Kim Jong-un: "The missile over Japan is the first step of a military operation in the Pacific"

The North Korean missile that flew over Japan Tuesday is only "the first step" of the military operations that the Stalinist regime in Pyongyang plans over the Pacific Ocean. In a statement released Wednesday by North Korea's news agency KCNA, so he assured the young dictator Kim Jong-un, who has threatened to carry out more ballistic tests of this type. Besides confirming the release of the last missile, Hwasong-12 intermediate range, Kim Jong-un has justified response to military exercises, like every summer, held the United States and South Korea, which considers a mock invasion. "It is necessary to promote the work to modernize our strategic forces conducting more tests of ballistic missiles with the Pacific as a target in the future," said the North Korean leader, who witnessed the launch of the missile near the capital. Elevating his bellicose rhetoric, announced that the missile over Japan is "the first step of a military operation of the KPA in the Pacific and a significant prelude to contain Guam," he said referring to the US island where the Pentagon has one of its main bases. In the middle of this month, Pyongyang remained with the desire of shooting, as previously announced, four missiles toward said island, 3,000 kilometers, where some 160,000 people live. Finally did not by threats of President Trump, who responded with the same bellicosity of "rage and fire" usually used Kim Jong-un. But North Korea has returned to resume his challenge to the international community with this new missile over Japan and threatens more. In an unusually low altitude, the rocket traveled on Tuesday morning about 2,700 kilometers and crossed the island of Hokkaido, north of the Japanese archipelago. Although the Japanese government alerted the population to hide in shelters and basements, the missile sailed harmlessly heaven and finally broke into three parts 1,180 kilometers east of the coast over the Pacific Ocean. Qualified as "serious and unprecedented threat" by the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, who spoke by phone with Trump to increase international pressure on North Korea provocation. At an emergency meeting convened by the US, Japan and South Korea, the fifteen members of the Security Council UN unanimously condemned this new release on Tuesday night (Wednesday morning in Spain). In addition to criticizing the "outrageous actions" of the regime of Kim Jong-un, denounced posed "a threat not only for the region but for all members of the United Nations." Again, the Council again demanded North Korea not to carry out nuclear tests and ballistic or comply with resolutions against him. But it did not agree to new sanctions because it imposed other earlier this month to try on July 2 intercontinental missiles, which are theoretically capable of hitting US and could carry a nuclear warhead in the future. Far from defusing tension, Kim Jong-un again raise its challenge.


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