Spontaneous applause against the manipulation of history in celebration of Fuero de León

The celebration of the millennium of the Fuero de León, a historical milestone as recalled the mayor of the city of León, Antonio Silván, marked a before and after not only in the history of Europe, has become Monday in a plea spontaneous against the manipulation of history and culture, in clear reference to the current situation in Catalonia. During his speech, Silván has argued that the "greatness" of Leon is precisely "to have been able to specifically contribute to something more universal, transcending our territorial boundaries and is present throughout the world," referring to the enactment of the Charter Leon from Alfonso V on 30 July 1017. in its framework, the king decreed that he would be protected by the Crown, "under very strong sanction", property of subjects and trade market and the home it would be inviolable. "We do not need to change the exploits of our ancestors", said the mayor "is important to note this fact," stressed the mayor, in a time where "the culture and history often easily and reliably manipulated" is utlizan, in the opinion the mayor, as "crutch to claim privileges for themselves or deny rights to others," at which point he started the generous and spontaneous applause of those gathered at the Collegiate Church of San Isidoro, which was packed during the celebration. "We do not need you change the exploits of our ancestors," he continued in a clear allusion to Catalonia, "as his only example, dignity and vision contributed to enlighten the old continent with initiatives like the one we celebrate today" and noting that they should feel "proud" Leonese. One hundred pennants participated in the celebration of the millennium of the Fuero de León "The weight of León in the history of Spain, which is Europe, is such that without its centuries of existence, none of them could understand" said the mayor. He also recalled that the Kingdom of León was "essential part" of the project that was hatched in later centuries and gave rise to "one of the most influential, culturally and socially world nations like Spain politics." Before concluding, Silván appealed to all leoneses for his "friendly and open" personality continue "making history" in order to be "worthy heirs of those who so often and for so many reasons put this land the vanguard of Europe, "he concluded.


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