Alonso happy holidays

Under the Hungaroring podium, a huge mural of colorful greets viewers. Illustrates the iconic image of Brazil Fernando Alonso in 2015 when, after leaving the grand prize, decided sunbathing on a chair before returning to the garage. Drawing Spaniard has as background a paradisiacal beach, yacht Flavio Briatore and an airplane with the caption: "I see you after the holidays." The new Formula 1 without Ecclestone find occasions for these winks to the amateur. And Alonso partakes it. In fact, the Spaniard did not mind posing over the mural, again lying on a chaise lounge, and a sign that the F1 wished everyone good holiday. What everyone is not like the performance of Alonso will proceed at the same time the podium ceremony. So while Vettel, Raikkonen and drank champagne Bottas overhead, at ground level it was Alonso who was taking center stage. "When I saw the illustration this morning I thought about collaborating to wish a good holiday fans," said Alonso on television. "We are in a championship you have a point or two, come the holidays and whenever it reaches an important moment in this sport I appear." Vettel on the podium and Alonso in F1 tumbona- The Spaniard, oblivious to everything, was especially cheerful after initialling in Hungary his best performance of the year. A sixth since crowned him as the best of the "deadly" apart from Ferrari, Red Bull and Marcedes three teams that are now kilometers away from any other team. To top it off, the Spaniard capped his heroics with the fastest lap of the race. "We have achieved some very valuable points. The circuit characteristics have helped our car, "Alonso, aware that after the summer will arrive much less favorable circuits said. "There are three or four races where we know we are a bit more competitive on the circuit characteristics and those circuits must not fail at anything and get the result as. It's what we've done. No errors and no mechanical problems. "


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