Yeste fire could burn 7,000 hectares if it spreads in a nearby ravine

The fire of Yeste, Albacete, could reach 7,000 hectares calcining if finally spread by a nearby ravine and considering the behavior of weather forecasts overnight. The fire that broke out last Thursday and has razed 3,200 hectares, as indicated by the Minister of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Development, Francisco Martínez Arroyo, who added that it will take "a few days" in control. Martínez Arroyo was here Monday afternoon the northwest flank of the fire Yeste, located between the villages of Torre Pedro and El Pardal (Molinicos), the most difficult area in which the extinguishing device strives to strengthen to prevent the fire moving towards another basin, as reported by the Board in a press release. #IFYeste A small example of the great work and the risk that means working on extinguishing the fire exposed. Chapó👏👏👏 METEOHELLÍN (@MeteoHellin) July 31 2017Durante afternoon, has continued to work under different sectors where the fire has been broken and in which both terrestrial aerial means Infocam device and the State Plan, including the UME and other communities, actively collaborating to perimetrarlo in its entirety and stabilize it. Thus extinction professionals have acted carrying out maneuvers complementary containment, getting itself to run widenings burning techniques at specific points. At 25 aerial means this Monday morning have joined him two more arrived from Andalusia, Infoco; A total of 27 media have been acting in a coordinated manner from the air with discharges of water and retardant. Heavy machinery along with other terrestrial environments has continued to strengthen defense lines at points such as Pardal, Cortijo Juliana or grill. Once you get the sunset, with the exit of air means at its base, night work will continue fighting from the ground. Will be about fifty those who continue overnight, overlapping media have acted during the day with the change over. Specialists with Castilla-La Mancha are those of the Military Emergency Unit and the INFOCA, Fire Catalonia and Valencia. #IFYeste A small example of the great work and the risk that means working on extinguishing the fire exposed. Chapó👏👏👏 METEOHELLÍN (@MeteoHellin) July 31, 2017 # IFYeste This is a real shame !, these heroes have no place to rest enabled! METEOHELLÍN (@MeteoHellin) July 31, 2017


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