Paula Echevarría, on his birthday: "Between David and nothing is clear"

Although his birthday was Aug. 7, last night the actress Paula Echevarría organized by the hand of the magazine "Elle" a big party to celebrate. A long dress couture Dolores Promises and classic tight bun, upon arrival he burst into tears first night curd emotions. With his parents and his daughter Daniela, together with her cousins. Family comes first. By Bustamante as you'd imagine there was no one. "With 40 I'm happy. A great gift has been professionally join Mediaset. In October I start a movie Gracia Querejeta orders and then a television series that I hope will be very long. This year has been a change and I think for good, because it has served to put things in place. I'm not afraid to change, I really like this new attitude of my life. All I ask is health. I've been through a time of reflection after finishing "Velvet" and now I'm happy with what I have. I like what I am now, why I would not change anything about my life. I'm open to whatever comes. " The actress denied having problems with the house that owns with David Bustamante "I do not understand where these stories emerge. Pass all comments because it is the only way to survive. They have been told so many stories that do not know where they arise. I usually find out by reporters who ask me on the street. I have not put up for sale my house. " As for the thorny matrimonial crisis Bustamante, he insists that their relationship is wonderful. "I do not consider it mandatory to say what happens to us. We are in our time. If we have nothing clear about what you want me to say, "he laments the actress. In his words they will remain separate, but to date nothing can be confirmed in any way. Without losing the smile confessed that of all the gifts he had liked best were the dedications that accompanied them. Mediaset new signing breakfasted with a huge bouquet of flowers from the chain. It's not bad to open the season.


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