The Supreme one fractures before the judgment to Waiter but it follows ahead

Spanish justice is from this Tuesday under international observation, after the Supreme Court initiated the first judgment related to the crimes of the pro-Franco regime, but against the judge who tried to investigate them. Three of the seven magistrates in charge to judge to Balthasar Waiter to investigate the crimes of the Francoism voted in favor of annulling the process by irregularities in the instruction. Other four understood that the judgment was not illegal and decided to resume the view. With these precedents, the judgment started under suspicion of the observers of organizations of human rights. The public prosecutor of the case had labeled as unusual the instruction of Luciano magistrate Varela. I did what I thought that had to do, is not ideology question. Here there were hundreds of thousands of victims who had not been taken care of in their rights, argued Waiter.


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