On sale for 27 million euros last refuge of Andrew Vladimirovich Romanov

Villa Marizzina, the fabulous white palace located on the cliff of Cap d'Ail, a few kilometers from Monaco, has gone on sale for 27 million euros. This architectural marvel has three living rooms, two kitchens, seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, cinema room and parking for six cars. A total of 506 square meters built the Countess of Morla in 1901 and, years later, he was hired by the Grand Duke Andrew Vladimirovich Romanov, a cousin of Tsar Nicholas II. This house served for many years the Russian aristocrat as a refuge to unleash his clandestine relationship with the famous dancer Mathilde Kschessinska. A forbidden romance that was a huge scandal in the court of the Romanovs, among other things, for "prima ballerina assoluta" of Russia had been loving youth of Tsar Nicholas and later staged a noisy "menage a trois" with the Grand Duke and another cousin, Sergei Mikhailovich. Although the scandal was served, it was increased when the dancer had a secret son. After the outbreak of the Russian Revolution in 1917, the Grand Duke and Mathilde fled St. Petersburg and settled in the palace of the French Riviera. Soon they were given the 'I do' in Cannes, the aristocrat recognized his son and dancer received the title of princess. This story of palace intrigue come to the big screen this fall, which is expected in Moscow hot. The centenary of the Bolshevik Revolution will join the same October 25, the premiere of "Matilda" blockbuster Alexei Uchitel director. The same uproar that caused this "affaire" when it happened has now brought the news of the release of the film. The scandal has broken out between the ultra-Orthodox sectors, such as the Christian State Holy Russia. They considered the film an offense because it offends the sensibilities of believers because it is against an episode in the life of a saint. So they dare to set fire to the rooms that dare to show it. Which would mean the enactment of the Russian Revolution. Mathilde Kschessinskaia origins, Malechka, of Polish origin, started dancing at the Imperial Ballet School in St. Petersburg, protected by the same institution tsars. At 18 he made his debut at the Mariinsky Theater before the Tsar himself, who wanted to know for its beauty and artistic talents. At the gala dinner, he sat with his son. Tsarevitch then Nicholas was 22 and, according to the gossip of the time, was madly in love with her and remained a passionate romance that lasted three years, until Nicholas took the throne. Then the czar commissioned one of his cousins, Sergei Mikhailovich, take care of her. The aristocrat soon be pledged by it, but in this case Mathilde did not match him. Although it was left wanting, as he covered her with jewels and whims. But in 1900 the dancer met the Grand Duke Andrés Vladímirovich, for which he was fascinated. For a while I had a relationship to two bands with two cousins. He had a son he never knew who the father was safe. Both cousins ​​hated, but the dancer chose Andrés. When they settled in this large villa on the French Riviera, which rebautizarían as Villa Alam (Mala backwards, and was known as Mathilde). In 1929 the marriage was completely ruined by gambling debts Mathilde at the Casino de Monte Carlo. They had to sell the house to the Princess Odescalchi that rechristened Villa Marizzina, and settle in Paris, where she opened a dance academy where they came from Alicia Markova to Margot Fontaine. He, with his imposing figure, they say it was one of the many Russians who had to drive a taxi in Paris to survive after the wars. As for the future of the mansion, Princess Odescalchi bequeathed property after his death in 1985, his butler, who in turn sold it to a Russian businessman who restored. The latter is the owner who has recently put on sale through Engel & Völkers agency.


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