Barcelona Montjuïc win a pavilion for temporary exhibitions

Palace Victoria Eugenia de Montjuïc by Josep Puig i Cadafalch, built between 1918 and 1923, will be remodeled and recover for large temporary exhibitions, which will mean that Barcelona wins 6,350 square meters of cultural space from autumn 2018. the Deputy mayor of Culture Department, Jaume Collboni, which this week acts as mayor, was announced today by the CEO of Fira Barcelona, ​​Constantí Serrallonga, since the pavilion was given for exhibition purposes until 2025. in a ceremony attended by the majority of the directors of museums such as the MNAC, Pepe Serra, or the MACBA, Ferran Barenblit, Collboni has advanced the idea is that the pavilion, which will remain a part intended to fair uses, harbors major exhibitions and so the city "has a greater presence in international circuits major exhibition events." Next September, the City Council and Fira sign the agreement to set up the transfer and sharing of space, which also involve the Institut de Cultura de Barcelona 2.5 million euros transfer to Fira for works adequacy enclosure. The term of the agreement is four years and may be extended for another four years. "A qualitative and quantitative leap" Collboni has argued that this operation expansion of cultural spaces in the city "is probably the most important in this area since the 1992 Olympics" and added that Barcelona "makes today a qualitative and quantitative leap very important". "We want this palace is our particular 'Grand Palais' in reference to the institution of Paris- center and complete the task in the area and make the MNAC, CaixaForum and the Mies van der Rohe, to some extent". The intention, stressed, is that after the signing of an agreement in September between City Hall and Fira in September 2018 and can be programmed the first temporary exhibitions. The Institut de Cultura de Barcelona (ICUB) directly manage the space, which will make available to the museums of the city, "a priority at MNAC", whose director has spent years demanding new spaces for the institution so that it can grow physically. At this point, Collboni has stated: "The MNAC is a priority for a logical and obvious question of physical proximity, but we will make space available also from other museums, as emerging priorities". "Reinforcement Montjuïc" The Deputy Mayor stressed that the government team likes to "make the way walking" and has now made the decision to make available and the service of culture this exhibition space, a way "to strengthen montjuïc as important exhibition and museum center. " "In other municipal stages -HA opinado- much has been said and nothing has been done, but we send the clear message that we want to intensify the cultural uses of the city and the exhibition space has significant potential." For the CEO of Fira Barcelona, ​​Constantí Serrallonga, today is a day of "satisfaction" to return to give an activity the Palace, "a landmark that fell into disuse in the years 2012, 2013, years of severe crisis, earrings possible agreements with the city what I wanted to do here. " Now, he has argued, "it is a good time to use in every way". At the same time, he wished that once the process starts improvement works, both structural and air conditioning in the 2018-2019 season, the Palace is "fully operational". The pavilion, which is contemplated also be a restaurant or a shop, will join with its 6,350 square meters aa other exhibition spaces in the city than in the case of MACBA are about 3,000 square meters and the Museum Design of some 2,500.


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