Miguel Ángel Silvestre launches "Narcos": "Drug trafficking is still a sensitive issue in Colombia '

Although Miguel Ángel Silvestre has a small role in "Narcos" has managed to conquer the public (and journalists) the premiere of the third season of the series in Bogota (Colombia) with sympathy. Starring a cast of Spanish and Latino actors - "" Narcos "has done more for the Spanish Cervantes Institutes all together," bromean-, the series began to tell the life of Pablo Escobar reinvents itself to focus now on wanderings of the Cali Cartel. "Pablo Escobar created an army and great wealth. However, in the case of the Cali Cartel one of its objectives it was to open many businesses and some time to make legitimate to leave a great legacy to their families. His forte was to generate a lot of money over there and win power ", says Silvestre, who does not lose his smile even slept only a few hours. "Besides the Cali cartel it was less violent. Adjusted accounts including, but not throwing an airplane. They said "we solve our problems among ourselves apart and let the civilians." They also differ in origin, Pablo Escobar came from poverty and these were already rich, "he added the Mexican José María Yazpik, who plays the drug lord Armando Carrillo, connection between the Cali cartel and Juárez who will take over the next season. To increase that wealth helps Franklin Jurado, an orphan adopted by the Cali cartel when he saw that he had a gift for mathematics and became the accountant washed more money for the organization. "I have some information about it but I could not see him speak. He wanted to return fully to his family, the Cali cartel, everything that they had given him. They were his only family. But his wife is hooked on cocaine and paradox that what makes me rich takes the love of my life is given "poses Silvestre, a lover of Cartagena de Indias since filmed there. "It's like a little story of Lorca, you're walking and you hear Rumba bars, people dancing ... There is much joy of living," he recalls. One of the biggest challenges faced actor is learning to imitate the accent of the country. "I was talking to Norman hours," he jokes answering Colombian style. "I feel very privileged that Netflix wants to count on me to interpret any Latin character, but one of the commitments was trying to be faithful to the way we speak. Then I put a coach, Norman, and spent hours talking with him, taking us coffees ... So while learning the culture was taking that accent is so sweet for us. One of the surprises I've taken has been to meet a country that speaks my language in a very sophisticated way, with many synonyms ... I gave more value to this language so romantic and accurate "recounts Silvestre. The glamor of narco Concerned about the stigma that can be created to display one of the darkest sides of a country rich in natural and cultural resources, actors always wondered how to get the walk Colombian series. "There are wounds that do not heal at all and I think this will pretty cove. They do not like talking about it. I saw him when he hands over the work visa and put it would work in Narcos, the customs looked at me as like "Well, go ahead, '" reflects Yazpik. "And it is understandable, what they lived for twenty years it happens to us now in Mexico. These things directly affect the whole country, "he adds. "I asked the first thing when he took a taxi, what they thought the series. Is a very sensitive issue, talking about a business that is still very close, "pointed Silvestre. Beyond the host of the series, none of the performers refuses fascination generated by these drug traffickers. "They are complex characters. See the criminal context and create some empathy, and that's fascinating, "concludes Yazkip. "There are many series of narcos but none like this. It is not an apology for anything, it is what happened. "


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