An executive of Trump asked for help from Putin campaigning for a business

The end of the story is to be written, and much research remains ahead, but the alleged connivance of the electoral team of Donald Trump, which has been called Russian plot, collects data for a possible cause. The last known contact of the current president with his counterpart Vladímir Putin environment was the vice president of Trump Organization, attorney Michael Cohen, who wrote to Dmitry Peskov, personal assistant to the Russian President in January 2016. Then, Trump and it was formally contender for the presidential nomination of the Republican Party. The purpose of the message transmitted by e-mail that was released by Cohen himself, was one of the long-awaited return to the New York magnate projects: building a tower image of the Trump Tower in downtown Moscow. Cohen in his letter expressed thus: "Since this project is very important, claim your help. And people claim to adecudadas, preferably you, to address the necessary details (...) ". The e-mail executive and attorney today US President, which acknowledged receipt congressional investigators last Monday, has become the most direct connection, the known, between an assistant Trump and one of Putin. However, the government rejected during his statement at the headquarters of the US legislature have received some response from Peskov or another prominent person in the Kremlin to discuss the project. Although intended for direct care assistant Putin, apparently the e-mail was addressed to a general email account Kremlin. The latter document has been added to the list of contacts that the investigation of the Special Council, led by Robert Mueller, responsible for confirming the Russian interference in the last presidential election. At the time, the major US intelligence agencies came to that conclusion. In addition, Mueller investigations focus on test whether Donald Trump has committed an alleged crime of obstruction of justice. Research under the Department of Justice, carried out in parallel in Congress. In addition to the specific event, contact the vice president of Trump Organization with Peskov is an example that business tycoon in Russia were worth the influences of the Kremlin as a decisive way to open road. According to Cohen's account to Congress, the Trump Tower was contemplated and licensed as a project in which Trump had given permission for the use of its name to the Russian developer IC Expert Invesment Corporation. The previous step was formalized during the three talks about the project that Trump had with his executive, in October 2015. Then the president of the company signed a letter of intent with which Cohen could start the process of hiring architects for the project and discussion of financial options. However, the assistant Trump concluded that the project was eventually ruled out, both for reasons of funding and the lack of commitment by the Kremlin. At the time, Cohen said his contact "was not related at any time with the presidential campaign of Mr. Trump." Although its origin was possible thanks to the intervention of Felix Sater, a man of Russian-American business itself Cohen promised that Putin "could help win the election to Mr. Trump."


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