Playa de Las Canteras: No microalgae

The City of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria remains attentive to the phenomena that have contaminated the waters of the Confital and part of Las Canteras have said Thursday at a press conference the mayors of City of Mar, José Eduardo Ramirez and Water, Roberto Santana. Ramirez said that pollution that occurred on Wednesday at the beach of Las Canteras was "a specific episode" held for two hours and only ten meters of water in the presence of the "misnamed microalgae." The council recalled that cyanobacteria why this contaminant phenomenon develops are emerging in many parts of the Canary Islands this summer and is "not exclusive" of Gran Canaria's capital, but added that the capital Consistory is "an eye out for again occur". On the other hand, Roberto Santana said that the municipal water company "takes time inspecting" the reasons for the pollution affecting the beach of El Confital, and is studying "the sewer of Las Coloradas." A surfer, Thursday, entering the Cicer and at the bottom right, the Confital- ABC unlucky in Confital The reason for pollution in El Confital could be standing water on private beach area, so the city Council must be put first contact owners to authorize municipal technicians access to the area and analyzes can be made.


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