The Mossos 263 consultations have led Europol since 2016

The European Police Office, known as Europol, has handled since 2016 a total of 263 consultations intelligence made by the Catalan police, according to Europa Press has had access. Siena agreed in the file, which is a platform for secure exchange of information between the European Agency, Member States, third countries and other groups, including the regional police, and intelligence support serves all these institutions. Applications for Catalan security forces have generated a total of 1,102 steps at European level. Not surprisingly, the Mossos directly recorded 103 requests for intelligence in 2016 and 160 others so far in 2017. This places them as the Spanish autonomous police that further consultations addressed to Europol, well ahead of the Ertzaintza, which it has only been five exchanges of information, Siena or the Policía Foral, with two queries, as well as the bodies of Customs Surveillance, fifty. Limit the system "In the last six months has increased the use of channel Europol by Regional Police and Customs surveillance, especially in regard to national requests," assured Ep sources of the agency, which, however, they stressed the "lack" of procedural rules clearly regulating the participation of regional police forces in the meetings and events held by Europol outside Spain or at their respective headquarters. They proposed a legislative reform aiming to regulate a "limited access" to the system. Currently, there are the National Police, Civil Guard, the Deputy Directorate of Customs Surveillance (DAVA) and regional police authorities may use the services of the European Police Office through the Europol National Unit (UNE) belonging to the Division of International Cooperation. Specifically, the UNE is the unit responsible for channeling and supervise the technical and operational cooperation with the European Agency, and this in conformity with the legislative framework of the European Union. The unit performs this work through its headquarters in Madrid and its liaison office in The Hague, Europol headquarters. To this end, in the Spanish capital it has a number of agents of the National Police of between 30 and 50 operating; and general staff bodies and the Civil Guard. In addition, attached to the Division of International Cooperation are three members of the Mossos d'Esquadra; three of the Ertzaintzas and one of the Provincial Police, carrying out liaison and with whom regular contact is maintained to manage the exchange of intelligence information. Integration Europol The Police are the only regional police has requested integrated into Europol. In total, they processed eight applications in 2016 to seven in so far in 2017. Despite this, from the European Police Office point to Ep that "so far has not been selected for the template no member of the national competent authorities are not National Police or Guardia Civil. "


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