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Barnier criticized the lack of "decisive" progress "major" issues of Brexit

BRUSSELS, 31 (EUROPA PRESS) The chief negotiator of the European Union for the 'Brexit', Michel Barnier, has denounced Thursday the absence of "decisive" progress on the "main" themes of the talks Brexit after the third round of negotiations that took place this week in Brussels, which has been made "useful clarifications".

Police accused of terrorism the author of knife attack near Buckingham

Anti-terrorism police unit in London has accused of terrorism charges the man last Friday with a knife attacked three policemen near Buckingham Palace, as reported Thursday the security body said in a statement.

Ten wounded by the explosion of a chemical plant affected by the storm in Texas

Harvey moves to Mississippi after leaving 37 dead in Texas and Louisiana

Harvey moves to Mississippi after leaving 37 dead and 32,000 displaced people in Texas and Louisiana

Ten wounded by the explosion of a chemical plant affected by the storm in Texas

The FARC surpass in popularity political parties in Colombia

Revolutionary of Colombia (FARC) Armed Forces surpass in popularity to political formations in the country, even before they officially become party, according to a survey by Gallup and published by the local daily 'El Espectador'.

Resigns Chilean Ministry of Finance

The Chilean Ministry of Finance, Rodrigo Valdés, presented his resignation Thursday, without specifying the reasons for its decision but confirmed the existence of a disagreement about a mining project presented recently.

A man armed with a knife attacked police in a square in Stockholm

A man armed with a knife attacked Thursday at Medborgarplatsen several police officers, one of whom was injured. There is already a suspect arrested by these facts, as reported by the safety body.

Japan urges US to propose new sanctions against North Korea to the Security Council of the UN

Japanese authorities have urged the United States on Wednesday to present a new package of sanctions against North Korea before the United Nations Security Council after the last launch of a North Korean missile.

USA, Japan and South Korea joint military exercises to make the North Korean threat

US military aircraft, Japan and South Korea have held Thursday a joint maneuvers on the Korean peninsula, in the context of escalating tension continued nuclear tests and ballistic missiles North Korea.

The coalition described as a "decisive victory" the taking of Tal Afar after the fighting with Islamic State

The international coalition against Islamic State US-led described as a "decisive victory" the capture of the Iraqi city of Tal Afar by security forces in the country.

The judge charged with an offense of aggravated injuries to the baby's parents intoxicated by cocaine

Court of Instruction No. 6 Valencia charged with a crime of aggravated parents of one year old baby intoxicated by cocaine injuries. According to sources of the Superior Court of Valencia (TSJCV) consulted by ABC, the Court of Instruction No. 6 Valencia on guard duty, issued on Tuesday provisional prison without bail for the child's parents, who a day earlier had been taken by the National Police. The little he remains admitted to the ICU of a hospital in Valencia and is under supervision of the Generalitat. Doctors believe that it will suffer serious consequences especially cerebrales- damage while research is focused on determining how the poisoning occurred minor, since the path is discarded lactation as not taking chest. The investigations try to clarify whether the baby poisoning because his mother used drugs during pregnancy or if ingested. Parents, unemployed and regular cocaine users, they have not explained how the drug could have taken the baby. In this regard, the offe…

Miguel Ángel Silvestre launches "Narcos": "Drug trafficking is still a sensitive issue in Colombia '

Although Miguel Ángel Silvestre has a small role in "Narcos" has managed to conquer the public (and journalists) the premiere of the third season of the series in Bogota (Colombia) with sympathy. Starring a cast of Spanish and Latino actors - "" Narcos "has done more for the Spanish Cervantes Institutes all together," bromean-, the series began to tell the life of Pablo Escobar reinvents itself to focus now on wanderings of the Cali Cartel. "Pablo Escobar created an army and great wealth. However, in the case of the Cali Cartel one of its objectives it was to open many businesses and some time to make legitimate to leave a great legacy to their families. His forte was to generate a lot of money over there and win power ", says Silvestre, who does not lose his smile even slept only a few hours. "Besides the Cali cartel it was less violent. Adjusted accounts including, but not throwing an airplane. They said "we solve our problems among…

The PP claims that the General Hospital of Alicante accumulates a waiting list of 15,000 patients

The Popular Party in the province of Alicante has urged the Regional Minister of Health, Carmen Stack, "the necessary investments" to end waiting lists in the General Hospital of Alicante, "which have dramatically increased the last two years," complains Deputy Secretary of Social Policy formation, Loreto Cascales. Almost 15,000 patients are on the waiting list, 5,000 of them for surgery, "because the Consell prefer to pay television stations that social services," laments the popular leader. These waiting lists "are bulkier than half of the crisis," says Loreto Cascales about Comisiones Obreras a report published a few days ago. In September 2013, indicates this document, 3,500 patients were waiting an operation. "At this time increased by 42% without the consellera has been concerned to provide the means to end this situation," laments the popular leader. Less summer substitutions In fact, says Loreto Cascales, in 2012 85% of substi…

EU says no "decisive progress" in negotiating the Brexit

The chief negotiator of the European Union for the 'Brexit', Michel Barnier, has denounced Thursday the absence of "decisive" progress on the "core" issues of the talks after the third round of negotiations that took place this week in Brussels . "This week we got useful clarifications on many points, such as the status of frontier workers, aggregation of social security rights, proceedings before courts, but have not recorded decisive progress on the main issues", said the French in a joint press conference with his counterpart David Davis. "At the current rate we are far from finding sufficient progress to recommend to the European Council to start the debate on the future relationship between Britain and the EU as finalized during 2018 output agreement," he added. For his part, Davis stressed that the week of negotiations has been "long" and "detailed discussions" in "many areas". "I think it's …

Playa de Las Canteras: No microalgae

The City of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria remains attentive to the phenomena that have contaminated the waters of the Confital and part of Las Canteras have said Thursday at a press conference the mayors of City of Mar, José Eduardo Ramirez and Water, Roberto Santana. Ramirez said that pollution that occurred on Wednesday at the beach of Las Canteras was "a specific episode" held for two hours and only ten meters of water in the presence of the "misnamed microalgae." The council recalled that cyanobacteria why this contaminant phenomenon develops are emerging in many parts of the Canary Islands this summer and is "not exclusive" of Gran Canaria's capital, but added that the capital Consistory is "an eye out for again occur". On the other hand, Roberto Santana said that the municipal water company "takes time inspecting" the reasons for the pollution affecting the beach of El Confital, and is studying "the sewer of Las Coloradas.…

The show Dragic and Doncic drives Slovenia

The staging of Slovenia in the Eurobasket could not be better. Led by a great Goran Dragic, author of 30 points, the Slovenians comfortably beat Poland (90-81) in a match that served to Luka Dončić debut for his country in a major championship. Real Madrid, something unfortunate with the basket, had 11 points with only three successful launches, but eight rebounds and six assists. Teammate Dragic was the great beneficiary of vision Doncic game and result of this came to 30 points. A show that places him as second top scorer of the championship provisional -for behind Schroder and his 32 points against Ukraine and one of the candidates for the MVP of the European.

Deportivo, connected and customizable: the keys of the new Polo

With more than 16 million units sold worldwide, counting all versions made model, the Volkswagen Polo is one of the most successful vehicles in its class. Following its recent static presentation roads around Hamburg they have served for the first test vehicle to hit the market in its sixth generation, completely new. The new Polo is longer and lower than its predecessor, but wins inside amplitur, with measures 4.053 meters long (81 mm more than the model it replaces), a wheelbase of 2,564 mm (94 mm more), and a volume of 351 liters boot (71 more than the current Polo liters). The presale model has already begun in the first European countries. Always series has four doors and monitoring system Front Assist with emergency brake assist city and pedestrian detection system. As for prices, the entry model of about 14,740 euros (Edition Polo 1.0 65 hp). The model is initially presented with a total of eight gasoline engines, diesel and natural gas. For its market launch you can choose th…

Electronic music returns to the Guggenheim

The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao will host from September 22 new electronic music sessions, activity launched in 2008 and, as reported by the Pinacoteca, intends to maintain "thanks to the great reception of lovers music and art. " Poster "After Dark" starring this year the artist Michel Amato, aka The Hacker, who has established himself as one of the most influential DJs in France. The Hacker, a pioneering artist in the world of electronic music, has attracted since the early nineties a legion of admirers influenced by Depeche Mode, New Order, Giorgio Moroder, Cabaret Voltaire, Front 242 and Kraftwerk. After releasing numerous "singles" on labels like Sativae, White Noise, Tsuba, Infiné, Tigersushi Correspondant and in 2011 he founded his own firm, Zone. Three years later he released his album "Love / Kraft" although he did not overlook aside the EP, as he recorded with Miss Kittin in 2015. In his new live project, which takes you to your roots, p…

The Government is studying expanding the number of armor and weapons to police in fighting terrorism

The Generalitat Valenciana studies support lines municipalities to extend the use of bulletproof vests and weapons to local police in the fight against terrorism and to find a space for self-protection. This was advanced on Thursday the president of the Consell, Ximo Puig, told the media after meeting with cabinet technical coordination of local police. The 'president' explained that one of the issues has been addressed in the meeting was the prevention and self-protection agents in connection with bulletproof vests and anticorte; and passing of OPEs patrols to strengthen the position of agents; and the question of weapons of --se local agents has raised the debate on the use of weapons largas--. Asked if the Consell arises assist municipalities to provide their agents vests and weapons, Puig said that support lines will be "in this space of self-protection and the fight against terrorism." Also, is committed to "try to support in everything in their power"…

"Gitana 17" immediate takeoff on its foils

On 17 August 2017, the maxi trimaran 'Gitana 17 "sailed on her foils after an initial set-up after being launched a month ago. "From the beginning, we could see that the boat kept his promises: stiff, strong and with a power that only asks squeeze! When we were on board the two foils, in mid-August, we could quickly find the settings to change the flying mode Archimedes! The first time the boat took off was an incredible moment. We had 15-17 knots of wind and flat water, with less than one meter ... everything was ready to fly. On board, there was a mixture of excitement, surprise and pride. Because although we have just started, and well aware that we have everything to learn and much to discover, is a great satisfaction to see that going in the right direction ", commented Sébastien Josse is already known that the Gitana team, Edmond de Rothschild. always keep a high secrecy about their sailboats But the work started over three years ago, with the team of designe…

Netflix distributes marijuana for you to see the series

We're used to having Netflix launch campaigns and promoting highly innovative and controversial and the latter case is no exception. "The Netflix Collection" is the name of the new product developed in the US streaming platform in collaboration with the company dispensary Herbal Alternative Health to promote his new release: the "misplaced" series. It consists of distributing marijuana smoking different intensities depending on the series and genre that wants to see. There are ten different types, which are inspired and appointed with direct links to some of the series produced by them references. Each has a different chemical composition will change the experience. For the first three chapters of "misplaced", there is a different marijuana named after each episode. The other jars of 3.5gr each, were inspired by the series "Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later", "BoJack Horseman," "Arrested Development," "Chelse…

Resigns Chilean Ministry of Finance, Rodrigo Valdés

The Chilean Ministry of Finance, Rodrigo Valdés, has resigned after more than two years at the helm of the ministry, one of the most important government of Michelle Bachelet. In a brief statement to the press, in which he answered no questions from reporters, Valdes said: "I have submitted my resignation to His Excellency, the President of the Republic, Michelle Bachelet, and she has accepted." Rodrigo Valdés is the second Minister of Finance of the Government leaving office after relieving Alberto Arenas, who held office from March 2014 to May 2015. "Moving steadily towards higher levels of growth said Valdés- requires discipline and conviction Government, and open spaces for the private sector to deploy its initiative with clear and stable rules. " "But I think I failed everyone to share this conviction" and recognized the former minister. Valdes's departure comes after a series of disagreements the economic team of La Moneda (government headquart…

2,500 euros is lying on the ground on the street and gives them to the police

The police still can not believe the action of this vallisoletano neighbor, who described as "exemplary". Citizen, 46, found lying on the floor of a street in the city more than 2,500 euros, money that delivered them into police station, without at the moment no one has claimed his loss, reported Thursday sources National Corps Police. According to the Policíaen own detailed a statement, the neighbor gave the money on Monday, particularly in the police station of Las Delicias in Valladolid capital. For now, no one has claimed more than 2,500 euros as themselves, while police made efforts to try to determine who is the owner.

A girl in India committed suicide after being humiliated by his teacher for having stain clothing rule

The Indian police investigating the suicide of a 12 year old girl in the state of Tamil Nadu, located in the south of the country, after his teacher's humbled himself for having stained the uniform because of their menstrual period, as communicated The authorities. This has uncovered the remains taboo menstruation in India. The girl jumped from a nearby home building Monday and left a note that told her teacher had humiliated her, police reported. His companions were those who warned that had stained clothes. The first reaction of the girl was asking for help, but her teacher forced her to teach the spot in front of the whole class. "The teacher did not even aware that there were boys in class," said the girl's mother. "He demanded my daughter to get up his 'salwar' (unisex clothing worn in India) and to use a duster cloth as a compress," he added. His parents learned of the incident by fellow small and have demanded that measures be taken against …

Three injured in a pileup on the N-338 in which a truck has fallen from a bridge in Elche

Three people have been injured in an accident multiple traffic at kilometer 1,800 of the N-338 passing through the IFA exhibition center (IFA). In the accident, recorded at 14.51 hours, a truck has been precipitated from a bridge over the train tracks while trying to dodge the group of trapped vehicles, as reported by the Provincial Fire Consortium. In the event, according to Europa Press has completed the Department of Health, the truck driver was injured by bruises and open wounds of shoulder. The driver 41 has been derived by a unit of basic life service (SVB) to the General Hospital of Elche. In addition, a 35 year old mother and her 5 have been moved to the same health center, lower fracture collarbone and her mother fracture the scapula and periocular bruising. In the operating personnel they have participated consortium parks Sant Vicent del Raspeig and Elche.

The European Parliament calls for strengthening alerts the case of fipronil

MEPs in the Agriculture Committee of the European Parliament (EP) today urged the European Commission to strengthen the system of rapid alert (RASFF), which has shown "failures" following the detection of fipronil in hundreds of consignments of eggs from Belgium and the Netherlands. MPs asked the EC explanations on measures taken to ensure food security and alleviate the impact of the crisis, the EU executive called "incident" during the debate. "There is a big and serious problem is that there are errors in the RASFF. Countries have not notified immediately and must analyze why there is no such compulsion. Communication protocols have failed and should be reviewed, "he explained, told Efe, the Socialist MEP Clara Aguilera. The issue erupted in early August, when Holland and Belgium advised consumers to remove certain items of eggs, although the detection of this substance banned at European level in the food chain, it occurred several months earlier. &q…

Barcelona communicates the discharge from Luis Suárez

Today announced the Barcelona striker Luis Suárez, concentrated with the selection of Uruguay, he has been discharged from the injury suffered by the posterior capsule of the right knee. Barca company reported in a statement that the player charrúa "has successfully completed the recovery of his injured right knee under the supervision and coordination of medical services of the club and the Uruguayan Football Association (AUF ), and he received the medical discharge. " Thus, Suarez has the nod to play this morning, if your coach Oscar Washington Tabarez believes appropriate in the decisive World Cup qualifying match Russia 2018 in Montevideo Uruguay played against Argentina. Suarez suffered the knee injury last August 16 in the second leg of the Supercopa of Spain that Barcelona lost to Real Madrid (2-0). Medical services of the Catalan club, after Give you the relevant evidence, they reported that the player would be about one month low. Ten days later, Suarez completed a…

Determine that skeletal remains found in Ricobayo are a person missing 16 years ago

The National Institute of Toxicology determined by a study of the DNA profile that skeletal remains found at the dam Ricobayo (Zamora) by two fishermen last March correspond to a person who disappeared on February 5, 2001 in the vicinity the reservoir. Zamora Civil Guard became aware at that time of the disappearance and began the search with several units, including the equipment of the Meritorious Underwater, based in Valladolid, and Civil Protection. Attempts to find the missing person lasted for three days, but inclement weather forced them to paralyze them and take them up again a few days later to "levels of zero visibility and water temperature four degrees," according to sources of Command Zamora. Similarly, they trace waters were below the dam, which also were unsuccessful, followed a few weeks later, eight days dives GEAS with the use of a robot, and numerous awards with a pocera camera intervened 60 times in the spring 2002. the GEAS also made surveys of the reser…

La Vall d'Uixo live his most frightening night with the attack of an army of zombies

A veritable army of undead invade La Vall d'Uixo on Saturday 2 September, after more than two years of experience ravaging other towns in Spain. This time they attack with more bloodlust than ever, with a whole series of races, pursuits, fun and terror. A sinister event will become an irresistible combination of panic and fun in which players must put aside all your fears and become true experts of escape and survival. Survivors who have escaped from their attacks have all the information and warn that the event will start around 23:00 pm on Saturday, Sept. 2, with a range of careers, persecution and terror in which, everyone who you want to survive, must set aside all your fears and become a true expert of escape and survival. To do this, you can download our new Survival Guide. The meeting point for the opening scene information will be the Municipal Sports Pavilion; 20: 30h to 22: 00h for survivors and from 21: 30h for zombies. This alternative entertainment experience is call…

Trump says from Texas after 'Harvey' 'probably has never been anything so expensive in the country's history "

The US president, Donald Trump, said Tuesday during his visit to Texas after the passage of 'Harvey' "probably has never been anything so expensive in the country's history", noting that recovery efforts "will be better never".

Seven killed two civilians were injured after the explosion of three bombs in and around Baghdad

At least two civilians have been killed and seven others injured on Tuesday because of the explosion of three bombs in different parts of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, and surrounding areas, according to police sources.

Merkel ruled out a coalition with the extreme right or the extreme left after the September elections in Germany

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has ruled on Tuesday to form a government coalition with far-right parties and extreme left after the elections to be held in the European country on September 24.

Mexico does not rule out a suspension of negotiations on NAFTA

Minister of Economy of Mexico, Ildefonso Guajardo, has not ruled out a suspension of negotiations on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which start on Friday, ensuring that Mexico has estimated a scenario without the agreement Tuesday.

Evacuees Liverpool Airport and London station after two security alerts

Airport British town of Liverpool and Euston Station in the capital, London, have been evacuated on Tuesday afternoon because of two security alerts on the premises.

Guterres condemned the latest North Korean launch and calls for "re-open communication channels" with Pyongyang

Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, has condemned the launch that North Korea has conducted Tuesday a new ballistic missile and urged to "reopen the channels of communication" with the government of Kim Jong Un to stabilize the Korean peninsula.

North Korea accuses US of leading the Korean peninsula to an "explosion"

North Korean ambassador to the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, Han Tae Song, accused the United States on Tuesday to lead the Korean peninsula to an "explosion" justifying once again the nuclear tests and ballistic missile carried by the regime communist with "provocations" from Washington and its allies in the region.

US calls for their implementation "strictly, fully and quickly," the UN sanctions on North Korea

The United States has proposed Tuesday that the United Nations Security Council a statement condemning the latest launch of a missile by North Korea and calling "on all countries to implement strictly, fully and quickly" sanctions the body against Pyongyang.

Trump says that "all options are on the table" after the latest launch by North Korea

The US president, Donald Trump, has stressed Tuesday that "all options are on the table" after the last launch of a missile by North Korea.

The missile launched by North Korea would be an intermediate-range ballistic missile, according to US sources

The missile launched by North Korea early Tuesday (local time) would be an intermediate-range ballistic missile, according to US officials quoted by the British news agency Reuters.

The Fintech business multiplied sixfold in the last two years

Business technology finance companies, known as "Fintech" has increased sixfold over the past two years, from 35 million in 2014 to 205,500,000 in 2016. This is reflected in data Sectorial Observatory the DBK consultancy Informa, which said in a statement sent today that this growth has occurred in "a context of rapid technological development and the search for alternative funding and investment by individuals and businesses." In 2016, these businesses channeled through its financing operations worth 205.5 million euros, a figure that represents an increase of 140% over the previous year, platforms and contrasts with the 35 million euro in 2014. by segment, the "crowdfactoring" (payment of bills and discount notes) point topped 58.4% of the total, 120 million euros, while projects "crowdfunding" (collective financing) accounted for 21, 2% to 43.5 million and the "crowdlending" (loans from private individuals or business projects) 20.…

Trader: Is the pattern of month-end reliable?

If there is something that interests traders it is that there is movement in the markets and money flow freely. So the days of low volume and low activity are often of little or no operational interest and more when it's summer. However, even in the summer months, traders should be aware of the existence of a pattern not very popular but often met with surprising regularity, the 'end of month'. Martin J. Pring as described in his book 'Technical analysis explained' (Editions of Spain Valor), data covering the period of 89 years ending in 1986 show that the gains recorded on the last day of monthly trading "are good regularly". The reason is the cash inflows in the form of wages, which affect domestic economies later this month. And that is not all. The four trading days that end at the end of the third trading day of the new month "have also proved very interesting". Other studies collected Pring suggest that this ideal for traders period runs …

Ordered to evacuate the vicinity of a chemical plant in Texas for hazardous

The Texas Fire Department has ordered the evacuation of all residents who are in a radius of 2.5 kilometers around the central chemistry comapañía Arkema SA, on the Texas Harris County, risk of explosion due to the damage caused by hurricane 'Harvey'. The authorities have indicated that the operation was launched after the company evacuate all employees of the plant and noted in a statement that the situation "is serious". As indicated by the Office of the Fire Department in Twitter, the evacuation of residents will be held as a "preventive measure" to the growing possibility that an explosion in the area.

Pyongyang confirmed the launch of a missile guided by Kim Jong-un which flew over Japan

North Korea has confirmed the release, supervised by the regime leader Kim Jong-un, a medium-range ballistic missile Hwasong-12 in response to the maneuvers South Korea and the United States are underway on the peninsula. The trial was a "significant and crucial warning" for South Korea and the United States "was held as a show of force to counter the joint military exercises' Ulchi Freedom Guardian '' that both countries made since last week in south Korea , North Korea's KCNA news agency reported. North Korea on Tuesday launched a missile from the western part of its territory that flew over northern Japan and traveled more than 2,700 kilometers before falling into the sea about 1,180 kilometers from Cape Erimo, at the northeastern tip of the Japanese archipelago. The launch was performed for the first time since the North Korean capital, Pyongyang, "by order of Kim Jong-un ', who oversaw preparations for the test and expressed his" grea…

The Security Council UN condemns North Korean missile launch

The Security Council UN condemned on Wednesday the latest missile launches conducted by North Korea on Tuesday flew over Japanese territory, and demanded to China the immediate cessation of these actions. "The Security Council strongly condemns the ballistic missile launched by the Popular Democratic Republic of Korea flew over Japan and many other ballistic missiles launched on August 25, 2017," says the UN text. The resolution describes the actions of Pyongyang as "outrageous" insists on demanding the "immediate cessation" of its missile launches, and emphasizes the importance of carrying out "immediate and concrete steps to reduce tensions on the Korean peninsula and beyond ". Also it stresses that these releases represent "not only a threat to the region but to all member states of the UN" and shown "gravely concerned" by North Korea is "undermining regional peace and stability deliberately ". The Security Coun…

Juncker considered "unsatisfactory" all positions London

European leaders are increasingly explicit in showing their displeasure at the lackadaisical attitude of the United Kingdom in the process of exit from the EU. The third round of negotiations is theoretically in place since Monday and not even signs that from London have taken the consequences of the decision they made in a referendum last year appreciated. President of the Commission, Jean Claude Juncker, said yesterday in a speech to all European ambassadors, who considered unsatisfactory all documents presented so far the UK. The European negotiator, Frenchman Michel Barnier, warned them about the possibility that the negotiation ends unsatisfactorily and asked them to remember that "the future of Europe is more important than Brexit." The lesson of "doctrine" received by European ambassadors each year in Brussels has coincided precisely with one of the weeks of full negotiations with the United Kingdom and Juncker has clearly told them that contrary to what he…

Mexico reiterates that it will not pay the wall and offers help to Texas after Hurricane Harvey

The US president, Donald Trump, rekindled the controversy these days who will pay the wall that intends to build on its side of the border with Mexico to ensure, again, that your neighbor will be the finance its construction. But Mexico not only reiterated again that will bear the cost of the wall "under any circumstances", but also responded to the reproach of Trump offering help to the state of Texas for apaliar damage caused by Hurricane Harvey. "A moment ago I spoke with the governor of Texas, Greg Abbot. Identify specific support we can provide, "he said in his account on the social network Twitter Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, Luis Videgaray. Harvey is the strongest hurricane to hit the United States since 2005. For now, the storm has left an interim balance eight fatalities. I just spoke to Gov @GregAbbott_TX. We will Provide all the help we can. Our full Solidarity with the people of Texas. # HurricaneHarvey- Luis Videgaray Caso (@LVidegaray) Aug…

What paradise for women of jihad?

More than 200 Spaniards still fighting in the ranks of Daesh in its proclaimed caliphate in Syria and Iraq, according to intelligence sources who estimated that at least 23 are attached to Spanish jihadists. The recruitment of women by Daesh, al Qaida, and the small galaxy known radical Islamist groups since 2004 a substantial increase worldwide. Not only are wives, girlfriends or mothers of future jihadists, but also activists for logistics and internet - "are great when poetesses justify violence," recently told ABC's prosecutor Dolores Delgado and Hearing, increasingly, candidates for suicide terrorism. Being a woman gives them two great advantages over man: the ability to go unnoticed, which relaxes policing, and media impact generated by an Islamist who explodes causing casualties. The apparatus of recruitment and indoctrination for jihad offers young Muslim a "romantic adventure" with a militiaman in the case of Daesh, and benefits, sublimated, correspon…

North Korean leader may have already three children

After the last long absence of his wife in public events, the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un, may have already had their third child. South Koreans believe so secret services, who yesterday informed the Members of this country. According to South Korean Yonhap News Agency, the baby would have been born in the month of February, but neither his name nor gender is known. Because of the paranoid secrecy of the Pyongyang regime, the only certainty is that the couple has a daughter named Ju-ae, who was born in 2010. And that because he told the exestrella of American basketball Dennis Rodman, who maintains very good relations Kim Jong-un, after one of his trips to North Korea. According to South Korean intelligence, the dictator and his wife, Ri Sol-ju, would have had another baby in 2013 and the last this year. But the family life of Kim Jong-un, and even his age are a state secret.

An executive of Trump asked for help from Putin campaigning for a business

The end of the story is to be written, and much research remains ahead, but the alleged connivance of the electoral team of Donald Trump, which has been called Russian plot, collects data for a possible cause. The last known contact of the current president with his counterpart Vladímir Putin environment was the vice president of Trump Organization, attorney Michael Cohen, who wrote to Dmitry Peskov, personal assistant to the Russian President in January 2016. Then, Trump and it was formally contender for the presidential nomination of the Republican Party. The purpose of the message transmitted by e-mail that was released by Cohen himself, was one of the long-awaited return to the New York magnate projects: building a tower image of the Trump Tower in downtown Moscow. Cohen in his letter expressed thus: "Since this project is very important, claim your help. And people claim to adecudadas, preferably you, to address the necessary details (...) ". The e-mail executive and a…

Venezuela begins to pursue decree to "traitors"

The National Constituent Assembly of Venezuela became its meeting on Tuesday in an act of repudiation against those who declared "traitors" with a decree that also served to whet a "historic trial" to support economic sanctions issued on Friday by the US . Among those engrosan that category include the leaders of the opposition, but there are also Chavista dissidents ruling as former Interior Minister Miguel Rodriguez Torres or former prosecutor general of the Republic Luisa Ortega Diaz. Unanimously as they have been doing so far, 545 Chavistas forming the Constituent agreed to "begin together with the bodies of the competent State a historic trial for treason against those who are disqualified on promoting these immoral actions against the interests the Venezuelan people. " This "historical judgment" against the opposition and was requested by President Nicolás Maduro after knowing the sanctions last Friday, before their opponents give their v…

Nothing happens

The Government remains convinced that there will be no referendum in Catalonia on October 1, although the PP voices that do not understand the passivity with which the Executive awaits the moment when it is technically possible to the Constitutional Court for invalidating the consultation arise . local and regional officials and some national leaders profess to have no idea what Rajoy plans in the event that those responsible for the call refuse to accept the decision of the High Court are. Refer to the opinion of a significant percentage of party members who complain about lack of information and in many cases do not share the policy of arms crossed. "Nothing happens. All that has happened is that on Monday the text of a law introduced in the register of Catalonia Parliament to proclaim an independent republic which would be enacted if the supporters of this rupture win the referendum. But this is still not convened, although it was expected that to happen last week. If finally …

We can and Catalan tripartite

It is just over a month to October 1, marked on the calendar for Puigdemont to celebrate the illegal referendum on independence in Catalonia date. All foci appear to be focused exclusively on that day. All but the Podemos and ERC, also think about the day after. At least that is what emerges from the last act of the leaders of the two formations. Pablo Iglesias, Oriol Junqueras and Xavier Domènech spokesman in Comú Podem in the Congress of Deputies, had dinner together last Saturday. The evening took place at the home of businessman Jaume Roures, in Barcelona, ​​hours after the rally against terrorism. In the evening celebrated by churches, Junqueras and Domènech, possible scenarios after 1 octubreAunque some sources branded the event 'casual dining' and would not enter the content of the talks between political leaders were raised, "La Vanguardia" he said that there, of course, spoke October 1, but also what can happen next and future scenarios that may occur. A Ju…

What a shame and what a shame

A minority of attending the demonstration in Barcelona, ​​held in memory of the victims of the cruel and tragic attack my city suffered, was recruited tendentious and meanly booing HM the King and the Government with its president, Mariano Rajoy, to the front. One concludes that this minority and their leaders cared more take this opportunity, very sad occasion for their independence campaign. cravenly They forgot the real cause of the demonstration in memory of the victims killed by Muslims brainless on the Ramblas of Barcelona Las Flores. I like Catalan, Spanish and precisely for that reason, I felt shame, grief and indignation. For a few hours the political leaders of this minority should have put a minimum dose of Catalan seny and have made prevail the real reason why 500,000 people took to the streets of Barcelona. Boo dedicated to the King of Spain and head of government highlighted the cowardly and deliberate presence of these puppets believing they were doing a favor to his s…

The Mossos 263 consultations have led Europol since 2016

The European Police Office, known as Europol, has handled since 2016 a total of 263 consultations intelligence made by the Catalan police, according to Europa Press has had access. Siena agreed in the file, which is a platform for secure exchange of information between the European Agency, Member States, third countries and other groups, including the regional police, and intelligence support serves all these institutions. Applications for Catalan security forces have generated a total of 1,102 steps at European level. Not surprisingly, the Mossos directly recorded 103 requests for intelligence in 2016 and 160 others so far in 2017. This places them as the Spanish autonomous police that further consultations addressed to Europol, well ahead of the Ertzaintza, which it has only been five exchanges of information, Siena or the Policía Foral, with two queries, as well as the bodies of Customs Surveillance, fifty. Limit the system "In the last six months has increased the use of cha…

Rafael Catalá allocates 55.2 million to resolve failures in the digitization of Justice

In late July LexNet software application dedicated to the secure exchange of information between judicial authorities and legal practitioners, he suffered a serious security breach. Dean of the Bar of Cartagena José Muela was the one who found the flaw in the platform: anyone with access to the program could access any hosted in the rest of Spain attorneys folder. The Ministry of Justice was forced to stop the service for a few days to solve the security gap and improve itself. But the LexNet platform is not the only problem for Minister Rafael Catalá. Judges, prosecutors and court clerks then criticized one of the star plans minister, digitization of Justice, also asking for more resources, better systems management and a common procedure throughout the Spanish territory. After this maelstrom of failures and complaints, the Council of Ministers approved last Friday three games for a total budget of 61.2 million euros for "the acquisition of equipment and procurement of services…

The prohibitive price

Catalonia is not going to wean. it will not do for many reasons, but one capital is that nobody is willing to generate and endure the violence that would be needed to break Spain. And much less violence that would result from it and that would spread throughout the Spanish geography and perhaps more unstable Europe ever. Nobody wants this violence unless minority remains of the welfare society and misunderstood tolerance. A sinister alliance between these urban radical, fanatical villagers and immoral politicians have jeopardized a State of the First World as Spain is due to weaknesses in the system, parties and some politicians and all products of its own negative selection socialist regimes. Why the nationalist message had time, power and money to convince large sections of society that they protect them better than Spain. Because in Spain they have ruled politicians willing to give the Nationalists resources for deception in exchange for support for their own self. Parties, convert…

Kim Jong-un: "The missile over Japan is the first step of a military operation in the Pacific"

The North Korean missile that flew over Japan Tuesday is only "the first step" of the military operations that the Stalinist regime in Pyongyang plans over the Pacific Ocean. In a statement released Wednesday by North Korea's news agency KCNA, so he assured the young dictator Kim Jong-un, who has threatened to carry out more ballistic tests of this type. Besides confirming the release of the last missile, Hwasong-12 intermediate range, Kim Jong-un has justified response to military exercises, like every summer, held the United States and South Korea, which considers a mock invasion. "It is necessary to promote the work to modernize our strategic forces conducting more tests of ballistic missiles with the Pacific as a target in the future," said the North Korean leader, who witnessed the launch of the missile near the capital. Elevating his bellicose rhetoric, announced that the missile over Japan is "the first step of a military operation of the KPA in th…

Eight killed by the explosion of a car bomb in a Shiite neighborhood of Baghdad

Eight people died and 25 were injured Monday because of the explosion of a car bomb in a vegetable market in a Shiite neighborhood of Baghdad, as reported by medical and police sources.

Philippines announces the death of ten members of the group Maute tried to infiltrate Marawi

The Philippine Army announced Monday the death of ten alleged members of the group Maute who tried to infiltrate the city of Marawi, located on the island of Mindanao (south) and partially controlled by the group.

The former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra Thailand have fled fearing a heavy sentence against her

Former Prime Minister of Thailand have fled the country fearing a heavy sentence in the case against it for negligence by the system of selling subsidized rice, according to people close to the former president sources.

Three people killed in an attack in southeastern Turkey

At least three people were killed Monday in an attack in the Turkish province of Sirnak (Southeast), blamed by the Turkish authorities the Workers Party of Kurdistan (PKK).

South Korean president calls for increased defensive capabilities to the "asymmetric" threats from North Korea

President of South Korea, Moon Jae In, has requested Monday the army to increase its defense capability, stressing the need to be prepared for the "asymmetric" threats from North Korea, including nuclear weapons.

Colombia Venezuela protest against a raid GNB in ​​La Guajira

Colombia's government has formally protested Monday against Venezuela by a raid carried out on Saturday by members of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) in the department of La Guajira (north).

The true identity of the author of the attack in Turku is Abderrahman Bouanane

The true identity of the author of the knife attack perpetrated on 18 August in the Finnish city of Turku, which left two dead and eight wounded, is Abderrahman Bouanane, an asylum seeker of Moroccan nationality and 22 years, according to court documents released Monday.

Thousands of Rohingyas fled to Bangladesh for the "cleansing operations" of the Burmese Army in Rakhine

Some 5,000 Rohingya have crossed the border into Bangladesh in recent days due to "cleaning operations" launched by the Burma Army in Rakhine state in response to a wave of attacks carried out last Friday by insurgents Rohingya that left over a hundred dead.

Trump approves the declaration of a state of emergency in Louisiana because of 'Harvey'

The US president, Donald Trump, Monday approved the declaration of a state of emergency in the state of Louisiana because of Tropical Storm Harvey ', which has left at least five people passing through Texas.

FEMA warns of the need to increase resources to address damage caused by Harvey

The Federal Management Agency US (FEMA) warned Monday of the need to increase federal resources to deal with the damage it has caused Tropical Storm Harvey '.

Kore-Eda, "Netflix offers many possibilities creators'

Renowned Japanese director Hirokazu Kore-Eda, who competes at the Venice Film Festival with his new film "The Third Murder" defends TV platform Netflix as "a system that gives many opportunities to creators." "As a creator I value the advantages in terms of funding. Not that I'm going to throw it right now but I see in the system of Netflix many possibilities ", he recognizes the Japanese director in an interview with Efe before the imminent release of his latest work, a thriller that marks an important turning style in his career. The director of "A family day" (2008) and "Our little sister" (2015) points out that it is not always easy in countries like Japan get enough money to produce certain projects. In this regard, recalls the case of Movie director South Korean Bong Joon-ho, who told him a few days he could finance his film "Okja" thanks to Netflix with 30 million ago, "an impossible amount to get into their …