Rafael Catalá allocates 55.2 million to resolve failures in the digitization of Justice

In late July LexNet software application dedicated to the secure exchange of information between judicial authorities and legal practitioners, he suffered a serious security breach. Dean of the Bar of Cartagena José Muela was the one who found the flaw in the platform: anyone with access to the program could access any hosted in the rest of Spain attorneys folder. The Ministry of Justice was forced to stop the service for a few days to solve the security gap and improve itself. But the LexNet platform is not the only problem for Minister Rafael Catalá. Judges, prosecutors and court clerks then criticized one of the star plans minister, digitization of Justice, also asking for more resources, better systems management and a common procedure throughout the Spanish territory. After this maelstrom of failures and complaints, the Council of Ministers approved last Friday three games for a total budget of 61.2 million euros for "the acquisition of equipment and procurement of services for the improvement of computer systems in the within the Ministry of Justice. " In other words, to continue moving forward with the plan of Digital Justice and solve possible future problems. Equipment for Data Processing Center As the first of the alcanzandos agreements, more than 36 million euros will be used to purchase equipment for Data Processing Center of the General Department of New Technologies of Justice. This equipment will consist of acquiring "physical servers high and average performance and evolution of the virtualization platform, the storage solution of high performance and high availability empowerment and capacity expansion platform 'backup' 'From Justice point this team "is essential" for the digitization of Justice, one of the star plans minister Catala. Thus, this amount will go to the Data Processing Center due to increased volume of data that has been experienced as a result of the Digital Justice, which obliges the Ministry to increase resources for a "more robust infrastructure." Such equipment is scheduled to be delivered within a period not exceeding two months, and will be the company Hewlett-Packard Services Spain SL in charge of providing it, as proposed by the Government, because it is the only company that has the necessary references in its catalog. Operation services applications As for this second game, the Ministry of Justice will invest 19.1 million euros for procurement through open tender procedure, of 'services operation of applications and services of the Administration of Justice and technological infrastructure and communications associated with them ", which is equivalent to that computer systems used by legal operators to prevent a new" event occurs LexNet "is better. "This contract, which includes maintenance and preventive, corrective and evolutionary actions on the hardware and software, has a duration of one year renewable for up to nine months. The aim is to have a service that allows the normal provision of these functions simplifying management and executing projects updating and improvement, and the resolution of incidents, requests or problems, "notes agreement after the Council of Ministers. Consequently, both this and the previous contract fall within the need for justice to improve the technological services provided to ensure good service "24 hours every day of the year." Finally common procedural management, was approved by the Council of Ministers a party of 6 million euros credit for autonomous communities that have transferred competence in justice, ie, 12 of them. Those 6 million will be aimed at improving the technological systems of the territories, as well as to promote the implementation of a common procedural management system, both come claiming legal operators to avoid differences between autonomous communities and promote better cooperation between bodies. The distribution of this budget in appropriations will be made based on the population of each Community law, litigation recorded during last year and current judicial plant. In short, the Ministry of Justice has decided to tackle the root any future problems that might arise in applications that use judges, prosecutors, lawyers, etc. They seek to prevent this from happening a new "case LexNet" and move towards a more unified and coordinated system between autonomous communities.


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