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Activists denounce the arrest of 40 gay at a party to disseminate information on HIV in Nigeria

Nigerian activists have denounced the arrest on Saturday of 40 gay men at a party to disseminate information on HIV (HIV) is a serious obstacle to the fight against AIDS.

Nearly 500 women killed by "witchcraft" in Tanzania so far this year

In Tanzania, 479 women have been murdered in 2017 accused of witchcraft in lynchings that leave more victims every year, the last incident occurred last week, when five women were beaten to death and burned.

The expulsion of Russian diplomats will not affect US military operations, according to the Pentagon

The order of the Russian government to reduce 755 people in the US diplomatic contingent in Russia will have no impact on US military operations, as has assured Monday the Defense Department spokesman, Jeff Davis.

Hundreds of people attend in Yemen to the execution of a man accused of raping and murdering a girl

A man accused of murdering and raping a three year old girl was executed Monday in front of hundreds of people in the capital of Yemen, Sana'a, as reported by witnesses.

Near Moscow arrested two followers of the Islamic State who were preparing an attack in Russia

The Federal Security Service of Russia (FSB) has arrested Monday outside Moscow two alleged sympathizers of the terrorist organization Islamic State preparing an attack in the country, as reported in a statement the FSB, collected by the agency Sputnik news.

At least two killed in the suicide attack against the Islamic State of Iraq embassy in Kabul

At least two people have died and several were injured because of the suicide bombing Monday by the terrorist organization Islamic State against Iraq embassy in Kabul, as reported by the Foreign Ministry in a statement.

The Iraqi Army expects an easy victory over a "demoralized" Islamic State in Tal Afar

The Iraqi Army expects to regain control of the town of Tal Afar without an "intense battle" with the terrorists of the Islamic State, which considers as "exhausted and demoralized" after the defeats suffered in recent months, including the great bastion of Mosul.

Qatar complaint to the WTO the blockade imposed by Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates

The Government of Qatar has filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization (WTO) by the commercial blockade imposed on the country by Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, accusing Qatar of supporting terrorism.

Trump promises to "take care" of North Korea

The US president, Donald Trump, has promised to "take care" of the open crisis with North Korea following recent tests of ballistic missiles carried out by the regime of Kim Jong Un, but has not clarified the options that are on the table.

Maduro's regime says more than 8 million Venezuelans elect the Constituent Assembly

More than eight million people have participated in the elections to the Constituent Assembly were held Sunday in Venezuela, according to the National Electoral Council (CNE) that have been interpreted as a "victory" by the country's president, Nicolás Maduro , even though the vote has passed amid new clashes that have left at least ten dead.

The Ibex closed in July above the 10,500 points

The Spanish stock market fell 0.32% today and has jeopardized 10,500 points in the closing stages weighed down by sharp declines in Gamesa and Siemens supermarket chain DIA. The main Spanish index, the IBEX 35, has played down 33.90 points, or 0.32% to 10,502.20 whole, but can close the month with a gain of 0.55% and in the year to win the 12.30%. In the rest of Europe, Paris and Frankfurt closed in red, with falls of 0.73% and 0.37%, respectively, while Milan won 0.26% and London, 0.05%, driven by HSBC which gained 10.12% in the first six months of the year. At European level, today it has been known that the unemployment rate in the eurozone fell a tenth in June, to 9.1%, the lowest since 2009, while the rest of the European Union remained at 7 , 7%. In addition, inflation remained steady in July at 1.3% in countries with the single currency, according to the latest Eurostat estimate. The Spanish stock market opened higher, but the apathy of investors and let himself noted, common …

A boat appears on the coast of Moraira unoccupied and personal belongings

An unoccupied boat and personal belongings has appeared stranded on Monday Moraira (Alicante). So what sources have indicated the Meritorious, which explained that the discovery occurred about 9 am on Monday in the town of Moraira. The boat was beached and unoccupied but had goods, so it could be a patera, the sources said. Therefore, members of the Civil Guard seek out potential crew. Sunday in Calpe, also an empty boat and drifting in a cove of the town, with indications that it could be a patera, since it also had goods like jackets, clothing and petrol cans found.

Housing visas soar by 13.2% between January and May to the 32,552 authorizations

Visa applications to build new homes increased by 13.2% in the first five months of the year, when 32,552 permits were requested, according to the Ministry of Public Works. The bulk of visas have been claimed to raise housing block, since authorizations totaled 24,199, 12.3% more than last year, and swept the 74.3% of the total. Corresponding to the construction of houses rose to 8345 in the first three months, giving an increase of 16%. Should demand for visas to lift housing keep the same pace as in the first quarter, year-end could exceed 78,000 visas, which would mark the maximum volume of the last seven years, since 2010, when they asked about 91,600. The thrust of the reforms and enlargement At the moment, between January and May a total of 12,047 visas to expand and reform housing, 6.4% higher than a year earlier also demanded. Visas to expand housing is the highest growth, since soared 43% in the period to add 986 authorizations. Your hand, sought to reform or renovate homes …

The "magic" suspension of DS7 Crossback: read the road and will anticipate potholes

In 1955, the DS 'Jaws' was a surprise and admiration not only for his visionary and sculptural design but also for its technology. Hydropneumatic suspension, which assured her behavior and new and exclusive comfort for the time, marked a before and after in the history of the automobile. Over half a century later, DS engineers have picked up the gauntlet thrown by his illustrious predecessors and have tuned the suspension of the XXI century: DS Scan Active Suspension. Through a camera with 20 meters range, this system detects and anticipates the road imperfections. The data collected by this device come to an electronic control unit that manages the 4 dampers in an independent manner throughout the journey. Anticipation is the key concept of the DS Scan Active Suspension. The DS 7 Crossback has a camera behind the windscreen, and with four sensors measuring the stability of the body and three accelerometers analyze the state of the road and the vehicle attitude, taking into a…

PSG Neymar wants to introduce in central Paris

Paris Saint-Germain wants to make a great presentation of the Brazilian Neymar in the center of Paris, opposite one of the emblematic monuments of the city, and not in the Parc des Princes, as usual, according to the radio today " Europe 1 ". The club has requested permission to carry out this act, which has been validated by the authorities of the capital, the station said. Therefore, they have already designated gendarmerie patrols to ensure the safety of that presentation, said "Europe 1" which pointed as a possible scenario in the same Trocadero Square, opposite the Eiffel Tower. Thus, the PSG wants to highlight the magnitude of the transfer, which would be the most expensive in history (222 million euros), more than double the francés Paul Pogba Manchester United, who holds the record. The newspaper "L'Equipe" says the French club considers that the signing is closed "60%", while acknowledging that there is 40% of options that will not…

Hellin fire refutes the official thesis and calcine and nearly 4,000 hectares

As a neighbor of La Parrilla tells ABC that leads away from home 5 days without being able to feed their animals a loaded helicopter flies over water Molinicos. The villager was evacuated last Thursday of the hamlet, near the ground zero of the fire that devastated almost 4,000 hectares of forest in the region of Albacete municipality of Yeste. Beside him, Antonio González, neighbor and councilman of Molinicos, predicts that when this man returns to find his dead farm animals, a victim of thirst, heat and smoke. The smoke caused by the incident brings to Molinicos a cold color, "CSI Miami". The authorities have advised the thousand residents of this town that do not leave home to avoid breathing toxic air, but at noon the atmosphere gives a brief respite. Several dozen comments in the main square the spread of fire, pounding entirely on one of its fronts, which, from the Calar, moves along the left bank of the mountains to the headwaters of the Rio World. Antonio believes t…

The Constitutional Court suspended the expressway to pass laws of Catalan independence

The Constitutional Court (TC) has slowed Monday the express way to independence. The guarantor tribunal of the Constitution has suspended the reform of the regulation of the Parliament approved last Tuesday together for yes and CUP, which allowed pass laws so express, without reading or discussion on the regional chamber through a shortcut. Constitutional judges, meeting in plenary, has declared admissible the appeal by the government against this rule, a decision that involves the automatic suspension of the reform. The TC will decide later on the bottom of the reform, which is suspended. The decision was approved unanimously by the judges, according to legal sources. Regulation reform Parlament pass laws sought to allow the single reading mechanism, an emergency procedure which shortened the deadlines and limited amendments, conditions that reduced to a minimum the legislative process. This legislation, criticized by all opposition parties had a clear objective: to push through law…

"The Plan of Citizen Guarantees coincides with the objectives of the Government of García-Page '

He is counseling Star at this time from the political point of view, since it has given the historical milestone in the community of the forthcoming establishment of a coalition government PSOE-can in which this group will control concerning social policies contained in the Plan of citizen guarantees. Its current owner tells us the current situation and the immediate future of a department aimed at those who have less or more in need of public social services. I imagine calmer knowing that, except cataclysm, will have new budgets. Yes, that is the fundamental objective of the Government of Castilla-La Mancha. Think that there may be a budget is to think that all citizens of the region will be much better served, since the budget that raises the government is eminently social, so I have a great satisfaction and hope everything goes well. -da feeling that has lost precious time how it looks? It's true that we are in a complex times. This diversity and social and political pluralism…

Barcelona Montjuïc win a pavilion for temporary exhibitions

Palace Victoria Eugenia de Montjuïc by Josep Puig i Cadafalch, built between 1918 and 1923, will be remodeled and recover for large temporary exhibitions, which will mean that Barcelona wins 6,350 square meters of cultural space from autumn 2018. the Deputy mayor of Culture Department, Jaume Collboni, which this week acts as mayor, was announced today by the CEO of Fira Barcelona, ​​Constantí Serrallonga, since the pavilion was given for exhibition purposes until 2025. in a ceremony attended by the majority of the directors of museums such as the MNAC, Pepe Serra, or the MACBA, Ferran Barenblit, Collboni has advanced the idea is that the pavilion, which will remain a part intended to fair uses, harbors major exhibitions and so the city "has a greater presence in international circuits major exhibition events." Next September, the City Council and Fira sign the agreement to set up the transfer and sharing of space, which also involve the Institut de Cultura de Barcelona 2.5 …

Carlos Malamud: 'Hugo Chávez had a stronger leadership attitude that Maduro "

President Nicolás Maduro, Hugo Chávez heir, wanted to follow in his footsteps with the vote for the Constituent National Assembly of Venezuela, but the result has left dormant decreased Chavista support. On Sunday, more than half of voters stayed home and showed their rejection of the president. "Hugo Chávez was popular and had a leadership attitude much stronger than Maduro," says ABC Latin American researcher at the Elcano Royal Institute, Carlos Malamud. He adds that the current president inherited the move but "without own skills." Eighteen years ago, Chavez called for a referendum to strengthen his figure. In it, it impinged on the desire to convene a constituent assembly to create a new legal order and the basis on which such a call would be made. 92.4% endorsed this proposal (had an abstention rate of 62.2%) and in July of that same year, of the 131 members who had to choose, 125 corresponded to the candidates supported by Chavez and only six opponents mana…

Calzada de Oropesa welcomes a group of Ukrainian after their bus damaged

A group of 47 Ukrainians have been welcomed in the Toledo town of Calzada de Oropesa after their bus parase Sunday afternoon in the A-5. After 19:00 hours, Ukrainians, prodecentes of Portugal, were forced to make a stop on your vacation to the damaged vehicle they were traveling to spend 15 days in his country. A few meters from La Calzada, the bus stopped and after a call to 112, the emergency services called for support to the municipal council, because the fault could not be repaired on the road and the bus was towed to a workshop in Talavera de la Reina, 40 kilometers from La Calzada. "We took over and fitted out a place to sleep and load," explained the Mayor Valerio Pulido. So, have spent the night at the sports center on mats and folding beds, an operation deployed by the City of La Calzada, Red Cross, Civil Protection and Civil Guard. At half past two p.m. on Monday, once repaired the damage, the Ukrainians have resumed the trip, but have done before touring the tow…

Five water parks you can not miss this summer in Valencia


Qatar denounces the commercial blockade of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates to the WTO

The Government of Qatar has filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization (WTO) by the commercial blockade imposed on the country by Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, accusing Qatar of supporting terrorism. Qatar's representative to the WTO, Alwaleed Ali al Thani, explained exclusively to Reuters that have formally requested "consultation" with these three countries, the first step for the opening of a dispute before the WTO. This request is started within 60 days for the litigation is resolved or, otherwise, there will be a dispute that could lead to trade sanctions. Qatar also denounce the blockade at the meeting of the International Civil Aviation Organization held this Monday, explained Al Thani. They faced the Gulf Quartet Governments of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt announced in early June rupture of diplomatic relations with Qatar, accusing Doha of "supporting terrorism". Tensions between Qatar and the so-called Quartet Gu…

Five films to remind Sam Shepard


Mediterranean and Canary regions, the highest growth in the last year

Economic recovery is taking place more strongly along the Mediterranean coast and the Canary Islands. Growth of gross domestic product (GDP) in the second quarter and took color Canary Islands, Valencia and the Balearic Islands, regions where more it grew by taking the annual rate, according to forecasts published on Monday the Independent Authority Responsibility Fiscal (trade show). If Spain's GDP rose by 3.1% in the second quarter, in these three regions flew growth to 3.8% of Canarias, Baleares 3.7% and 3.5% of Valencia. On the contrary, within communities as Extremadura and Castilla-La Mancha were the least grown from spring to spring, at 1.9%. Above average also they grew Catalonia, Navarra (both 3.4%) and Madrid (3.2%), while Galicia and Asturias growth equaled 3.1% of the national total. Ultimately, six communities grew above average eight below. As it may, up to ten autonomous communities are growing above 3%, which seems to confirm the good performance of the activity. …

Strike suspended 80,000 traffic examiners practical tests since June

Some 80,000 tests driving practices have been suspended since the strike began examiners traffic in June to Monday 31 July, end date mobilizations, as reported by Europa Press sources of the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT). The group, which is grouped in the Association of Traffic Examiners (Asextra), began the strike on June 2, prolonging strikes the 19th day of the same month and every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of July. The reason for the strike is the request for an increase in the specific add-from just over 200 euros a month- and improve the working conditions of his post, having a shortfall in the number of examiners officials. On the other hand, according to the DGT, the percentage of track throughout the strike, which ends on Monday 31 July, it has been 70% on average, with rates touched 75% in the first days and have fallen to 62 % in the latter. The Agency also notes that the follow-up of the conference was "unequal" in certain territories. In any case, t…

Bustamante denounced the paparazzi for threats and injuries

An unpleasant altercation with a paparazzi last Sunday morning is what has made the singer that evening will go to the police station in Las Rozas to lodge a complaint for threats and injuries, which in turn has also made the paparazzi against he. He says the statement sent yesterday counsel for the artist "since the version that has offered the paparazzi Jordi Martín does not correspond to reality." As explained Bustamante feared even by his physical integrity at how reckless driving photographer had his car had to invade the berm so they decided to stop cars to reprimand him for this persecution and that discussion Martin "he began to provoke referring to him one series of libel and slander and death threats to him and his family and his friends would carry out "Miami". This situation caused a struggle in which the paparazzi caught her wrist Bustamante stomped deal it well. " Bustamante assaults a reporter Álvaro Palazón 📺 …

Yeste fire could burn 7,000 hectares if it spreads in a nearby ravine

The fire of Yeste, Albacete, could reach 7,000 hectares calcining if finally spread by a nearby ravine and considering the behavior of weather forecasts overnight. The fire that broke out last Thursday and has razed 3,200 hectares, as indicated by the Minister of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Development, Francisco Martínez Arroyo, who added that it will take "a few days" in control. Martínez Arroyo was here Monday afternoon the northwest flank of the fire Yeste, located between the villages of Torre Pedro and El Pardal (Molinicos), the most difficult area in which the extinguishing device strives to strengthen to prevent the fire moving towards another basin, as reported by the Board in a press release. #IFYeste A small example of the great work and the risk that means working on extinguishing the fire exposed. Chapó👏👏👏 METEOHELLÍN (@MeteoHellin) July 31 2017Durante afternoon, has continued to work under different sectors where the fire …

Pacheco Echavarri and boat premiere foils and lead the European Nacra 17

The European Championship Nacra 17 class started the day in Kiel, joining the sea 49er and 49er European FX yesterday held its first day. The wind blew from the southwest, started with 12 knots and let up to six half, and classes were able to complete all planned sleeves. Fernando Echávarri and Tara Pacheco showed they are still one of the best teams in the Nacra 17 class boat after releasing his foils. The Spanish team leads the standings with a third, a fourth and a first. "It was a difficult day, very gusty and changed up to 30 degrees of direction, but we opted to do the simple things and has left us well," said Pacheco. Canary crewman recognized that "it is a joy to start the first European position" and premiering the foils class. "Fernando and I have the plus of being quite attuned as a team. We have very clear what role has everyone on board and at the moment of truth, when things get complicated, that makes the difference, "he said. In the 49er …

Bankinter provides up to 5% of housing prices in 2018

Bankinter notes that the Spanish property market is accelerating its recovery phase in terms of demand and prices, which provides modest increases of 4% in house prices this year and between 4% and 5% next year when the volume of residential housing demand will reach 550,000. So included in the semiannual report of the property market in Spain by the Department of Analysis of Bankinter, where the accelerating demand and housing prices in Spain in the first half of the year highlights and explains that the increase prices is the consequence almost inevitable in a scenario of strong growth in demand and a clearly limited supply. However, he notes that the profound differences in demand in different locations will persist a large dispersion and the average increase in the vicinity of 4% is not representative of the real situation in different areas of large cities. According to the study, the brunt of Madrid and Barcelona continue to drive the average price in Spain, although other citi…

Moroccan king pardons to those convicted of misdemeanors during the revolt of Al Hoceima

The King of Morocco, Mohamed VI has pardoned or commuted the sentence to 58 of the detainees during social protests in the city of Al Hoceima and the Rif region on the occasion of the Throne Day, which celebrated 18 years of his rise the throne.

Identified as a supporter of Islamic State the murderer of European tourists in the Red Sea

Egyptian authorities have confirmed that the citizen who stabbed to death three European tourists and wounded six others in mid-month at a resort on the Red Sea is a supporter of the terrorist organization Islamic State, as reported by two sources of security this Sunday.

Twelve PKK members killed in Turkish military operations in Turkey and northern Iraq

Twelve members of the Kurdish armed group Workers Party of Kurdistan (PKK) have been killed in Turkish military operations carried out in southeastern Turkey Turkish majority and northern Iraq, as reported by the Turkish military said in a statement.

At least two dead and several wounded in a shooting at a nightclub in Konstanz (Germany)

A man of 34 years has killed one person and wounded several others when making several shots at a nightclub in the German city of Constance in the south, before succumbing to police shootings, as reported by the Local police said in a statement.

Neil Armstrong Museum steal a replica gold lunar module of Apollo 11, invaluable

Ohio Police confirmed on his Facebook account a gold replica model moonwalk Apollo 11, the first vehicle to land on the moon, was stolen last Friday of Neil Armstrong Air and Space Museum.

Israeli Justice reaffirms the sentence to 18 months' imprisonment of the soldier who finished off a Palestinian

The Military Court of Appeals Israel has dismissed the two appeals filed against the sentence to 18 months' imprisonment imposed Israeli soldier Elor Azaria for killing a Palestinian attacker, Abdelfatá al Sharif, who was wounded and unconscious on the floor in Hebron, in the West Bank.

US confirms death of four senior Islamic State of Afghanistan

The United States has confirmed the death of four senior members of the Afghan branch of the jihadist organization Islamic State (Islamic State - Khorasan) in an airstrike carried out on 11 July in which he died jihadist self-proclaimed "emir" of the province of kunat, Abu Sayid.

Russia considers "options" response if Trump confirms new sanctions

Russian Deputy Foreign Sergei Riabkov has stated that his country is considering "options" response if the US president, Donald Trump, ratifies the new legislation that would impose additional sanctions on Russia given the suspicions of electoral interference US elections.

Three killed during opposition protests in the pre-dawn to the constituent elections

Three people have died in the night from Saturday to Sunday in new opposition protests in the region of the Andes in western Venezuela, in the hours before the vote in the elections to the National Constituent Assembly convened by President Nicolas Maduro despite the opposition boycott, according to the newspaper 'El Nacional' in its online edition.

Maduro opened the voting for the Constituent Assembly in Venezuela against "the Emperor Trump"

The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro and his wife, Cilia Flores, have already placed their vote in the elections to the Constituent Assembly in the Latin American country and officially begun the collection of ballots across the country.

King launches your vacation with a fishing day

King enjoyed his first day yesterday holiday in Majorca without institutional events, hearings or visits. Just after eleven o'clock, Don Felipe went by car from Marivent Palace and went to Porto Pi, the military port where the boat used by the Royal Family custody. King embarked on the Somni and headed to the island of Cabrera, a protected natural area where you can enjoy some privacy, away as is the large media spotlight. Soon after, the yacht was lost in the horizon. Aboard only two figures, the King and his mother, Queen Sofia distinguished, although probably children could be seen more companions, but the distance fulfilled its function and isolated crews in a scene it was impossible to rescue protagonists with names and surnames. In heat wave and the crowded island of tourists (there full hotel occupancy, traffic jams on the streets, waiting lists to get a taxi and even lines to buy at a pharmacy), King chose the most peaceful and refreshing plan how many offers Mallorca: sp…

On sale for 27 million euros last refuge of Andrew Vladimirovich Romanov

Villa Marizzina, the fabulous white palace located on the cliff of Cap d'Ail, a few kilometers from Monaco, has gone on sale for 27 million euros. This architectural marvel has three living rooms, two kitchens, seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, cinema room and parking for six cars. A total of 506 square meters built the Countess of Morla in 1901 and, years later, he was hired by the Grand Duke Andrew Vladimirovich Romanov, a cousin of Tsar Nicholas II. This house served for many years the Russian aristocrat as a refuge to unleash his clandestine relationship with the famous dancer Mathilde Kschessinska. A forbidden romance that was a huge scandal in the court of the Romanovs, among other things, for "prima ballerina assoluta" of Russia had been loving youth of Tsar Nicholas and later staged a noisy "menage a trois" with the Grand Duke and another cousin, Sergei Mikhailovich. Although the scandal was served, it was increased when the dancer had a secret son. Aft…

A young woman threatens with a screwdriver several policemen in Gandia

A 25-year-old has been arrested in Gandia (Valencia) after being caught by agents of the National Police in a car with the window broken by recording inside and, realizing police presence, threaten effective with a screwdriver. The man is suspected of up to twelve thefts in vehicles. The investigations began in June to be aware of several robberies police vehicle inside around a local park. The agents set up a device in the immediate area, as reported by the National Police said in a statement. During surveillance, plainclothes man surprised recording inside a vehicle with the driver's window broken. The officers identified themselves as police and, when discovered, the suspect tried to flee the scene. The young man was intercepting a few meters moment and then threatened the police with screwdriver in his hand. Agents after verify various, they stopped the suspicion of a burglary in vehicle interior and violation enforcement officer. Then they related to the now detained with 11…

Mario Mola, champion in Edmonton

The Spanish Mario Mola won the victory in Edmonton, test scoring for the World Sprint Triathlon, which allows you to establish itself as a leader in general. Mola, who spent a time of 54:51, thus achieved his fourth win of the season. Australian Jacob Birtwhistle (55:01) and South African Richard Murray (55:06) were second ytercero, respectively. Javier Gómez Noya, sixth, and Fernando Alarza, ninth, and Vicente Hernández, twenty fifth, completed the Spanish participation. The test at its inception was dominated by Czech Richard Varga yel British Jonathan Brownlee, who returned to the World Series after his last participation in Leeds. During the first kilometers of cycling both triathletes, along with six others they tried to make good the escape but the rest of the squad got neutralizarles in Ecuador of 20kilómetros on two wheels. Already in the run and in the absence of a return, an attack Australian Birtwhistle could have it broken the test, but as acknowledged by the athlete hims…

Santiago Grisolia propose changing the CVC law to dismiss investigated for corruption

The president of the Consell Valencià de Cultura (CVC), Santiago Grisolia, propose the amendment of the law governing this consultative body to enable the entity to cease from office members under investigation for corruption issue. This has been assured the Valencian scientist in an interview with EFE, which has indicated that this change in the law will also pursue the decisions taken in the CVC are binding and not only an advisory body. Two members of this body, the former directors of the Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno (IVAM) Consuelo Ciscar and Cultural Castelló Vicente Farnós are being investigated, the first for alleged irregularities in its management and the second by the context of the case Gürtel . Since the CVC has said on several occasions that can not be dismissed because the law regulating this body does not contemplate and both have been urged to resign precautionary measure the performance of their duties, although they have not. Current law 12/1985 of 30 Octob…

Live Austria-Spain (0-0)

18 Amanda Good shot that leaves off the post! 16 Spain dominates for the moment the match. 12 Centro Meseguer Zinsberger trapping smoothly. Just 10 have had the ball the autriacas those last minutes. The Spanish press OK. 7 Remove corner for Spain. 5 The Austrian party have started strong but the Spanish have reacted. 1 You Start the Party! Sound hymns. Eleven of Austria: Zinsberger; Schiechtl, Wenninger, Schnaderbeck, Aschauer; Zadrazil, Puntigam, Billa; Feiersinger, Burger, Makas. Spain starting XI: Sandra Paños; Sliding, Paredes, Torrejón, Mapi León; Meseguer, Losada, Sampedro; Caldeney, Latorre and Mari Paz. Good afternoon and welcome to the quarterfinal match of the Women's Euro 2017 between Spain and Austria.

The fire of Arribes is "stabilized but uncontrolled" after affecting some 2,500 hectares

The wildfire destado at 14.21 hours on Saturday zamorana town of Pino del Oro, in the region of Aliste, in the vicinity of the Arribes del Duero (Zamora), is "stabilized but not controlled", having affected some 2,500 hectares, mostly pasture, acreage and thicket, although the figure includes 300 encinar and 150 of woodland and scrubland, as detailed on the ground the Minister of Development and Environment, Juan Carlos Suarez-Quinones . The regional chief of Public Works and Environment visited the Advanced Command and the area of ​​the fire, accompanied by the territorial delegate of the Junta de Castilla y León, Alberto Castro; Members of Zamora José María Barrios and Fernando Martinez-Maillo; and Senator Javier Faúndez and several mayors of the region, including those of Pino del Oro and Fonfría, Jesus Angel Rios and Jose Maria Anton, respectively. "The extent of the burned area is still not official but we can be around 2,500 hectares, approximately. Not all surfa…

Alonso happy holidays

Under the Hungaroring podium, a huge mural of colorful greets viewers. Illustrates the iconic image of Brazil Fernando Alonso in 2015 when, after leaving the grand prize, decided sunbathing on a chair before returning to the garage. Drawing Spaniard has as background a paradisiacal beach, yacht Flavio Briatore and an airplane with the caption: "I see you after the holidays." The new Formula 1 without Ecclestone find occasions for these winks to the amateur. And Alonso partakes it. In fact, the Spaniard did not mind posing over the mural, again lying on a chaise lounge, and a sign that the F1 wished everyone good holiday. What everyone is not like the performance of Alonso will proceed at the same time the podium ceremony. So while Vettel, Raikkonen and drank champagne Bottas overhead, at ground level it was Alonso who was taking center stage. "When I saw the illustration this morning I thought about collaborating to wish a good holiday fans," said Alonso on televi…

Police arrested a man for robbing five young cycling in the riverbed of Valencia

A 36 year old man has been arrested for allegedly docked from his bike up to five young people through intimidation with a knife or verbal violence in the gardens of the old Turia River in Valencia, as reported by the National Police said in a statement. The agents began investigations last Tuesday to have knowledge of a robbery with verbal intimidation in the river two young Italian. A man supposedly had approached them and demanded money with verbal violence. The next day, three youths were assaulted by a man who also was riding a bicycle with a cap of a football team in the course of less than two hours. First, there was bullied a young man showing a knife to grab your wallet. Later, he assaulted two girls and verbal violence demanded that he hand over five euros each. One of them had no money he demanded the other to give him more. The police conducted a tracking device the suspect and two hours after the last fact, intercepted in the river bed a man who was riding a bicycle and …

Asensio, luxury shines on doubts

Real Madrid wanted him to give more gallons this season and the kid he earns without having to give them. Marco Asensio is a luxury Football. A show. It's nice to see him play. While Benzema and Bale are still far from his best form, the Spaniard is the essence of this emerging Real Madrid in their preparation, which has not yet acquired the form and lost 2-3 against Barcelona. Florentino Pérez described him in an interview with ABC, "Asensio we love all the soccer lovers because it is different. When catches the ball just think haggle rival, is vertical "Asensio tied the game at two goals with a goal star. He took the ball in madridista ground and ran sixty meters to a wall and clinching it 2-2 with a shot put. It was a similar target to which he managed against Sevilla at the Sanchez Pizjuan earlier this year. Balear class is impressive. The hardest part is running at high speed with the ball at his feet and controlled dribbles past his opponents because he loves. Cen…

Maria and Pilar Caba, champions of Europe 420

European Championship 420 class, played in Athens since July 22, ended today with the celebration of the last two tests for the three participating categories. Spanish representatives got the podium in the women's category, with a gold and a beach, and sub17 were made with silver in men's and women's bronze. Spain emerged as the best female power in the European 420 with a gold and silver. Maria and Pilar Caba gold medal hung after a week of competition that has dominated the regularity of the Spanish team. The Caba sisters, who yesterday managed to be at the head of 420 women today could maintain position and rise champions of Europe. On the podium they were accompanied the Spanish Marta Garrido and Clara Llabrés, European silver. The third place was occupied French Violette Dorange and Camille Orion. Martín Wizner and Pedro Ameneiro got the silver in the 420 European Championship U17 category. The only crew has been able to beat the Spanish duo has been the Italian team…

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Bad times for freedom. Venezuela's Pablo Iglesias and his collapsing, but they still use the courts to act here with unimaginable rigor in the places that govern those whom they have chastened the people of Podemos. The Court of First Instance No. 3 of Zamora has condemned my colleague and friend Hermann Tertsch for publication in the Third ABC February 17, 2016 the article "Paul's grandfather." It is imposed compensation of 12,000 euros to the father of the secretary general of Podemos. The reason is that in that article Tertsch said, picking up what already appeared in other publications that nobody has demanded that Manuel Iglesias Ramirez, grandfather Pablo Iglesias, was sentenced to death for the disappearance and murder in November 1936 the Marquis de San Fernando and his brother Pedro Ceballos, after the extraction perpetrated at home. The ruling does not deny that churches participate in this off with "Chaparro", "the Hornachego" "Vin…

Hospital La Fe de Valencia makes the pancreas number 100

The Hospital Universitari La Fe i Politècnic Valencia reached in July the 100th pancreas transplant performed to a patient whose evolution is favorable and is expected to discharge hospital soon, sources have informed the Department of Universal Health. Hospital La Fe, which started its program pancreas transplants in 2002, is the only one who performs this type of intervention throughout the Valencia region and receives patients from the three provinces. With 12 accredited centers for this type of transplant in Spain, in 2016 73 pancreas transplants were performed in Spain, 8 of which were performed at the Hospital La Fe, which became the third Spanish center number such transplants. In 2017 and 7 they are being performed pancreas transplants. Dr. Rafael López Andújar, head of the Unit Hepatobiliopancreatic Surgery Faith, stressed that "the rate of pancreas transplants in Spain decreased in 2016 mainly due to the lack of suitable donors, since the characteristics of this type o…

Iker: "We have the opportunity to be on the podium"

Basque sailor Iker Martinez, who just turned 40, will debut on Wednesday in Palma with 'Movistar' in the Copa del Rey Mapfre and considered that "seeing the path" that have followed since may "have the opportunity to be in the podium, "Iker has achieved all titles that are available in the dinghy. Olympic champion in the 49er class. Athens 2004 and Beijing runner-up in 2008; triple world champion, European and gold medal at the Mediterranean Games in 1997, always with Xabi Fernández. It was introduced in ocean sailing competing in the Volvo Ocean Race with 'Telefónica' in editions 2005-2006 2008-2009 2011-2012 with the 'Mapfre' in 2014-2015. He also competed in the Barcelona World Race - Round the World Two- with 'Mapfre' in the 2010-2011 edition, achieving, with Xabi Fernández the second position. He trained in the Copa America in 2013 with catamaran AC72 'Luna Rossa' Italian and that first experience led him to compete in …

Spontaneous applause against the manipulation of history in celebration of Fuero de León

The celebration of the millennium of the Fuero de León, a historical milestone as recalled the mayor of the city of León, Antonio Silván, marked a before and after not only in the history of Europe, has become Monday in a plea spontaneous against the manipulation of history and culture, in clear reference to the current situation in Catalonia. During his speech, Silván has argued that the "greatness" of Leon is precisely "to have been able to specifically contribute to something more universal, transcending our territorial boundaries and is present throughout the world," referring to the enactment of the Charter Leon from Alfonso V on 30 July 1017. in its framework, the king decreed that he would be protected by the Crown, "under very strong sanction", property of subjects and trade market and the home it would be inviolable. "We do not need to change the exploits of our ancestors", said the mayor "is important to note this fact," str…