Nothing happens

The Government remains convinced that there will be no referendum in Catalonia on October 1, although the PP voices that do not understand the passivity with which the Executive awaits the moment when it is technically possible to the Constitutional Court for invalidating the consultation arise . local and regional officials and some national leaders profess to have no idea what Rajoy plans in the event that those responsible for the call refuse to accept the decision of the High Court are. Refer to the opinion of a significant percentage of party members who complain about lack of information and in many cases do not share the policy of arms crossed. "Nothing happens. All that has happened is that on Monday the text of a law introduced in the register of Catalonia Parliament to proclaim an independent republic which would be enacted if the supporters of this rupture win the referendum. But this is still not convened, although it was expected that to happen last week. If finally occurs, the government will resort to the Constitutional Court, "it is the opinion of the Executive. "The Government, supported by PSOE and Citizens Go on the officer argument is confident that the Constitutional Court will challenge the referendum if it is convened. Yet to be seen to be convened. What we are seeing is that the separatists they procrastinated. And when we say that consultation is not going to celebrate it is because we know that it will not hold. " In this certainty Executive also includes the thesis that the reaction of the separatists to the attacks of 17-A has turned against the "proces", especially after the demonstration on Saturday, which "served to demonstrate that international isolation Catalan current rulers and the excesses of independence with protests by the presence of the King and the Government ". It is also thought that the Government has been compromised ability to lead the Mossos alone the antiterrorist struggle, but these criticisms have been channeled through the media, without the Executive would face. In the PP, however, also following with concern the criticism of its membership for allowing the separatists insult to represent the State, which is the King. "We did what we had to do. If people do not understand, well, he does not understand why you have taken the children to Juana Rivas' replicate in government.


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