What paradise for women of jihad?

More than 200 Spaniards still fighting in the ranks of Daesh in its proclaimed caliphate in Syria and Iraq, according to intelligence sources who estimated that at least 23 are attached to Spanish jihadists. The recruitment of women by Daesh, al Qaida, and the small galaxy known radical Islamist groups since 2004 a substantial increase worldwide. Not only are wives, girlfriends or mothers of future jihadists, but also activists for logistics and internet - "are great when poetesses justify violence," recently told ABC's prosecutor Dolores Delgado and Hearing, increasingly, candidates for suicide terrorism. Being a woman gives them two great advantages over man: the ability to go unnoticed, which relaxes policing, and media impact generated by an Islamist who explodes causing casualties. The apparatus of recruitment and indoctrination for jihad offers young Muslim a "romantic adventure" with a militiaman in the case of Daesh, and benefits, sublimated, corresponding to death in a "holy war" as established in the mainstream of Muslim doctrine. What the Qur'an offers "martyrs of jihad"? According to the most accepted collections of sayings of Muhammad, the hadith, men will receive rewards-among other signals or up to 72 virgins (houris) and strong enough to "power cohabit with them since dawn." What do you expect women in paradise? The common doctrine states that receive one man: her husband on earth if they were married, and the last with which they were married if married several times. For Daesh, custom it states that the widow of a militant fallen joins immediately with another comrade. The Koran dedicates few references to the wonders that await in heaven Muslim, against the detail with which the goods are described-usually sensitive-waiting boys. However, collections of hadiths and contemporary jurisprudence agree that Muslim entering paradise "will restored her youth, her virginity; and they are more beautiful than houris." Ulemas responses to questions about the paradise of women in consultations and flooding internet sermons, often tend to have a touch markedly macho for the Western criterion. So, are common references to female inclinations clothes or beauty, that will be heaped in heaven. Somali dissident Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali quote in one of his books the sermon uploaded to YouTube by one of the ulemas fashion in the United States, Nouman Ali Khan, one of the 500 most influential Muslims in the world by the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Center Haman. "Do not downcast," says facetiously cleric, referring to when a husband is for the first time with his wife in paradise and says, "Do you also here? I thought this was .... " According to Ali Khan "in heaven all the annoying attributes women disappear." Since the common doctrine considers martyrs, all those who die in jihad-males and women have as immediate reward heaven for many who have been their sins. Radical Islam goes further and puts the jihadists killed in the highest of the seven levels of heaven. "Martyrs of jihad" are buried facing Mecca, usually in the same clothes they had to die fighting, and some jurists consider that not even need the funeral prayers.


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