The "magic" suspension of DS7 Crossback: read the road and will anticipate potholes

In 1955, the DS 'Jaws' was a surprise and admiration not only for his visionary and sculptural design but also for its technology. Hydropneumatic suspension, which assured her behavior and new and exclusive comfort for the time, marked a before and after in the history of the automobile. Over half a century later, DS engineers have picked up the gauntlet thrown by his illustrious predecessors and have tuned the suspension of the XXI century: DS Scan Active Suspension. Through a camera with 20 meters range, this system detects and anticipates the road imperfections. The data collected by this device come to an electronic control unit that manages the 4 dampers in an independent manner throughout the journey. Anticipation is the key concept of the DS Scan Active Suspension. The DS 7 Crossback has a camera behind the windscreen, and with four sensors measuring the stability of the body and three accelerometers analyze the state of the road and the vehicle attitude, taking into account parameters such as speed, angle steering and braking. The images and data are transmitted in real time to a computer, which acts on each wheel independently, adjusting the hardness of the suspension to the circumstances of each moment. Reactivity and fineness are added to the serenity of driving this exceptional SUV. DS was officially established on June 1, 2014 and its ambition is to embody the "savoir-faire" French luxury in their cars. Driven by his legacy and encouraged by the avant-garde spirit, DS values ​​perpetual innovation and distinction DS 1955. Designed for customers looking for maximum personal expression, DS Collection features the DS 3 Cabrio DS 3, DS 4 , Crossback DS 4, DS 4S, DS 5, DS 5LS, DS 6, and now complete with the DS 7 Crossback. It has cars that are distinguished by their modern design, refinement down to the smallest details, advanced technology and dynamic serenity. Presented at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, the DS 7 Crossback, the DS SUV brand with innovation and "savoir-faire" of Paris, marks the second generation of DS models. With the limited edition DS 7 Crossback La Première, those who look to the future can reserve your car "online" or a DS or DS Store Salon and be the first to get behind the wheel. Brand, which makes hybrid and electric vehicles, high performance launch DS 7 Crossback equipped with E-Tense, the hybrid engine of DS, in 2019 group.


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