We can and Catalan tripartite

It is just over a month to October 1, marked on the calendar for Puigdemont to celebrate the illegal referendum on independence in Catalonia date. All foci appear to be focused exclusively on that day. All but the Podemos and ERC, also think about the day after. At least that is what emerges from the last act of the leaders of the two formations. Pablo Iglesias, Oriol Junqueras and Xavier Domènech spokesman in Comú Podem in the Congress of Deputies, had dinner together last Saturday. The evening took place at the home of businessman Jaume Roures, in Barcelona, ​​hours after the rally against terrorism. In the evening celebrated by churches, Junqueras and Domènech, possible scenarios after 1 octubreAunque some sources branded the event 'casual dining' and would not enter the content of the talks between political leaders were raised, "La Vanguardia" he said that there, of course, spoke October 1, but also what can happen next and future scenarios that may occur. A Junqueras was interested in the position of the party of the mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, regarding the referendum. Catalunya in Comú had already announced that he would support "as mobilization," but without recognizing it as a 'binding referendum', though discuss it again in September. Insisitido churches would take his idea of ​​Rajoy to La Moncloa, and bring the PSOE ERC Sanchez in a possible censure motion led by the Socialists. With the regional and state agenda on the table, the "informal dinner" served to encourage post-election pact between the formations. Leave out the PDECat The first inkling came from current governing partner of ERC, the PDECat. "Smells tripartite" said the general coordinator of the party, Marta Pascal, in a radio interview in which he also wanted to make clear that "if the option is a tripartite with can and someone else, this is not our way." That "someone else" considering what Junqueras raised Churches, might be the PSC, although the Catalan Socialists have never said anything like that so far. The ascent of the Junqueras in the polls coincides with the decline of Puigdemont. Whatever happens on October 1, it seems that the coalition together for yes can happen again, partly because the wear is suffering because of his sovereignist drift. In this regard, last June, Domènech used his speech on the motion of censure failed Iglesias Rajoy introduced him to offer ERC openly left-wing electoral coalition in Catalonia. "Comrades, there is already possible for a majority to build a fairer, freer and cleaner Catalonia. Let us build together outside of what is old in the Government of Catalonia, "said Domenech then.


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