SMEs face the challenge of complying with the data protection law

The data is the gold in this new digital era. Care for them and give them good use will mark the future and competitiveness of enterprises, while ensuring the safety of citizens. Cyberattacks produced a few months ago by Petya virus WannaCry and put on alert to various organizations for possible massive data theft. Since then they do not stop attempts succeed worldwide company -this week creditworthy US Equifax has suffered a cyber attack which has affected 143 million its customers- and Spain has not been free from suffering breaches in security systems, such as occurred in the communication platform between the judicial bodies Lexnet last July and that was that thousands of open files were accessible for several minutes. However, not only in preventing security and privacy act companies and public administrations. The new General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD) driven by the EU brings new obligations with respect to the regulations in force. Approved in May 2016, this new law will be applicable from May 25, so that companies have more than eight months to catch up in this area, where according to the risk level of data treated should be adapted the law in one way or another. The Spanish Data Protection Agency has created a tool to facilitate the SMEs adaptaciónSegún experts, all the Spanish companies -composed in 99.8% by SMEs- still have homework to do. Failure to comply with provisions could result in sanctions of 20 million euros or, in the case of multinationals, 4% of turnover. "99% of SMEs have fewer than 10 employees and is in that space where a very serious problem of paperwork and administrative issues is generated. The entrepreneur does not usually understand these issues, "explains Antonio Garamendi, Cepyme president, who sees a need to promote training among employers. In order to help SMEs and micro to comply with the new law, the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD) has launched this week the "Facilitates RGPD" tool. With it, companies that handle data-that risk little to say, do not try sensitive data, nor is making customer profiles or apply for Big Data- can get templates that include the basic requirements set by the RGPD. As it indicated by the Agency in its register has 4.6 million registered private files, of which 75% of them are classified as low risk, whose responsibility in 90% of cases falls on SMEs. The coordinator of the Evaluation Unit and Technological Studies of the Agency, Andrés Calvo, points out that this tool "lightens work companies' but stresses that" the use of the tool does not mean full compliance with the regulations. " Spain so far is the only European state that has been a tool of this kind and the next plenary working group on this matter shall offer the rest. Changes in the law Among the novelties of the new law emphasizes that managers and responsible data should keep records of treatment activities. For this, the AEPD recommends detail all operations performed on each structured data set. Similarly, information must adapt these clauses -debiendo be much more claras- and tacit consent is removed. But in addition to corporate obligations, citizens rights are strengthened. With the new regulations establishing the so-called "right to oblivion" with which people can apply to those responsible for processing the deletion of personal data when you have finished the purpose for which they collected. It also highlights the right to limit opposition and to ask the responsible to suspend processing of personal data.


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