The prohibitive price

Catalonia is not going to wean. it will not do for many reasons, but one capital is that nobody is willing to generate and endure the violence that would be needed to break Spain. And much less violence that would result from it and that would spread throughout the Spanish geography and perhaps more unstable Europe ever. Nobody wants this violence unless minority remains of the welfare society and misunderstood tolerance. A sinister alliance between these urban radical, fanatical villagers and immoral politicians have jeopardized a State of the First World as Spain is due to weaknesses in the system, parties and some politicians and all products of its own negative selection socialist regimes. Why the nationalist message had time, power and money to convince large sections of society that they protect them better than Spain. Because in Spain they have ruled politicians willing to give the Nationalists resources for deception in exchange for support for their own self. Parties, converted all in recruitment agencies and agreed with free access to the public treasury, served the state, fleece middle class allied themselves with whatever anyone to continue doing so. This has reached the final party. Because the privileged no longer have other privileges in barter or blackmail demand that the supreme symbols of the nation-state. With those who continue using its state and impoverishing its middle class. Although it is impossible to ask many even devise a reaction of the present Government of Spain with firmness and force necessary to stop the criminal derives from the government of the Generalitat, the time comes when it is impossible to assign, simulate or despise, those three passions of Rajoy. And we have to see who can more like a Trapero Mayor of the Mossos d'Esquadra says, referring to his armed men on one side and the State Security Forces on the other. You should have no doubt. Catalonia scarce truths. And there is overwhelming: there are many more Spaniards, also in Catalonia, capable of self-sacrifice for Spain, including the ultimate and supreme, that nationalists willing to offer no longer life or health, even their heritage, employment or pension defend project of secession and destruction of Spain. Separatists know only in good times in which to be against Spain and legality garners huge profits, while defending Spain and its Constitution only misfortunes and retaliation. Must know little man not to know that to change those conditions will change many opinions. A nauseating product of the moral and intellectual degradation of Catalan society, Gabriel Ruffian was a Spaniard who became more separatist when he saw the labor niche. The business came out round. But as it is, with a lot of money daily in Spanish and all Teles. Not to end in a trench. Among the most terrible mistakes of the governments of Madrid were delivering key for sowing hatred and removal of symbols and institutions in that region of Spain skills. And especially the quiet acceptance of the feasibility of peaceful destruction of Spain. the absurd illusion that its broken parts would achieve harmonious coexistence that supposedly unfeasible in the united Spain spread. That the adventure would be free. Was due to make clear much Spain can not be broken without violence and blood makes. The price of the whim of a few is too high.


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