The fire of Arribes is "stabilized but uncontrolled" after affecting some 2,500 hectares

The wildfire destado at 14.21 hours on Saturday zamorana town of Pino del Oro, in the region of Aliste, in the vicinity of the Arribes del Duero (Zamora), is "stabilized but not controlled", having affected some 2,500 hectares, mostly pasture, acreage and thicket, although the figure includes 300 encinar and 150 of woodland and scrubland, as detailed on the ground the Minister of Development and Environment, Juan Carlos Suarez-Quinones . The regional chief of Public Works and Environment visited the Advanced Command and the area of ​​the fire, accompanied by the territorial delegate of the Junta de Castilla y León, Alberto Castro; Members of Zamora José María Barrios and Fernando Martinez-Maillo; and Senator Javier Faúndez and several mayors of the region, including those of Pino del Oro and Fonfría, Jesus Angel Rios and Jose Maria Anton, respectively. "The extent of the burned area is still not official but we can be around 2,500 hectares, approximately. Not all surface has the same value but is material injury "he said. "Although spontaneous regeneration in a short time it occurs in the bushes and grass, there is a degradation and, therefore, is a criminal act against nature", initialed. Suarez-Quinones explained that at 12.22 pm yesterday reported two outbreaks of fire in Pino del Oro and Castro of Alcañices, "presumably meaning at the same time, 2.5 kilometers for playback depending on the wind and, therefore, with clear prima facie crime, "reports Ical. Both outbreaks were joined into one larger, causing a "major" which caused fire, to 14.30 yesterday level 2 by the "involvement" of the circulation to the national road N-122 was declared. "Right now the situation is more favorable. The fire is smoldering but has a great danger of reproduction or rekindled the flames because it has a very large perimeter, about 30 kilometers and there are many hot spots, "said the counselor. Work extinction in the work of extinction involved right now about 300 people and about 15 aerial means, including helicopters, seaplanes and cargo planes on the ground, "which can also be loaded onto flight reservoir Ricobayo and the Douro River» as well as fire engines and bulldozers, "of all administrations' as listed Suarez-Quinones. "It is a coordinated effort, together, all one, where the means of the Junta de Castilla y León and the State, the Military Emergency Unit and means of the County Council and City Council are," he said.


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