Pacheco Echavarri and boat premiere foils and lead the European Nacra 17

The European Championship Nacra 17 class started the day in Kiel, joining the sea 49er and 49er European FX yesterday held its first day. The wind blew from the southwest, started with 12 knots and let up to six half, and classes were able to complete all planned sleeves. Fernando Echávarri and Tara Pacheco showed they are still one of the best teams in the Nacra 17 class boat after releasing his foils. The Spanish team leads the standings with a third, a fourth and a first. "It was a difficult day, very gusty and changed up to 30 degrees of direction, but we opted to do the simple things and has left us well," said Pacheco. Canary crewman recognized that "it is a joy to start the first European position" and premiering the foils class. "Fernando and I have the plus of being quite attuned as a team. We have very clear what role has everyone on board and at the moment of truth, when things get complicated, that makes the difference, "he said. In the 49er class brothers Federico and Arturo Alonso surf the sixteenth position in the overall standings after defeating a total of seven sleeves. "With three groups of 30 boats is very easy to have a bad race and dropped many positions," acknowledged Federico Alonso. Today the Asturian brothers went from strength to strength with 20, 15 and 3. "Consistency is what will help us get into the gold group," said the pattern recalling that only enter the first 20. European Championship class is being "very hard, with a high level" for Alonso, whose goal is to get through to the Medal Race on Friday. In 19th class are Diego Botín and Iago López-Marra. The offline yesterday forced them to sail safe and now recorded three ninths. "We have not had the best day in terms of decisions," said Botin. The Spanish pattern also recognized that the sterns were one of the keys the day to not lose more points. Tomorrow, the last day of the qualifying round, will have three races to certify his attempted pass into gold group: "It will be very difficult, between 10 and 30 are all very tight and any mistake let you out." 49erFX sisters in Munté Carrasco fell today to the post 32 although their partial were better than on the first day of competition. In the first sleeve day they recorded 18 which automatically discarded. In the other three races they did eleven, a fourth and a second. The European Championship of the 49er class, 49er FX and Nacra 17 are held in Kiel, Germany, until next Friday, August 4, the day the new champions of each class will be known.


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