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Bad times for freedom. Venezuela's Pablo Iglesias and his collapsing, but they still use the courts to act here with unimaginable rigor in the places that govern those whom they have chastened the people of Podemos. The Court of First Instance No. 3 of Zamora has condemned my colleague and friend Hermann Tertsch for publication in the Third ABC February 17, 2016 the article "Paul's grandfather." It is imposed compensation of 12,000 euros to the father of the secretary general of Podemos. The reason is that in that article Tertsch said, picking up what already appeared in other publications that nobody has demanded that Manuel Iglesias Ramirez, grandfather Pablo Iglesias, was sentenced to death for the disappearance and murder in November 1936 the Marquis de San Fernando and his brother Pedro Ceballos, after the extraction perpetrated at home. The ruling does not deny that churches participate in this off with "Chaparro", "the Hornachego" "Vinegar", "Ojo de Perdiz" and "the Cojo muffins." But he denies that he murdered the two victims as the investigation into the bag was "provisionally closed" and Iglesias was sentenced to death for military rebellion. Pena, who as Tertsch explained in his article, was commuted to 30 years imprisonment of which, we know what the hardness of Franco, just turned five. This has been a truly strange cause. First, because the father of the secretary general of Podemos filed its lawsuit in the courts of Madrid, as is logical because this city the headquarters of ABC and, surprisingly, the court declared its "territorial incompetence" and sent to Zamora, residence of the claimant which should have occurred did not go directly to court there. Then the day of the hearing, on April 19, 2017, it was decided to hold the hearing behind closed doors. The ruling does not clarify if the reason to expel without public had been no incident-was to protect the supposedly already nicked honor of the family or churches because freedom of information is not a protectable well when judged reporters. At last sentence now known Tertsch sentence referred to pay compensation and costs of the process and "to withdraw its coast and web cache that article." I will not go into the cache, because in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy no more than two meanings of 'cache' means the price of an artist and the distinction or elegance of a person. And like poor Tertsch have to take over the class and elegance of the Iglesias family I advise would opt for commute the sentence of imprisonment. As to removing the article from the web, here we have reached absolute censorship, one that surpasses what we see in Venezuela. ABC is a journal published on paper. Daily paper have a hemeroteca that only censorship regimes like the defunct Soviet Union. The ABC newspaper archive, all pages published since January 1, 1903, can be seen by anyone in Now the court Zamora aims to eliminate the digital newspaper archive Tertsch article. And I guess after going to the National Library and censor our pages there that third cutting with a blade. Neither Chavez would dare so much. We get to republish cover with the headline "This number has been endorsed by censorship" as appeared on 16 October 1935. They are clear. They will not stop until we shut up. But do not be silent. Ramon Perez-Maura


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