The Government is studying expanding the number of armor and weapons to police in fighting terrorism

The Generalitat Valenciana studies support lines municipalities to extend the use of bulletproof vests and weapons to local police in the fight against terrorism and to find a space for self-protection. This was advanced on Thursday the president of the Consell, Ximo Puig, told the media after meeting with cabinet technical coordination of local police. The 'president' explained that one of the issues has been addressed in the meeting was the prevention and self-protection agents in connection with bulletproof vests and anticorte; and passing of OPEs patrols to strengthen the position of agents; and the question of weapons of --se local agents has raised the debate on the use of weapons largas--. Asked if the Consell arises assist municipalities to provide their agents vests and weapons, Puig said that support lines will be "in this space of self-protection and the fight against terrorism." Also, is committed to "try to support in everything in their power" as in the training aspect: "We will increase work through the institute" security, he said. "The police training is essential and in this case, is basic specific against terrorism," she added. Puig likewise urged to convene councils Local Boards Security "periodically" to "seek to complement and seek to maximize synergies". He said they are "especially useful" when there are events multitudinous features that "require a clear answer." He also said he would propose the government delegate in the Region, Juan Carlos Moragues, to convene the Regional Safety Board because it believes that "must be raised as a clear display the common fight against terrorism". "Here --ha agregado-- no departmentalism". On the other hand, will urge "again" the Ministry of Finance in the budget of 2018 "is deemed to be served once the need for total replacement and beyond 100 percent to recover lost ground in employment in basic functions as security. " Autonomic Police Puig, asked about the project to incorporate local police in the body of the regional police, said he does not know why "want to look for enemies where there are none." "Why do you try to make this absurd confrontation ?; Is there someone against local police to coordinate and have spaces in a common space that could be set up with the regional police?". This option binding, he said, he found it "positive" because "it is a path of cooperation at local and regional which could lead to a new regional police, diverse, with a different approach and could switch this double competence field" . "It's an idea on the table to see how we can work together. It's a rational debate and disqualifying simply, in my opinion shows the utter lack of intelligence," he says. On the other hand, Puig has produced some figures regarding the '112 Valencia' and with fires in summer. The first service said in August it received 275,000 calls and throughout the summer, almost half a million; and on fire has stated that the Region has registered 70, "fortunately less serious than other years August," he said.


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