Kore-Eda, "Netflix offers many possibilities creators'

Renowned Japanese director Hirokazu Kore-Eda, who competes at the Venice Film Festival with his new film "The Third Murder" defends TV platform Netflix as "a system that gives many opportunities to creators." "As a creator I value the advantages in terms of funding. Not that I'm going to throw it right now but I see in the system of Netflix many possibilities ", he recognizes the Japanese director in an interview with Efe before the imminent release of his latest work, a thriller that marks an important turning style in his career. The director of "A family day" (2008) and "Our little sister" (2015) points out that it is not always easy in countries like Japan get enough money to produce certain projects. In this regard, recalls the case of Movie director South Korean Bong Joon-ho, who told him a few days he could finance his film "Okja" thanks to Netflix with 30 million ago, "an impossible amount to get into their country after It has been rejected the project in Hollywood. " The passage of time and the family has long been the obsession of Kore-Eda. With his new job, which will also be screened in the Pearls section of the Film Festival San Sebastian, the intimate Japanese filmmaker takes a radical turn in both subject and form. "More than a change is an evolution. I took ten years talking about the family but at the same time telling social issues that interest me. The subject does not change much but the cinematic treatment, the film is shot in cinemascope and I used to Italian musician Ludovico Einaudi, "says the Japanese cult filmmaker. With this story of a lawyer who doubts the guilt of his client, a man condemned to death penalty confessed murderer, Kore-Eda is launched to address issues such as the reasons for a crime or the ability of human beings to reach the truth. "In a trial there is always guilty and the innocent. In the genre of suspense usually it happens the same, we want to find out who committed the murder, but I wanted to go further and treat the fear we feel when a human judge to another. And ask who are we to judge others, to know the truth exactly as if we were God, "says the director of 55 years in his office in downtown Tokyo. In addition to inspiration from classics such as "Anatomy of a Murder" by Otto Preminger and "Mildred Pierce" by Michael Curtiz, the Japanese director acknowledges that began to see the TV series "The Good Wife" for documentation on the environment of an office firm. "I wanted to see just a little but ended up enganchándome. It is wonderful, but the truth is that ultimately did not help me much, "he says laughingly filmmaker who began his career in television, means" with too many constraints and where you do not feel very free, "he prefers to put aside for the moment. "The Third Murder" will compete in the official section of the 74 Venice Film Festival, held from 30 August to 9 September, with titles by directors like Darren Aronofsky, Guillermo del Toro or George Clooney. It is the second time responsible for "Nobody knows" (2004) is competing for the Golden Lion in Venice after presenting 22 years his debut feature "light." "That began my career, especially international, when I left the world. Why am excited to be back two decades later, "says the winner of the Special Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival for" Like Father, Like Son "(2013). Kore-Eda, considered one of the great filmmakers of Japanese cinema, laments the film scene by passing their country. "For two decades we are the same at international festivals and premiering out: Kitano, Kawase, Sono and I ... There has been a generational change, brilliant filmmakers 20 and 30 years in Korea, for example", considers Kore -Eda. Japanese cinema "is in crisis. I think the reason is that it has become a domestic cinematography, Hairpin, made to work only within the country, "he said. The tireless director and has launched his next project, which begins shooting in December. A story based on a real crime committed in Japan. And that's where you can tell.


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