La Vall d'Uixo live his most frightening night with the attack of an army of zombies

A veritable army of undead invade La Vall d'Uixo on Saturday 2 September, after more than two years of experience ravaging other towns in Spain. This time they attack with more bloodlust than ever, with a whole series of races, pursuits, fun and terror. A sinister event will become an irresistible combination of panic and fun in which players must put aside all your fears and become true experts of escape and survival. Survivors who have escaped from their attacks have all the information and warn that the event will start around 23:00 pm on Saturday, Sept. 2, with a range of careers, persecution and terror in which, everyone who you want to survive, must set aside all your fears and become a true expert of escape and survival. To do this, you can download our new Survival Guide. The meeting point for the opening scene information will be the Municipal Sports Pavilion; 20: 30h to 22: 00h for survivors and from 21: 30h for zombies. This alternative entertainment experience is called 'Events Zombies LZD'. Throughout the night, participants, divided between zombies and survivors roam the main streets of town and will survive through various tests to be evacuated. The aim of the game is that survivors are not captured by zombies, pass the tests and find vaccines that help them survive. The first to finish all trials and to arrive, will be evacuated and that will be the winner. From the organization we want to focus on the economic impact that will have on the Vall d'Uixo the conclusion of this activity, especially in terms of tourism, the participation of players from across the province as scheduled. Also, it is intended as an alternative entertainment venture, in which the consumption of drugs and alcohol is prohibited. The event aims to be recognized as the best 'Real Game' of Spain. This is a game suitable for all ages (between 10 and 99 years). All children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult at all times greater than 18 years. While those under 18 must bring an authorization signed by parents with a photocopy of ID of parent or guardian to sign. Authorization form available on the web.


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