. They have confused the nationalist minority in Catalonia and Catalonia is not the separatists. We are also Catal…

Herwart storm left at least four people in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic

At least four people lost their lives Sunday to the passage of the storm Hewart by Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. In seven of the German states it was necessary to completely disrupt rail traffic, which will be restored over Monday as reported on Sunday "Deutsche Bahn". The lines affected are virtually all the states of Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. And that we had to add this Sunday partial interruptions of public transport in Berlin and Hamburg, in addition to the closure of the port of the latter. Hamburg, firefighters had to serve about a thousand notices because winds up to 150 kilometers per hour tore root trees landed on highways, roads, vehicles or homes. In the port of Hamburg on the Elbe river it looked flooded when the water level rose 2.5 meters above the average level. Firefighters decreed a state of emergency and mobilized all volunteers in the surrounding regions, as in …

Atletico continues its tradition

Barcelona were heavy ghosts. It was too long winless Atletico Madrid in the league championship since November 2014. It did in Cup last year to take the title, enough for Barca competitiveness. But Ángel Villacampa not left behind in ambition, with a triumphant career in the domestic championship: since May 2016 without losing a single game: 32 wins and only six draws. Seven, adding yesterday. Atletico because he grew pride and counteracted the goal of Andressa Alves with another Kenti Robles and a second part for framing. So that everything remains the same: draw six wins for each team, the leader Barcelona on goal difference; Atletico still has not lost in the league. And since they are 510 days. Are the two best teams in the league Iberdrola, imperial in their watchtowers, quarrelsome always in their clashes, fighting all the signings and all titles. On the budget, baggage and ambition, nobody in Spain were discussed, although in this takeoff of women's football teams are alre…

Six million to improve roads in the Sierra de San Vicente

The president of the council of Toledo, Álvaro Gutiérrez, has accompanied the Minister of Public Works of Castilla-La Mancha, Agustina García, the presentation of the road program the Community Board for the Sierra de San Vicente in which Government regional invest 6.3 million euros, one in 2018. According to the minister said, "the mayors of the area have long been demanding these improvements for their people, who were not at the height of the region we have, and after four years knocking on the door of the previous government and not be heard, now see fulfilled the executive García-Page a commitment he made himself here. " Élez Garcia praised the joint work has borne fruit administrations to this comprehensive program for the Sierra de San Vicente, which will act on the improvement and upgrading of 27.6 kilometers with a total investment of 6,331,565 euros. Proceedings in this case, the planned measures will benefit the 15,000 inhabitants of the region, as it directly in…

Colau points to Domènech as common candidate for the 21-D

The direction of Catalunya in Comú has decided to participate in the Catalan elections, scheduled on December 21 (21-D), said today in a statement this coalition that brings together left formations, including leading the mayor Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau. The National Coordinator of Catalonia in Common validated on Sunday November 5 the decision taken by the Executive Committee today, which could crystallize into a common application in which Xavier Domènech head the list of 21-D face. The direction of Catalunya in Comú considered "essential" to defend their project at the polls and "not to leave this space empty in the elections." The Executive Committee met to assess the political context and the elections to Parliament has summoned the Spanish Government, after firing the Catalan Govern. At this meeting, the leaders of Catalunya in Comú have opted to participate in elections to Parliament to defend its "sovereignty and change" project. The executive Catal…

Hamilton reaches the largest

The question seems appropriate if not for Formula 1 and demystifies the numbers sanctifies any other version. Is Lewis Hamilton the best driver ever? Or you may just consider the level of the greatest? Enthroned yesterday in Mexico with the fourth title, the English and only has two monsters ahead revered by the people of the F1: Michael Schumacher (7 championships) and Argentine Juan Manuel Fangio pioneer (5). Hamilton has already captured the "Professor" Alain Prost, who marked an era in the eighties and nineties with his cunning and coldness in calculating their legendary duels with Ayrton Senna, and Sebastian Vettel, who led a supersonic racing car (that Red Bull Newey) and linked four titles in succession between 2010 and 2013. Hamilton speaks for other figures. It is, with the ill-fated Schumacher, the leader of a wide range of parallel classifications condecoran the best drivers in history. Second in the list of victories (62 91 German) and podios (116 155), and is t…

Diary of a retiree in New York (39): Dark loneliness

Always medical appointments first thing in the morning, when still no light has sharpened their scalpels or nurse lulling her smile. Today played optician, friendly oriental and delicate that, knowing me, I talk about the last trip to Italy as I dazzles the eyes, turn around my eyes and blind my eyes with drops of darkness. Let me know a hint of cataracts, "normal thing at his age" and lack of vision in the left eye. It gives me appointment within six months. And I wish happy holidays. Go to the optometrist is remember my mother, poetry and Gabriel y Galán. My mother slept us as we sang, with his music, "My vaquerillo". It is the first poem that my brothers and I met and we know by heart. In my case poetry he sank their roots and stayed with me. Other poems that left their mark were: "The pedrada ',' What will" and "The embargo". Which takes the cake is "Blind" which, seen now, no longer a cruel poem, and usually some of the Ga…