King launches your vacation with a fishing day

King enjoyed his first day yesterday holiday in Majorca without institutional events, hearings or visits. Just after eleven o'clock, Don Felipe went by car from Marivent Palace and went to Porto Pi, the military port where the boat used by the Royal Family custody. King embarked on the Somni and headed to the island of Cabrera, a protected natural area where you can enjoy some privacy, away as is the large media spotlight. Soon after, the yacht was lost in the horizon. Aboard only two figures, the King and his mother, Queen Sofia distinguished, although probably children could be seen more companions, but the distance fulfilled its function and isolated crews in a scene it was impossible to rescue protagonists with names and surnames. In heat wave and the crowded island of tourists (there full hotel occupancy, traffic jams on the streets, waiting lists to get a taxi and even lines to buy at a pharmacy), King chose the most peaceful and refreshing plan how many offers Mallorca: spend the day at sea with part of his family. By midafternoon, Don Felipe, Queen Sofia and his companions returned to earth with the same discretion with which they boarded and headed Marivent Palace. The Copa del Rey Mapfre Who Could not even see the island is the Reina Doña Letizia, nor daughters, Princess of Asturias, eleven, and Sofia Infanta, ten, although it is expected to appear anytime. In fact, it is customary for the Kings reach Mallorca in stages. No later than his first appearance in public it will be tomorrow afternoon, which is when the press has called for the traditional photo shoot of the Royal Family in the gardens of the Marivent Palace. While Don Felipe moved away from the coast yesterday aboard the Somni in the Real Club Nautico de Palma de Mallorca officially started the 36th edition of the Copa del Rey Mapfre, although the competition itself will not start until Monday. In any case, the activity was frenetic during this Saturday because the sailors were busy in preparations for what will be the Copa del Rey largest sailing history, with 140 vessels registered, which has been a major logistical effort to the organization. Yesterday kept coming sailing the yacht, some road and others by sea, as the Aifos, old navy ship that skippered Don Felipe and, so far, was docked at the military port for security reasons, has this year It has been visibly reinforced. On Monday the arrival of Pierre Casiraghi is also expected, the nephew of Prince Albert of Monaco and grandson of Princess Grace, who will compete for the second consecutive year in the Copa del Rey sailing catamaran with its striking flying. A usual summer events this year has added a new one: a tribute to the Copa del Rey will pay on Thursday at sixteen Spanish sailors who competed in the Olympic Games in Barcelona 92 ​​and achieved four gold medals and one silver . And many of those are regular sailors in Olympic competition Palma, including what was his standard-bearer, Don Felipe. The event, which will be chaired by the president of the Spanish Olympic Committee, Alejandro Blanco, have been invited all 92 Olympic sailors, except for Mireia Casas, who died in 2002 when he was 35 years old. It will be the third time in ten days that commemorate King sporting event, which last July 25 recalled in two events in Barcelona.


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