Juncker considered "unsatisfactory" all positions London

European leaders are increasingly explicit in showing their displeasure at the lackadaisical attitude of the United Kingdom in the process of exit from the EU. The third round of negotiations is theoretically in place since Monday and not even signs that from London have taken the consequences of the decision they made in a referendum last year appreciated. President of the Commission, Jean Claude Juncker, said yesterday in a speech to all European ambassadors, who considered unsatisfactory all documents presented so far the UK. The European negotiator, Frenchman Michel Barnier, warned them about the possibility that the negotiation ends unsatisfactorily and asked them to remember that "the future of Europe is more important than Brexit." The lesson of "doctrine" received by European ambassadors each year in Brussels has coincided precisely with one of the weeks of full negotiations with the United Kingdom and Juncker has clearly told them that contrary to what he wants the British government, not start to discuss future relations until they have failed to address the most sensitive issues of Brexit. "It should be clear -Les President of the Commission that no negotiations will not begin on new relations with the UK, commercial or whatever he said, before they have not resolved all the issues relating to Article 50 is ie divorce. " A divorce that began to be processed in an atmosphere of disbelief more or less friendly, but that is becoming a thorny process because of the attitude of the British do not just define how they want to occur. The Commission insists that "we must close the last before entering the discussion on the future", but the British want to talk about the future before leaving home that have decided to leave. Perhaps if the referendum had been defined which would be a realistic alternative to the EU, the outcome would have been different. But the populists of all parties promised outside the EU was the solution to all problems, without saying how that would happen. That is also complains Juncker on Tuesday told the ambassadors that none of the few proposals that have put the British on the table seems appropriate. "I will read with the attention they deserve all documents produced by the Government of His Majesty and none seems satisfactory 'he explained, because" many questions remain unclear ". Why is so important Michel Barnier message at the same meeting, that is to assume that negotiations can end up like the Rosario de la Aurora and yet the EU must survive the traumatic loss of one of its members. To Barnier, the main objective is to preserve the Single Market, which is the basis of the integration process with its four freedoms (movement of goods, services, capital and persons) regardless of what you end up deciding the British. Article 50 stipulates that in two years will no longer be members whether or not agreement in the negotiations. And you may never reach agreement on the settlement of outstanding invoices, but that does not prevent ending up outside the EU. And in that case Barnier reminded quer "the future of the EU is more important than Brexit"


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