Venezuela begins to pursue decree to "traitors"

The National Constituent Assembly of Venezuela became its meeting on Tuesday in an act of repudiation against those who declared "traitors" with a decree that also served to whet a "historic trial" to support economic sanctions issued on Friday by the US . Among those engrosan that category include the leaders of the opposition, but there are also Chavista dissidents ruling as former Interior Minister Miguel Rodriguez Torres or former prosecutor general of the Republic Luisa Ortega Diaz. Unanimously as they have been doing so far, 545 Chavistas forming the Constituent agreed to "begin together with the bodies of the competent State a historic trial for treason against those who are disqualified on promoting these immoral actions against the interests the Venezuelan people. " This "historical judgment" against the opposition and was requested by President Nicolás Maduro after knowing the sanctions last Friday, before their opponents give their views on the order of US President Donald Trump. In addition, the sentence decree what he calls a "financial blockade against the people" of oil country, and officially declared "as traitors to national political actors labeled anti-Venezuelan character that have promoted economic aggression and intervention against the Republic Bolivariana de Venezuela. " The decision was taken at the end of a session of nearly three hours marked by the virulence of the speeches, in which the leaders of the alliance of opposition parties Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD) were called "dragged", "lackeys "," far-right "," stateless "," criminals "or" fifth column ". Between declarations of loyalty to the Liberator Simón Bolívar, the late president and "eternal Commander" Hugo Chavez and the "socialist revolution" that began in 1999, the constituent berated opponents being "agents of internal intelligence" to serve a "script continued imperial state coup. " "The most outrageous thing you could imagine, more foolish, to say the least, this lackey Venezuelan opposition, statelessness, is the statement sent to support measures empire," said Adán Chávez, Assemblyman and brother of the late president, referring to the support expressed by the MUD to sanctions. "We must reject it and must request a landmark trial opens here on our land," Chavez, who called for "punish traitors to the fatherland" he said. Another of the speakers was the constituent also Gladys Requena. "We accompany her to ask the Attorney General's Office to open the proceedings to condemn, to punish these criminals. Chavez lives! Nicolás Maduro Hurray! "Requena said loudly, while all the constituents stand and applaud. "The country is not sold, the homeland defended," chorused in the Assembly, who attended a detailed review of alleged conspiracies against leftist governments in Latin America and saw mention families Rothschild and Rockefeller, who with multinationals would be behind measures against Maduro. The president of the Constituent Assembly, Delcy Rodríguez pointed directly to the President of Parliament, opposition Julio Borges, who is being investigated by this superpower because he asked in May to the investment bank Goldman Sachs not to buy bonds "authoritarian regime" Nicolás Maduro. After saying that the country should know "the true faces of the enemies of Venezuela," Rodriguez asked to be transmitted "national chain" statements that Borges blamed Maduro and his alleged corruption of the grave humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. "You have to listen to what the deputy Julio Borges on Venezuelans. Degrades, demeans our people, says it is a social tragedy, which is linked to crime, drug trafficking, terrorism, "said the former foreign minister. In another vein, the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry handed a note of protest to Colombia by the "false accusations" against the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB, militarized police), which as denounced yesterday Bogotá entered illegally on their territory during the weekend of week. The GNB is the fourth Venezuelan military incursion by the Colombian authorities reported so far this year. Also Tuesday, the Venezuelan-Spanish opponent Yon Goicoechea served a year in detention without charge custody of the intelligence service, which has not released him so far despite a court issued an order for release in October 2016.


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