TV3, drive belt independence process

«TV3 must represent the social majority of this country? Yes. Is this social majority is independence? Yes. Does it have to be aware of all other sensibilities? As well". With these words, the new director of TV3, Vicent Sanchis took office last March willing to shoo stroke of a pen the criticism in recent years have pointed to the Catalan public television as belt and speaker secessionist argumentario. "It is true that TV3 is independence," he insisted Sanchis with a statement that clashes with what political parties, media associations and even workers of the chain itself have spent years denouncing: that public media have become key pieces the entire independence process. What's more, since the process began to gain speed, the controversy surrounding the Catalan television have done nothing but grow and move at the same speed. There are, for example, child information in which children appeared positioning themselves in favor of independence, burning live a copy of the Constitution by the journalist Empar Moliner, or controversial interview to Carles Sastre, former member of Terra Lliure convicted of the murder of industrialist José María Bultó which was presented as a "great reserve of independence": Examples to which must be added the constant complaints by the coverages of National Day we have been made since 2012 and criticism about the lack equilibrium in the presence of tertulianos, informational bias and the omnipresence of "proces" in barbeque chain. Without going any further, last February, a survey by the Cabinet of Social Studies and Public Opinion (GESOP) on behalf of Civil Society Catalana noted that 65% of Catalans believe that TV3 is independence, while only 22% see neutrality in how to address policy information regional television. "It was more of separatism tool for propaganda. There is more to see some editorials or news, which the other day showed the opposition as 'no independence minority groups' to realize, "says David Mejía, deputy of C's and chairman of the commission of the Catalan Media Corporation audiovisuals. "TV3 has been necessary cooperator. can not understand what is going on without the role of television, "added Sergio Fidalgo, president of the Association of Journalists Pi i Maragall, who considered particularly alarming the role played by the string as an instrument for independence demonstrations September 11 . "The demonstrations were organized practically from the TV3. Two months before travel and reporting, how to sign ... It certainly has contributed to this hotbed "he says. So much so that even the Union of Journalists of Catalonia had to be heard in 2014 to denounce the information derived from the chain. "It has long been crossed the 'red line' containing our stylebook and disavows the information. The reiteration of information 'service' on the Diada explaining how to arrive, indicating the sections remaining to be filled, interviewing for the umpteenth time the organizers of the event, become impudent participation 'appeals could be read in the news . Only a year later, in 2015, was the Central Electoral Board which gave a warning to the chain forcing him to compensate PSC, PP and Ciutadans with a proportional coverage we had Realize the sovereignist demonstration together for yes and CUP advantage to kick out of the regional election campaign. "Today thereof (Friday) I have seen that have broadcast live and uninterrupted press conference of the ANC and Cultural Omniun to discuss the mobilization of September 11. It's not something organized by the Govern, so I do not know how much a public television has to do, "explains Daniel Sirera, former deputy of the PP and adviser of the Audiovisual Council of Catalonia (CAC), the institutional body responsible for ensuring" freedom of expression and information, pluralism, neutrality and honesty informative. " ACC is precisely where the complaints come and from where reports such as political pluralism on television and radio, a text reflecting that, for example, Catalan Government and PDeCAT capitalized 31% of turn-taking in the information or while the debate on the independence referendum were devoted 58 minutes in the same month, the trial for the case Palau took just over 17 minutes. Reports such as these are then present in Parliament to underline the plurality of regional television, but the thing has its trap. "It is a mathematical report is done with timer but does not enter the qualitative analysis of information," explains Sirera. They not appear there the criticisms that can be reached within the CAC since the composition of the board (three members of ERC and PDeCAT and three other PSC, PP and Unió, respectively) itself makes almost all discussions end up in a draw always undoes the casting vote Roger Loppacher, president of the CAC appointed at the request of the former CiU. Another of the most repeated complaints is the lack of plurality of gatherings, reaching cases like a debate issued in May 2015 in which independence only involved parties and entities. An extreme example of a practice which, according to a study portal sheds in Catalan public media 63% of the tertulianos are favorable to independence and not 30%. However, reports plurality ACC limited to analyzing the news and not the rest of an increasingly peppered with political programming. "It is all programming. If even in 'Merli "so applauded by everyone, one of the bad characters is a professor of history of Spain," he emphasizes Fidalgo.


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