"The Plan of Citizen Guarantees coincides with the objectives of the Government of García-Page '

He is counseling Star at this time from the political point of view, since it has given the historical milestone in the community of the forthcoming establishment of a coalition government PSOE-can in which this group will control concerning social policies contained in the Plan of citizen guarantees. Its current owner tells us the current situation and the immediate future of a department aimed at those who have less or more in need of public social services. I imagine calmer knowing that, except cataclysm, will have new budgets. Yes, that is the fundamental objective of the Government of Castilla-La Mancha. Think that there may be a budget is to think that all citizens of the region will be much better served, since the budget that raises the government is eminently social, so I have a great satisfaction and hope everything goes well. -da feeling that has lost precious time how it looks? It's true that we are in a complex times. This diversity and social and political pluralism make us do things differently. We talk about dialogue, consensus, participation and reach agreements, principles that were perhaps not so important before and are now the basis of our government and everyone. Therefore, we must work with these wickers. What I say is that if the government's aim was to get budgets for citizens of the region to live better, this is the agreement, within the possible, which will give light to the budgets, expected. 'In any case, what quantitative and qualitative improvement in how your counseling this budget is approved budding? Social welfare 'We have two major axes: build and drive the dependency system and work for families and people who have financial difficulties and can be found at risk of social exclusion, area in which we are working on improving minimum income in a plan against energy poverty and a number of things to improve the lives of people who are faring worse in our community. What also represents this new budget? For now, and this really has been a decision of the government of Spain due to a resource of Catalonia, 9.7 million are incorporated. The courts found that many of the programs that are subsidized by the income tax, which until now was distributing the government of Spain since January many will be responsibility of the autonomous communities and we have to manage them. Therefore here it falls ten million euros to join counseling and therefore the budget. "All political groups quiean colboara in helping those most in need are welcome '' What many people ask is how they will combine their counseling with the entry into the government Podemos, who asked to manage the Plan Citizen Warranty have you any conversation about lying or imagine what might happen? -I guess what is that all efforts made to help this fundamental pillar are the people that can be found in situations of hardship, poverty or social exclusion are welcome. The Ministry of Social Welfare is very important and the government of Castilla-La Mancha is committed to implement a strategy against poverty and social exclusion which is practically developed and is like a roadmap. Within this strategy the proposal of the parliamentary group we joined a Plan of citizen guarantees. According to this plan, they will first have improved access to employment plans, secondly access to public services and thirdly a guarantee of income as minimum income of Castilla-La Mancha, the emergency aid, the energy poverty, etc. I can tell you that this Citizen Warranty Plan is fully in line and consistent with the objectives of the government of President Emiliano García-Page and is welcome. All individuals and political groups who want to help are welcome, because it is for the benefit of citizens. Although we do not know how or how ... He's yet to be decided and what we want is that budgets really get ahead and reach all families. Can we talk politics cross a transverse plan, ie, that not only affect the Ministry of Social Welfare but also to others? Everything plan that has to do with people experiencing economic hardship affects transversally all government departments. If a person is unemployed and has an income and that is fundamental for this government, but also affects education, housing, health ... We have made some important progress. The minimum income of solidarity last year went from 372 to 420 euros, which has meant that we have to increase the budget this year. But then it will increase a percentage according to family members, so the average in Castilla-La Mancha minimum income people who have no income is about 480 euros per family. Also the energy poverty plan is important ... all that will now be included in the Plan of Citizen Warranty. But he did all that so far the regional government does not it? It does not think it's a way of wanting to join the both? I think it is a way to end these policies so that every person in difficulty will attend in a comprehensive manner. According to the goals you have this government, the person must be seen with all the needs you may have. And although much remains to be done, our goal is that the person does not have to knock on every door to say he needs school canteen or another series of aid but has a circuit and a sort of one-stop shop where he attends and from there they will will provide all public services at its disposal. Now it is doing, for example, the services of primary care area. I think this is a step, it is an integrated vision of attention to the person, so we have to do one-stop shopping and coordinate transversally to other than the person who goes from window to window. "The goal is to make a single window for anyone to go next door" 'Of areas of dependency is always the most convulsive What is the current situation of this area? Since I arrived in 2015 we saw a very worrying situation, with many areas we had to drive two years after the change has been impressive. This does not mean that it is all done, but today I have to congratulate public employees and entities who are working in the system of dependency. When we talk about the law of dependency, we talk about older people and people with disabilities and more than one hundred entities collaborating with the administration to develop programs. According to the latest data from Imserso, from January to May Castilla-La Mancha is the region most beneficiaries has joined the dependency system. That is, if there are approximately 15,500 throughout Spain, in that period approximately 3,500 are of Castilla-La Mancha, which compared to the population that we're supposed to be the first autonomous community. "The main objective is that nobody wait more than six months for the agency to be recognized '' In what is called the limbo of dependence, ie which is evaluated but no benefit was received, how many people there are and what time passes from declaring to perceived economic strength? -The limbo of dependence has suffered a considerable decline. I always want to remember what was the sequence of events: a June 30 there were about 9,000 people in the limbo of dependence but on July 1 when we arrived they joined 17,000 ... 'Were lost completely? No, because those 17,000 were for a delay of the Government of Spain, which said that until 1 July 2015 could not incorporate people with moderate degree of dependence. Therefore, we arrived and we suddenly 26,919 people. I say this because if there had been 9,000 they had seen quickly, but 26,919 were many more. The decline has been impressive because of those 26,919 are barely 6,000 of the lower grades. Altogether there in limbo around 14,000. I always say that what matters is not how many people there, but people do not expect much. The main objective is that nobody wait more than six months, considering that in 2014 people were expecting from 1 to 14 months for the case was resolved. On the incorporation of new applicants, I sincerely believe also that people are much calmer and hopeful with the policy of this government dependence. If in 2014 each month requesting the degree of dependency around 600 people in 2017 requested some 1,200 people, twice. But also, every month there are approximately 500 people requesting the review. Then, from July 2015 around 43,000 people have applied degree or review, which represents an impressive effort by the administration. Yes that strikes the ever belligerent and critical of the Platform for Unit position objectively do you think they're right? I respect all opinions of all entities that are related to the dependency system. Without going into personalism, which I defend above all it is for dependents and families of these people. I would like that all citizens have information of more than hundred companies and thousands of employees working in the system of dependency and families. The important thing is to be well informed and especially information coming from all organizations working for the system of dependency. -Another important aspect is that of the residences for the elderly. What makes diagnosis on the current situation and what news there? -the elderly attention to a very important percentage of the budget is carried. There are two key areas and the first is under active aging, because every time the elderly age with better quality of life and not just means to live longer, but to live better. And then there is the network of residences of Castilla-La Mancha, which I can assure you is the second of Spain in relation to the number of people over 65 years. We have approximately 14,000 seats with funding from the regional administration. On its way of managing what we have done is that most of the residences are grouped into what we call the framework agreement, which launched in previous PP government for two years but we have improved and expanded to four, which It gives tranquility to all residences. Apart from this budget increase to improve the quality of services and qualifications of professionals have higher qualifications, it has been improved temporary stays of seniors, who now have an important demand. This year 2017 tripled temporary stays of people who have surgery or a physical difficulty and will temporarily residences. There are 80,000 temporary stays, which is very significant. Now the network of residences of Castilla-La Mancha are 257, with 14,000 public squares, thousands of specialized professionals working well and because people who are now going to residences are much more dependent, but they are very well served. La Mancha Castilian society has evolved a lot and improved home care or with technical aids or outpatient treatment with a physical therapist or a psychologist at home. And when you have many physical or mental problems, if appropriate, that person is the entering into a residence. This is indeed an important process. "We are working on a pioneering law: Guaranteed Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities' And as regards persons with disabilities What's new is going to be next? We have two important developments. First we are working on a law that will pioneer: Law Guaranteed Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities. With it answers the question that President Emiliano García-Page, since I took, is what most reminds me: what response we give to people when they wonder what will become of our children when we're not. The answer comes from this law we want to see the light in 2017. Thus, people with severe intellectual disability have a residence or an intensive care guaranteed, depending on disability they have. The second novelty is care for people severely affected and early attention, because there are babies and children who are born with a disability or with any problems or developmental disorder and must be given an important answer. -the early intervention is in full planning right? -The early attention is on the one hand a protocol coordination health-social-welfare education has ever had, to have an early diagnosis. We are working on a decree early intervention hopefully also see the light in 2017. And there is a fundamental objective of this government is to increase the centers and early intervention services in ten, and we are already five driven. I think the important thing is that this decree changes the model of care. If so far early intervention for children and families was in centers, now also professionals will move to their homes or to the child's environment for both families and professionals working with these children learn how they have to treat 24 hours of the day. That's the change of model we can say that we are pioneers in Castilla-La Mancha. -A when talking about people in extreme situations of social exclusion in the region affected how many people are we talking about? There's different indices, but we talk about an 8 percent risk of social exclusion. At this time the momentum that has given employment plans, especially in calls for 2017 which incorporates the possibility that 25 percent have to be reserved for people living in poverty or at risk of social exclusion is outputting will those people. Now there are approximately 3,500 people with minimum income of solidarity which did not receive any income. We also have a support that emergency call is a unique exclusive payment for situations of grave necessity, and here it is true that almost we reached nearly 5,000 applicants last year, and this year we have a similar average. These are situations that we could almost say humanitarian need for families. Economic benefits are varied, and I think this Plan of citizen guarantees irlas what you want is incorporated into a single service. We are working in unity, affinity, in this new model comprehensiveness and think it has to be much more efficient and effective, and it is better for everyone. "If the goal is to achieve a budget for the citizens live better is is the agreement" - - The social and therapeutic spas, a hit among the elderly How's the campaign social Hydrotherapy now? 'This government has promoted what we call the social hot springs and therapeutic spas. Yes it is true that there was a Hydrotherapy many years and always remember that the director who launched the thermal spas in Castilla-La Mancha is a counselor named Emiliano García-Page, and I think it is an awesome satisfaction for him that we were able to recover the two facets, social and therapeutic. Last year there were 3,000 places Hydrotherapy in the nine resorts in the region and could allot 3,000. This year we have increased to 3,500. At this time they have been allocated 2,557 and lack to apply for the third shift, which ends in August. Therefore, we hope that the 3,500 seats can be allocated. Then there are another 300 for therapeutic spas, ie people suffering from Parkinson's or Alzheimer's disease, and 300 seats are allocated, and most enjoyed and, because it is true that have requested more seats. We are very excited with this program is very important and can not imagine how most people recover, because it improves their quality of life and say they almost need less medication and makes them much happier. Therefore, we hope that next year we can increase Hydrotherapy spaces.


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