Hellin fire refutes the official thesis and calcine and nearly 4,000 hectares

As a neighbor of La Parrilla tells ABC that leads away from home 5 days without being able to feed their animals a loaded helicopter flies over water Molinicos. The villager was evacuated last Thursday of the hamlet, near the ground zero of the fire that devastated almost 4,000 hectares of forest in the region of Albacete municipality of Yeste. Beside him, Antonio González, neighbor and councilman of Molinicos, predicts that when this man returns to find his dead farm animals, a victim of thirst, heat and smoke. The smoke caused by the incident brings to Molinicos a cold color, "CSI Miami". The authorities have advised the thousand residents of this town that do not leave home to avoid breathing toxic air, but at noon the atmosphere gives a brief respite. Several dozen comments in the main square the spread of fire, pounding entirely on one of its fronts, which, from the Calar, moves along the left bank of the mountains to the headwaters of the Rio World. Antonio believes that the strategic importance of the natural park leaves unassisted Molinicos neighbors. Is clear that the means of extinction prioritized salvation of the protected zone for the forest mass that does not have this flag. However, extols the efforts made by the checkpoints and the military, but does not qualify equally to politicians, accusing them ineffective. In this regard, he said the initial fire was controlled in just an hour, but the technical shutdown of air means without others replace them, caused a resurgence in violence. Affected populations are waiting for all end for accountability. The problem is that far from extinguished, the fire is strengthened. On a day the flames have devoured one and a half thousand hectares. For this reason, in areas surrounded by fire they show their disbelief in official information. "We are told on Thursday that the fire is controlled, but the fact is that increasingly displace more villages and reach more soldiers of the Military Emergency Unit," says a neighbor of Yeste, for whom the contradictions paid despair of those who watch helplessly the destruction of their habitat. Fire damage are not noticeable from El Pardal, halfway between the 3 affected villages (Yeste, Molinicos and Riopar), but it is an ideal location to observe its evolution. Since its height is noticeable at least 11 outbreaks near the natural park of Los Calares, where, despite the efforts, the fire broke yesterday. Specifically by Fernando farmhouse, gateway to the forest of luxury. The quick action of the extinguishing equipment prevented from spreading. One of the main objectives is to prevent burn more protected hectares. Hence at noon five helicopters flew simultaneously, as in a scene from "Apocalypse Now" with water in the role of "napalm". Despite fire resistance, administrations are striving to turn it off. More than 400 people involved in extinguishing and has been evicted almost five hundred residents of 18 villages. Hundreds of them have been resettled in shelters and Molinicos Yeste. Indeed, the Board places special emphasis on the work done to preserve the safety of people, including forest fire seals. In this sense, a source says that it must not encroach on political orders with the performance of those who know perfectly how to tackle a fire. "It's like the GEO were prevented from entering a house where there are radical jihadists only because it is possible they are armed." In his view, it is not incompatible save human lives and save the forest.


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