A girl in India committed suicide after being humiliated by his teacher for having stain clothing rule

The Indian police investigating the suicide of a 12 year old girl in the state of Tamil Nadu, located in the south of the country, after his teacher's humbled himself for having stained the uniform because of their menstrual period, as communicated The authorities. This has uncovered the remains taboo menstruation in India. The girl jumped from a nearby home building Monday and left a note that told her teacher had humiliated her, police reported. His companions were those who warned that had stained clothes. The first reaction of the girl was asking for help, but her teacher forced her to teach the spot in front of the whole class. "The teacher did not even aware that there were boys in class," said the girl's mother. "He demanded my daughter to get up his 'salwar' (unisex clothing worn in India) and to use a duster cloth as a compress," he added. His parents learned of the incident by fellow small and have demanded that measures be taken against the teacher. Police reported that investigations are underway. The authorities have revealed that the girl had told her teacher that bothered but at no time had mentioned the episode concrete stain menstruation. Several activists have stressed that this suicide is a sample of the need to provide girls from going to school because it is very common during menstrual period are forced to stay home due to stigma, lack of toilets or taboo using a compress. "Schools do not have nursing or medicine chest", said Dev Anand, the head of the local Child Protection Office. "The girls do not even give them compresses (..) are issues that direction (the center) should explain," he added. In India, menstruation of women and girls considered an impurity, which makes them susceptible to discrimination during their periods. In fact, during those days are forbidden to go to temples and even preparing or handling food. An Indian company is conducting a campaign based on providing "menstrual leave". This initiative aims to ensure that women make against social taboos there around menstruation and, in many cases, end up causing health problems -due to lack of information- and even low self-esteem problems.


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