The PP claims that the General Hospital of Alicante accumulates a waiting list of 15,000 patients

The Popular Party in the province of Alicante has urged the Regional Minister of Health, Carmen Stack, "the necessary investments" to end waiting lists in the General Hospital of Alicante, "which have dramatically increased the last two years," complains Deputy Secretary of Social Policy formation, Loreto Cascales. Almost 15,000 patients are on the waiting list, 5,000 of them for surgery, "because the Consell prefer to pay television stations that social services," laments the popular leader. These waiting lists "are bulkier than half of the crisis," says Loreto Cascales about Comisiones Obreras a report published a few days ago. In September 2013, indicates this document, 3,500 patients were waiting an operation. "At this time increased by 42% without the consellera has been concerned to provide the means to end this situation," laments the popular leader. Less summer substitutions In fact, says Loreto Cascales, in 2012 85% of substitutions summer and this year was covered was only 60%, says according to data provided by the union, and that the problem of waiting lists will continue to fall "for not having foreseen" holidays professionals. "It can not be that when the Government has more money from the central government will things worse," criticizes, in addition to remember that they are 851 million more this year and 1,500 since the beginning of the legislature thanks to increased contributions State economic recovery. "Carmen Heap is more concerned plugs to acquaintances professionals", causing waiting lists at the General Hospital of Alicante "are above the national average". Thus, the average waiting time for operations in Alicante is 135 days compared to 115 in Spain and specialist visit is 93 days at the Hospital General against 72 the rest of the National Health System, according to the same figures . Popular require the Generalitat Valenciana "devote 851 million euros of additional funding this year to investments in health and social services to reduce these alarming figures on waiting lists", as called popular president, Isabel Bonig.


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