The team Muguruza

Garbiñe Muguruza team accompanies wherever he goes. And in Wimbledon, of course, it is surrounded by these ayudandes, friends, confessors who have accompanied her to lift this second Grand Slam. His first Wimbledon. Sam Sumyk wanted to take a leap of quality and after laborious work of puir the diamond that had Alejo Mancisidor, who reached his first Wimbledon final, Muguruza decided to elect an American who knew what it was to be in the elite . With Sumyk came to Roland Garros, where he won, and continues its journey through the greatness of tennis in the second end, and this second title at Wimbledon. Absent these days for paternity, still in contact with his pupil by telephone. Conchita Martínez is his mentor at this point Wimbledon. He had won Wimbledon in 1994 and his experience, especially on the part of emotional management, has been key to lifting this title on grass, 23 years later. He has provided details, curiosities, tips and much affection. Happy in her box from day correcting points in training, I pulisnedo his head to end up lifting the big trophy. Laurent Lafitte Muguruza soon understood that professionalism was his desire to win Grand Slams and occupy large covers. He joined Laurent Lafitte as trainer for your muscles are always live up to their expectations champion. Alicia Cebrián also confessor and friend, Alicia Cebrián care of your body after wear. It is his physiotherapist, who always accompanies since Roland Garros last. Cecilia Casla His chief press from day one. He manages his public life judiciously and aware that he had a player like no other hand. It has managed to bring it to the front pages, but also protect it from the dazzling lights. Oliver van Lindonk Unstarred too, but always present, Oliver van Lindonk is another who continues Muguruza from the start. It is his agent, who would program contracts with major brands like Adidas or Rolex, already beginning to set in Muguruza Miami when she appeared in 2012, and now multiply your promotional tasks.


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