Hospital La Fe de Valencia makes the pancreas number 100

The Hospital Universitari La Fe i Politècnic Valencia reached in July the 100th pancreas transplant performed to a patient whose evolution is favorable and is expected to discharge hospital soon, sources have informed the Department of Universal Health. Hospital La Fe, which started its program pancreas transplants in 2002, is the only one who performs this type of intervention throughout the Valencia region and receives patients from the three provinces. With 12 accredited centers for this type of transplant in Spain, in 2016 73 pancreas transplants were performed in Spain, 8 of which were performed at the Hospital La Fe, which became the third Spanish center number such transplants. In 2017 and 7 they are being performed pancreas transplants. Dr. Rafael López Andújar, head of the Unit Hepatobiliopancreatic Surgery Faith, stressed that "the rate of pancreas transplants in Spain decreased in 2016 mainly due to the lack of suitable donors, since the characteristics of this type of donors are very restrictive. " The Community is a network of coordinators in all hospitals that are key in transplant programs, since the detection depends directly on their daily work in different hospital services. Hospital La Fe, the survival rate at three years of pancreas transplantation is 91% and five years, 86%, indicated the sources. Currently, faith is the only Spanish center accredited to perform any type of transplant organs and tissues. In 2016 became the health center more transplants were performed in Spain, a total of 281. Patients pancreas transplant candidates are long-standing diabetes (usually from childhood or youth), which is usually associate a terminal renal failure requiring dialysis. In most cases a combined transplantation of two organs, pancreas and kidney is performed, so that an improvement is achieved in the quality of life of these patients in many cases no longer need insulin and dialysis. In each pancreas transplant directly involved more than 40 professionals belonging to a unit composed of Hepatobiliopancreatic Surgery and Transplantation, the Nephrology Department, the Department of Endocrinology and Urology multidisciplinary team. The process of donation and transplantation is highly complex and each intervention over 100 professionals including surgeons, physicians, coordinators, anesthesiologists, nurses, aides and orderlies involved. The Regional Transplant Coordination has led to the existence in all hospitals of the Community of coordination teams transplant whose primary activity is the detection of potential donor that may arise at any time and without which no place could take any transplant. When a donation occurs, it moves to the donor hospital where a surgical team in collaboration with the coordinators and school professionals extracts the body then transported to La Fe where the patient who needs it will be implemented is. The patient is cared for by a multidisciplinary group in the recovery room and in Hospitalization. Finally he receives the discharge for follow-up on an outpatient basis in their hospitals of origin and always backed by members of the transplant team at the Hospital La Fe.


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