The Syria Army bombs and recapture districts of Damascus

The loyal Armed Forces to the regime of Bachar Asad today continue taking terrain in the suburbs of the periphery of Damascus, districts in which the combats have broken out again days in the last. According to the local committees that are against to You roast, at least one twenty of people has died in different cities of Syria, a dozen of them in the districts of the capital, at the same time as Russia, country with right of I veto in the Security Council, announced that Moscow will veto any resolution that considers "unacceptable", that is to say, that makes a call to the delivery of the power on the part of You roast. The Russian Government tries to avoid at all costs that the happened thing to the approved resolutions is repeated to take part in the Libyan conflict: the mission to protect to the Libyan civilians the writing of the resolution was so lax that it allowed all the interpretations was transformed into a campaign to overthrow to Muamar dictator the Gadafi.


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