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Maria Martin, 81 years: “They want that we wait for 75 years more”

"they killed it to mother in the 36…" Maria has begun Martin Lopez, of 81 years, to relate her history this morning before the Supreme one. Surrounded by gowns, this woman of 81 years, has explained with a voice thread - "discúlpenme, I am a little aphonic" - why almost six years ago she went to  National hearing. "I what I want am that they help to find mother me to be able to bury it. Nothing else and nothing less", explained later to this newspaper.

The Syria Army bombs and recapture districts of Damascus

The loyal Armed Forces to the regime of Bachar Asad today continue taking terrain in the suburbs of the periphery of Damascus, districts in which the combats have broken out again days in the last. According to the local committees that are against to You roast, at least one twenty of people has died in different cities of Syria, a dozen of them in the districts of the capital, at the same time as Russia, country with right of I veto in the Security Council, announced that Moscow will veto any resolution that considers "unacceptable", that is to say, that makes a call to the delivery of the power on the part of You roast. The Russian Government tries to avoid at all costs that the happened thing to the approved resolutions is repeated to take part in the Libyan conflict: the mission to protect to the Libyan civilians the writing of the resolution was so lax that it allowed all the interpretations was transformed into a campaign to overthrow to Muamar dictator the Gadafi.

Rajoy to But: “Alive in the mess”

It is the second time in the same week. The head of the Executive, Mariano Rajoy, has returned to just carry out a verbal stumble before the average ones before his meeting with the president of the Catalan Autonomous Government. "Alive in the mess", he has been listened to say to him before the office that both maintain in Moncloa.

Retired a million contraceptive permanent fortifications in the USA

The Inc. pharmaceutics Pfizer has announced in an official notice that retires around a million pill packages to control the natality in the United States because they could contain an insufficient amount of contraceptives to avoid pregnancies.

I kill it does not close the door to the copayment and will review the pill of the day later

For the veterans in the Commission of Health of the Congress it sounded an old melody: the minister of Health, Social Policy and Equality, Ana I kill, announcing a pact of State to assure the sustainability the system. The socialist spokeswoman remembered, To pound Great, who offered itself to make him arrive the conclusions at which a parliamentary Commission arrived on the matter in October of 2010, and in that the PP did not want nor to participate (to the last meetings she went without taking proposals not even). In the end, CiU also was unmarked (it bothered to him that the passage to any type of copayment was closed, as if then they already knew that was going to be one of the proposals of his future Government in the Catalan Autonomous Government), and the work of those 18 months was in the form of document with 60 points that nobody transacted.

American Airlines announces the dismissal of 15,000 workers

American Airlines, strategic partner of Iberia in the OneWorld alliance, needs to loosen ballast to retake the flight. That is going to take to him to eliminate within the framework between 10,000 and 15,000 uses of the reconstruction that it will have to undertake to surpass the suspension of payments, that declared the past to end of year.

The judge initiates the liquidation of Spanair with 3,000 creditors

The holder of the Court of Mercantile number 10 of Barcelona, Juan Manuel de Castro, has declared this morning the voluntary contest of creditors of Spanair, after the legal advisers of this the past presented/displayed Monday in the City of the Justice of Barcelona. The judge has decided to give to priority to the request of the managers of the airline before the instances of contest of the Sepla and other three societies because of the magnitude of the contest, with more than 3,000 creditors, and of the interests of the workers, whom she bases in near 2.500. According to the car, the airline has requested the liquidation of the company. The advisors of Economy and Knowledge, Andreu But, and of Territory and Sustainability, Lluís Recoder, will appear in the Parlament next the 10 of February to the past give to explanations by the steep cease of operations of Friday and the reasons that took to the Catalan Autonomous Government to stop injecting bottoms in the airline.

The citizenship that Europe teaches

In the educative debates, with too much frequency it is used to defend a position and the opposite the same argument: it is as well as Europe becomes. With the revived debate of the subject of Education for the Citizenship it has returned to happen, since the minister of Education, Jose Ignacio Wert, exposed yesterday between the reasons to eliminate the present primary and secondary obligatory subject in of Citizenship that its exposition went beyond which than it would have to correspond to a true civic formation, according to the directives and directions formulated by the Council of Europe. For that reason, it said, it is going on the other to change that matter of civic and constitutional education that eliminates any susceptible content of indoctrination.

Women, Hispanic and pensioners, key of the victory of Romney

The candidate Mitt Romney, again favorite facing the republican nomination, gained a comfortable victory in the primary ones of Florida thanks to the decided support of three concrete groups: women, Hispanic and old, who will be key for the republican nomination and the presidential elections in November. According to they on foot indicate the surveys of ballot box, Romney, industralist and exgobenador of Massachusetts, swept the vote of all the ages, races, sorts, levels of income and ideologies, except the one of which they define themselves as very preservative, those that they support decidedly to the movement of the Tea Party, evangelical and the antiabortionists.

A ringleader of the Gürtel will leave prison after paying 100,000 Euros

Supposed number two of plot Gürtel, Pablo Curled, has paid already guarantee of 100,000 Euros that imposed the judge to him of the National Hearing Pablo Ruz the last week to be able to leave the jail, that will leave in the next hours, have informed penitentiary sources. Curled a part of this amount paid yesterday, through two national transferences of 35,000 and 15,000 Euros and today have paid the rest with a single international transference with the 50,000 remaining Euros, have indicated sources legal.

Romney wins in the primary ones of Florida and recovers its condition of favorite

Mitt Romney has gained today a clear victory in the primary elections of Florida and, in this way, he has recovered its condition of favorite to be the candidate to the presidency of the Republican Party. Its triumph puts brake to the advance of its main rival, Newt Gingrich, in the last weeks and represents a success of the most moderate sectors of the party in front of the most preservative Tea Party and groups.

Cañete announces a total reform of the environmental legislation

Minister of Aryan Agriculture and Medio Ambiente, Miguel Cañete, has sent to a depth charge in his first appearance today before the Congress. At full speed, reading its speech in a sometimes embarullado tone, has announced a total reform of the environmental legislation. Not is only very deep reform of Law of Coasts, but has advanced changes in Law of Quality of Air - to do it realistic, in the one of Responsibility Environmental - that forces the companies to have a financial guarantee in case there is a spill, in the one of Biodiversity, in the contaminated ground decree, the norm of declaration of environmental impact, in the Law of Waters Nor a pillar of the abundant approved environmental legislation mainly in legislature 2004-2008 is saved of that revision.

The Museum of the Prado discovers a copy of “the Gioconda”

The warehouses of the Museum of the Prado have been the scene of one of the most important discoveries of the History of the Art: the conservatives of the pinacoteca have found in their bottoms an retort of the Gioconda de Leonardo l$da Vinci, guinea fowl by one of their favorite pupilos, probably Andrea Salai (that in the end he would become one of the lovers of the teacher) or Francesco Melzi. The experts of the Prado have used several months in studying, cleaning and to clear the dark varnish that covered the table. What during many years it was considered in the Prado as one more a and quite banal copy of the most famous picture of the world-wide art has finished being catalogued like a true pump. As much the top experts of the Prado like those of the Museum of the Louvre have accepted already the official character of the finding (according to information to which he has had periodic east access and that also is gathering the newspaper online Art Newspaper), and there are underli…

Test 2012-01-31

Test 2012-01-31

Aguirre “will touch the norms that there are to touch” for the casino

After the regional Government apostatized the week last of the idea sent by Hope Aguirre to create a "fiscal and legal island" in Madrid to obtain that he settles in Madrid the complex of game, leisure and congresses Eurovegas, the Madrilenian advisor of Presidency and Justice, Regina Plañiol, has affirmed that "the city-planning norms will be touched that there are to touch" in order that it settles in the region.

140 French deputies resort the law on the Armenian genocide

A group of French parliamentarians presented/displayed a resource before the Constitutional Council to annul a law that criminalizes the negation of the genocides recognized like such by the national Parliament, between that appears the massive slaughter of Armenian at the hands of Ottoman Turks does almost. The law brought about an angry reaction of Turkey, that admits that the Ottoman Empire killed to hundreds of thousands of Armenian but it rejects that a genocide, that is to say an attempt of extermination of that town was.

Rajoy will appear in the Congress the next Wednesday 8 of February

The president of the Government, Mariano Rajoy, will appear Wednesday of the week that comes, 8 of February, in the Plenary Session of the Congress to inform into the results of the European summit of this Monday. What it will not have will be a monographic debate on the crisis and the unemployment, requested by the PSOE, Plural Left (IU-ICV-CHA) and Union, Progress and Democracy (UPyD). To thus the Meeting of Spokesmen of the Camera has decided this morning it.

Stopped in Mexico the Arab, author confeso of 75 murders

The authorities of the State again Leon, north of Mexico, have announced east Monday the halting of Enrique Aurelio Elizondo Flowers, author confeso of at least 75 murders. The assassin, nicknamed the Arab, was the past caught 20 of January in the municipality of Salt mines Victory.

The Catalan Autonomous Government discards to investigate the closing of Spanair

The advisor of Territory and Sustainability of the Catalan Autonomous Government, Lluís Recoder, has assured that the Catalan Government does not feel like person in charge of the closing of operations of Spanair announced the past Friday and has maintained that discards abrir a investigción on the same. "This it must decide the judge. By our part there is no intention abrir an investigation because we do not have indications that this is necessary. The managers have done their work reasonably well", has explained Recoder in declarations to RAC1.  Recoder has advanced that the Govern will approve a plan today to relocate to workers of Spanair and Newco in other companies of the same sector.

The training ones of unemployed of Madrid do not receive from May

The one of Luis it is a history of estrecheces. During last the six months, Luis (who asks to appear without last names neither the more data) lead 160 kilometers daily to work 11 hours of sun sun, ate in his car and he was changed to a shared floor in which he paid 300 monthly Euros. The belt was tightened as much that, it assures, it did not have nor the 35 pennies that a machine coffee costs. Half of the days ate rice and cold cuts of stock market turkey, reveal east professor with two races and a masters. His would be a testimony more of the crisis than it has been called on to us to live. The peculiarity of Luis who worked all that time without to receive (no longer had to whom to request more given money) is that its use is the formation of unemployed, who already are 623,300 in Madrid, after the increase of 8.77% in 2011. And a note more: the money of its pay comes directly from the coffers of the Community of Madrid, that takes from May without paying nor a Euro to the compani…

The Supreme one fractures before the judgment to Waiter but it follows ahead

Spanish justice is from this Tuesday under international observation, after the Supreme Court initiated the first judgment related to the crimes of the pro-Franco regime, but against the judge who tried to investigate them. Three of the seven magistrates in charge to judge to Balthasar Waiter to investigate the crimes of the Francoism voted in favor of annulling the process by irregularities in the instruction. Other four understood that the judgment was not illegal and decided to resume the view. With these precedents, the judgment started under suspicion of the observers of organizations of human rights. The public prosecutor of the case had labeled as unusual the instruction of Luciano magistrate Varela. I did what I thought that had to do, is not ideology question. Here there were hundreds of thousands of victims who had not been taken care of in their rights, argued Waiter.

Chacón: The European right “ is strangling the growth "

The European right is strangling the growth of Spain, last night said Car to me Chacón, candidate to lead the PSOE, in an act before more than 300 militants in Valencia. Chacón, that had met with delegates of the PSPV-PSOE to the federal congress, between those who it counts with ample majority, described as obscene the smile of Mariano Rajoy while it informally commented Monday in Brussels that the labor reform is going to him to cost a general strike. In 15 days, to Rajoy him the mask has fallen, said.

The tolerance of the smokers

Of the smokers we can learn the tolerance. Still I do not know one only that one has complained the nonsmokers. The author of this ironic phrase was Sandro Pertini, ex-president Italian and hardened smoker, to whom they will remember of famous world-wide of soccer disputed in Spain in 1982 and in which the Roman politician celebrated delighted next to the King the three goals marked by his selection in the end (3-1) that Germany gained.

“To force the women to give light he is not democratic”

Jon O'Brien thinks that the majority of the catholics does not share the opinions of the hierarchy of the Vatican on questions as the abortion, the sexuality or the contraceptives. The great majority of the catholics uses preservative, has abortions, creates in the sexual education of the children…, says. And that message, the one of the diversity of opinions and the freedom of election according to brings back to consciousness of everyone, is the one that tries to send like president of the American organization for Catholics Choice (Catholic by the right to decide). O'Brien, that is defined as Catholic and Irish, is very worried about the announcements of the legislative change in Spain. The restrictions do not finish with the abortions; they only make them more unjust.

The assassin took the clock of his victim

For them, like for almost all, justice is the institution that who innocent dictates who is guilty and. With that intention they went mainly in 2006 to the National Hearing, so that a judge denied the barbarisms of which they blamed his relatives in the sentences of the advice military, and so that he helped them to investigate his whereabouts and he authorized the opening of the graves in which they had been thrown.

France turns the “Tobin rate” of utopia to urgent project

History is filled with ironies. A first that spoke to put tax to the financial transactions already has rained from 1936 was… an English! John Maynard the Keyneses would be erased today of vendepatrias and the list of the critics would head very same British prime minister, David Cameron. And it is that with the City of London one of the majors financial centers of the world one does not gamble. Four decades after the Keyneses sent the proposal to restrain the swings of Bags that he already compared with a casino, one of its disciples, James Tobin, retook the idea. Once disassembled the system of Bretton Woods, the idea of this American economist era to reduce the speculation on currencies.

The inflation falls at its lower level from August of 2010

The economic deterioration that has given back to the Spanish economy to negative rates in the final section of for the first time from the same period of 2009 is letting notice in the inflation. According to the advance of the Index of Prices to Consumo that has published today the NSI, the prices they moderated in January its momentum of the attack to 2% in inter-annual rate, four tenth less than in December.

A possible case of political espionage is added to…

A possible case of political espionage is added to the maze of the fraudulent ERE that shakes to the public life Andalusian. The Meeting has expedientado to the manager of the autonomic agency Idea in White Manuel leave of absence by the subtraction, between June and July of 2011, of documents regarding the ERE. The sensible information, that agency consisted of acts of the Governing Council of Idea payer of the irregular ERE between 2000 and 2010 were exhibited in press conference by the Secretary General of the PP Andalusian, Antonio Sanz. In July of 2011, White one it asked for the leave of absence like manager of the autonomic enterprise being. Two months later, the past September, the supposed filter of documents was designated director of Mercasevilla, municipal company controlled by the PP.

The Syria civil war lives one on its bloodier days

The day of this Monday was especially tragic in Syria. A hundred of people died, including 55 civilians, as a result of the rebellion that face the troops of Bachar You roast and to opponents and soldiers deserters. The most important group of the Syria opposition, the Syria National Council, has summoned for today a "day of mourning and rage" in response to the "massacres" perpetrated by the loyal forces to the regime and the hardening of the repression.

Madrid 2020, worried about the citizen support

The third delivery of the Madrilenian Olympic dream already has image, presented/displayed yesterday and inspired by the Door of Alcala, and a number to avoid the "intimate preoccupation" of its organizers, expressed by the president of the Spanish Olympic Committee, White Alexander.

Santander less gains a 35% after adjusting its real estate portfolio

Banco Santander obtained in 2011 an attributed benefit of 5,351 million Euros, which supposes a reduction of 35% with respect to 2010. This result would have been of 7,021 million Euros (- 14%) if a cleaning of real estate risks in Spain for the sum of 1,812 million gross Euros had not been realised in the fourth trimester, as well as the amortization of 600 million gross Euros of the commerce bottom of the businesses in Portugal.

War by perca black American

The independent communities and certain sector of the fishing are in war against one of the last norms that the Government of Jose approved Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. One is a decree that it prevents to loosen or to commercialize invading species, to that it forces to give death and it prohibits his fishing or cinegetic management. But the listing includes species, like the trout arc-rainbow or black-bass, with enormous interest for the recreational fishing, a business that moves million Euros. According to the Spanish Federation of Fishing, the new ministerial equipment has been with the complaint of communities like Andalusia, Castilla-La Mancha, Catalonia, Castile and Leon, Valencian Community, Aragon and Madrid, and has mentioned to the communities to a summit next the nine of February. The fishermen hope at least to secure a moratorium, but the ecologists consider that he could be one of the first environmental backward movements of the Government of the PP. The ministry affirms th…

Russia remains single in the Security Council in its defense of You roast

A majority of members of the Security Council of United Nations has been pronounced today, before a crucial voting, in favor of demanding the resignation of the president of Syria, Bachar Asad, to end ten months of violence in that one country, in which 5,400 people have died, according to that international organism. The Security Council has predicted to vote a resolution in the next hours, made by the European countries and Arab Liga, that he will demand that Damascus creates a government of national unit. That proposal had few appearances to prosper, given the opposition of Russia, that is member permanent of the Council and whom therefore it has to be able of I veto.

The USA notices that Iran is had to attack in its territory

The American administration is convinced that Iran is had to increase its supports to the international terrorism and to attack in territory of the United States, according to declarations of James Clapper, director of the intelligence services.

Gingrich promises to maintain the duel with Romney until the end

A defeat in Florida, where Mitt Romney is still the favorite, is not going to dissuade to Newt Gingrich to continue fighting by the republican nomination to the presidential candidacy, reason why the party does against which it can be one long and divisive season of primary. The hard attacks of the last days between both main aspirings have put in evidence the struggle that still exists between the most preservative sectors and that it looks for the most advisable candidate to defeat to Barack Obama.

Dilma Rousseff discards to meet with the dissidence in Cuba

The first official visit to Cuba of the president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, has today been concluding without to have altered the terms of the trip decided for two weeks between the diplomacies Havana and Brasilia: promotion of the commercial flank of the visit, with hundreds of million Euros of investment in game, and any official contact with the dissidence, including the bloguera Yoani Sanchez. If two years ago, then president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (2003-2010) visited the island and he embraced to Fidel Castro, ignoring to the internal opposition and the death of the political prisoner Orlando Zapata, was foreseeable that the stay of Rousseff, reasoned by the same footpath. The Cuban dissidence, that asked to be received, was advance Monday that nothing special was possible to hope of the visit.

The PP moves to return to the transfers

The sector of the most favorable PP to the transfers, led by the one of the Region of Murcia, trusts that this it is the day. In which after eight years since the Government of Zapatero buried the transfer of the Ebro, the Executive announces to clear the bet to send water to the Safe one (Murcia and Alicante) from other river basins while he puts in group of forty the desalination program. After more of a month in the position without a press conference in Madrid, the appearance Wednesday in the Congress of Minister of Agriculture and Environment, Miguel Aryan Cañete, has generated the expectation of irrigators, engineers and ecologists.

The Government will propose to pay by each employee according to the aid

The new Ministry of Health and Social Services will propose the autonomic advisors to modify the financing of the Law of Dependency so that the money that gets rid the communities is not a linear number according to the degree of dependency of the user but based on the cost of the service that is lent to him. Following that criterion, the same by a great employee taken care of in a residence would not be pleased that attended in house by a relative. This change in the financing has asked it minister Ana I kill numerous advisors in the round of visits that has carried out these days and is a classic vindication of many communities but also of the professionals of the sector and the industralists.

Pouso, the buccaneer

In the middle of the patio of the school Santa Maria, of Portugalete, a municipality located in the left margin of the Nervión river, four parties are disputed simultaneously. Between the typical bullicio of the recreation, a small one raises the voice: "If the interiors you move towards inside, we did not generate superiority by the bands! Or we changed the scheme or we ended up losing". Who marks in the ground, angry, the movements that must realise their companions to solve entuerto are Carlos Pouso (Leioa, Bizkaia; 1960), today trainer of the Mirandés, that with 51 years lives one on the sweetest moments of its soccer race.

The disaster of the austerity

The last week, the National Institute of Economic and Social Investigation, a British foundation, published an alarming graph that compared the present depression with recessions and previous recoveries. It is that according to an important indicator - the changes in Producto Interior Bruto (PIB) since the recession to the United Kingdom began him is going worse this time than it was to him during the Great Depression. After four years of depression, the British GIP had returned to reach its previous maximum; four years after the Great Recession began, the United Kingdom is not far from it about reclaiming the lost land.

Reasons to score at the ERE

Files of use regulation (ERE). Words that in the last years are synonymous of crisis, drama, unemployment. From 2004, the workers affected by one of these regulating measures have quadruplicated themselves: they have happened of 60,276 that year to 280,351 in 2011. And, nevertheless, in the middle of the tragedy, some workers take refuge voluntarily in collective dismissals when to his he proposes them company. Voluntarily? Sometimes the companies choose to touch to the workers with an economic supply more succulent than the one than they will do later if they go to the labor authority or if it enters contest of creditors. In addition, the infinite negotiation of the labor reform adds uncertainty and pushes many to accept a supply that already they have in the hand, in case the one that they receive more ahead he is worse.

The three rivals of Spanair struggle by the pie and announce more flights

They have hardly spent hours since the fourth Spanish airline presented/displayed the contest of creditors, and their rivals already dispute the 12.5 million passengers whom the past year transported Spanair. Iberia, Vueling and Ryanair, each to their form and insisting on their own interests, advanced part of the strategy yesterday that they will undertake after the shipwreck of which a day dreamed about being the airline of Catalan flag.

More than 83,000 people they remain without flying in one week

The dream of the airline of Catalan flag was completely buried yesterday when the advisers of Spanair took to the City of the Justice of Barcelona the voluntary contest of creditors. After cease of operations of Friday, that is if more than 83,000 passengers they remain without flying in one week, the airline yesterday started up a process at which arrives with liabilities of 474 million Euros, according to sources near the company. Without a fleet of airplanes in property, Spanair goes to the contest - that the Court will transact number 10 of the Mercantile thing of Barcelona with assets that, in 2010, as soon as they surpassed the 100 million Euros.

Suspended the search of disappeared in the “Coast Concord”

It is definitively suspended the search of the 15 disappeared in the submerged part of the cruise Coast Concord, that was shipwrecked the past 13 of January in front of the Tuscan island of Giglio, in Italy. The Italian Civil defense has formalized "the decision to interrupt the tasks because no longer the operative conditions of security occur necessary" so that the divers can accede to the interior of the great white, run aground and sunk skeleton on the one hand. The wind and the swells move the ship millimeters to the day and jeopardize the work of the person who renders first aids. Until now they have been found 17 bodies without life.

The police will only be in charge of the security BACKS WATER in them

The centers of internamiento of foreigners are necessary for the policy in the matter of immigration but it is necessary to review its operation, has indicated to this morning the minister of the Interior, Jorge Fernandez Diaz, in his first appearance before the Commission of Interior of the Congress of the Deputies. The revision will have to be realised having in account that to have infringed norms of administrative character, like not having papers, does not turn to them into criminals. With the new regulation, the police will only be in charge of the security of the center, and specialized personnel (the minister has not specified if social, educating workers or another type of social agents) of the rest of the tasks. The differences between centers will also be approached, the openwork changes will be undertaken certain that they demand, in particular, the centers of Malaga and Algeciras, will improve the welfare service and sanitary of the centers and the adapted space will be d…

Education re-invents Citizenship and extends the baccalaureate to three years

The Government will on the other replace the subject of Education for the Citizenship of Civic and Constitutional Education, has announced in the Congress of the Deputies the minister of Education, Jose Ignacio Wert. Citizenship, has said the minister, has created a controversy and a social rupture because "it went beyond which it is the civic education". The new matter "will free" its contents of those controversial subjects and that they can lead to the indoctrination, main critics of a movement in opposition to the matter from its birth.

To the rescue of cubista Maria Blanchard

2012 are not the year of Maria Blanchard. But almost. After as much time in background, because its participation in the Parisian vanguard of beginnings of century XX always has been recognized the shade of Juan Gris, Lipchitz or Diego Creek, a documentary one rescues the figure of the santanderina painter for the first time to locate it enters the great names of that one moment of revolution of the arts. Rue du Depart 26. Érase once Paris, of Curled Gloria, vindicates the trajectory and merits of Blanchard within the right movement cubista the year in which the Foundation Booty and the Museum Queen Sofia have programmed two great exhibitions, that include all the creative stages of the artist, and when anniversary of its death is celebrated the 80.

Iñigo Urkullu adjusts the exigencies before Mariano Rajoy

The leader of GNP, Iñigo Urkullu, has raised today the president of the Government, Mariano Rajoy, "an agreement between the Basoues whom a new time in Euskadi allows", for which has requested him a more flexible penitentiary policy, in reference to the approach of the ETA prisoners, according to he has explained in press conference subsequent to the lunch. Nevertheless, the Basque politician also has requested counterparts to the left aberztale: he must begin a process of pedagogy with his prisoners. I believe that they are conscious of that", is addition.

Booty asks the Government who the reforms become “the sooner”

The president of the Group Santander, Emilio Booty, considers that the reforms that the new Government is realising go in the good direction, but is necessary "the sooner one reforms labor deep and of openwork". Next to this, the Executive also has announced for this week a reform of the financial system.

But it supports the cut of the PP and cools expectations on the fiscal pact

The leaders of Convergència i Unió (CiU) usually repeat with bitterness that in 30 years of democracy the Catalan politicians it have tried everything to be made respect in Madrid. Pacts with Governments of all the colors, threats of rupture, two statutes of autonomy… and nothing have worked, are sorry. Artur Mas will try today abrir to a new stage in the relations between the Catalan Autonomous Government and the central Government from the weakness position in which it has been by the shattering absolute majority of the PP. Overwhelmed by the financial situation of the Catalan Autonomous Government, But he will go today to Moncloa to offer his support to the structural reforms that the Government is undertaking, especially the one of the labor market. Although he will try to avoid the image of the exchange, But he will ask that the Executive brings up to date itself with respect to his payments to the Catalan Autonomous Government and that, in the mid term, abra itself to negotiate …

The millionaire sanction from the Government to Spanair will be in wet paper

The Government can impose a fine of a million Euros to Spanair, or of two, or three. He even can the past impose the maximum fine of nine million by the steep cease of the operations on the part of the airline Friday, that of blow and porrazo left beached more than 20,000 passengers only the first weekend. But it is very improbable that the public coffers enter amount some, because the airline company has asked for the contest of creditors already (the old suspension of payments) and the sanctions, according to the law, are in the tail of the debts to pay.

The social revolution of Facebook arrives at the park

It is almost not spoken of another thing in Wall s$street and Valley Silicone. If they do not misplace the documents minute in the last, the social network Facebook will today present/display the request to the stock-exchange regulator in the USA to begin to quote seven years of life just by. According to it advances Reuters, the first step will be to place 5,000 million dollars of his capital in the market. The event is one of the most hoped from the opening of Google in the 2004 and most important one in the digital era from Netscape in 1995.

The cost in pensions will raise in 5.000 million Euros during this year

It hardly finishes beginning the year and it has already been clear what will be the footpath that is going to follow the cost in pensions this year. In January the total list of the contributing pensions ascended to almost 7,300 million, a 4.6% more than in the same month of the past year. If the year stays throughout the tendency, which usually is the habitual thing, according to the experts, the increase of the cost in contributing pensions is placed around the 5,000 million Euros, right what tries to collect of more Property with the increase of the PERSONAL INCOME TAX approved the past December.

Obama “is” with the citizens in the social network Google Extra

They requested work to him, invited to him to greet the children, they challenged to him to a tennis match in one of the smallest schools of the country and until they offered a doctor to him for when no longer he is president. Barack Obama appeared in front of a computer to answer in direct the questions of North American citizens with whom it has connected through the social network Google Extra.

Prize Opposite to the discoverer of the “intracellular cleaning”

All we have the idea of a cell like something tiny. And in almost all the cases, it is perhaps it (the most showy exception is the egg of an ostrich). But in that very small space they take place thousands of processes that are those that defines the life. As if a factory one was, to maintain it clean and organized is basic for its good operation. It is necessary to destroy what it is not necessary, and to respect the useful thing. And in this balance a paper plays nails the discovery of Alexander Varshavsky: tiny proteins ubiquitinas- that mark what it can be degraded. For that reason it has received the prize Opposite of the Knowledge of Foundation BBVA in the section of Biomedecine., equipped with 400,000 Euros.

Brazil says that Rousseff does not go to Cuba to speak of human rights

The Brazilian diplomacy wanted to clear immediately that the first trip to Cuba of the President of Brazil, the exguerrillera Dilma Rousseff, that arrived at the island Monday, is not related to the subject of the defense of the human rights and the political coercion of the opposition to the Castro regime.

More than 83,000 people they remain without flying in one week

The dream of the airline of Catalan flag was completely buried yesterday when the advisers of Spanair took to the City of the Justice of Barcelona the voluntary contest of creditors. After cease of operations of Friday, that is if more than 83,000 passengers they remain without flying in one week, the airline yesterday started up a process at which arrives with liabilities of 474 million Euros, according to sources near the company. Without a fleet of airplanes in property, Spanair goes to the contest that the Court will transact number 10 of the Mercantile thing of Barcelona with assets that, in 2010, as soon as they surpassed the 100 million Euros.

The Bags fall by the fear of a contagion from Greece to Portugal

All the Portuguese economic indicators graze already "does not go more". The risk premium takes raising of a constant way for weeks. Ever since the 13 of January the agency of annotation Standard & Poor's would reduce the Portuguese qualification until comparing it to the one of bond sweepings has been increased in 294 points. Today it has arrived at the 1,364 points (the one of Spain one stayed in 320). The yield of Portuguese bonds to ten years has arrived at 15.4%; those of five years, to 20%. They are numbers never reached about Portugal since one is in the zone Euro. Also the cost raises to make sure against a possible Portuguese bankruptcy, a bankruptcy that, according to the company CMA, specialist in these calculations of risks, reaches 71%.

The Bags fall by the fear of a contagion from Greece to Portugal

The doubts on the capacity of the European leaders to build fire-guards sufficient to avoid the contagion of the problems of Greece are causing, by second consecutive day, important sales in the Bags. With the reductions of Friday, the parks of reference of the Old Continent are registering their worse fall in two sessions from November, according to data of Bloomberg.

The police ratifies the illegal financing of the Valencian PP

The judge of the National Hearing Pablo Ruz has received the last unit report of Economic and Fiscal Crimes of the police, in which the system is ratified that used the Gürtel plot and the method for the supposed illegal financing of the Valencian PP is stated. The writing shells the form by means of which White Ramon Small bullet, fiscal adviser of the ringleader of the plot, Francisco Strap, handled to societies and accounts.

A man kills to his wife in Afghanistan not to have children

A man killed to his wife in the north of Afghanistan not to provide children to him men, after her wife had had three daughters, the last one of them three months ago, today informed to Efe a police source.

Muddy it will ask to Rajoy that “ahead” the Budgets

The president of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Muddy Durão, will ask this morning the head of the Spanish Government, Mariano Rajoy, that ahead the elaboration of the Budgets of this year to avoid to the maximum that the deviation of the deficit is accentuated that already took place the last year, according to communitarian sources. Rajoy is had it jeopardize has to adopt the Budgets next the 31 of March, five days after the elections Andalusian, but the consulted sources think that the Spanish Government would have to go ahead to this date, to recover the confidence of the markets.

The three rivals of Spanair struggle by the pie and announce more flights

They have hardly spent hours since the fourth Spanish airline presented/displayed the contest of creditors, and their rivals already dispute the 12.5 million passengers whom the past year transported Spanair. Iberia, Vueling and Ryanair, each to their form and insisting on their own interests, advanced part of the strategy yesterday that they will undertake after the shipwreck of which a day dreamed about being the airline of Catalan flag.

Belgium receives to the 27 with a strike against the austerity

The leaders of the European Union today celebrate his 17ª summit in two years on the economic and financial crisis of the EU in Brussels become paralyzed by a directed general strike indeed against the austerity prescriptions that do not finish removing to the club from the hole. The Government and communitarian Chiefs of State, nevertheless, would not find a hostile street climate: only 21% of the Belgians support strike, according to a press sounding, and their excellence will arrive at soothes of the Council without majors misfortunes since the airport of the capital works almost with normality.

The accusation in the case of the courses will request jail for Waiter

“If I win will be “no rubalcabismo”, I will not be sectarian”

Five days of the congress of the PSOE, one of the candidates, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, is satisfied by the course of its campaign, although it wants to be prudent on the prognoses of the result. The bunds do not vote, but the delegates, in ballot box and with its vote privily, remember in an interview in the breakfasts of the TVE with the journalist Ana Shepherd. To the question of if she is going to offer to Car to me Chacón, her adversary, to enter her equipment if she wins, like she has offered to him beforehand, has responded: I will speak it with her. However, yes it was committed not to make rubalcabismo, that is to say not to exclusively make an equipment with its faithfuls if it is raised with the leadership of the PSOE in the congress that begins Friday in Seville. It will give to equal the age me, the place or to whom it has supported; we are not for wasting nor a gram of intelligence, assured.

The rebels fight to the Army near the airport of Damascus

The loyal soldiers to the regime of Bachar Asad at night retook this Sunday some suburbs of the capital, Damascus, that rebellious militias had had briefly under control. Anyway, the cash settlements and the Army fight to five kilometers of the airport damson, according to has informed Malik Kurdi, number two of the Syria Free Army, integrated by military deserters, to Efe agency. At least eight people have died in the confrontations in the zone of Damascus.

The crisis abre to the Mafia the doors of the North wealthy of Italy

When the Italian group of Perego construction had problems in the 2008, a white horseman by far money arrived at his rescue. Unfortunately, the "horseman" was a powerful organization of the Mafia, the 'Ndrangheta, that happened to control the familiar business lombardo and tried to take it to an expansion way, according to the Italian judicial authorities. "Luckyly he failed", said the judge of Milan Giuseppe Gennari. The group collapse since then and ex-president Ivano Perego are about to in the hope of a judgment abrir his doors to the criminal organization.

Vueling increases its flights in the Prat after the fall of Spanair

The closing of Spanair has left in earth to at least 22,000 passengers and without work 4,000 people but, also, a substantial mouthful for its rivals: 4,3 million users in the Prat the past year and other 2.8 million in Barajas. Before similar pie, the investors are betting today by Vueling, that he already is first in the airport of Barcelona by number of travellers, as main beneficiary of the closing of its rival when assuming good part of its routes. Fruit of it, the actions of the airline presided over by Josep I itched have raised until a 24% (5.07 Euros at noon).

Vueling increases its flights in the Prat after the fall of Spanair

The closing of Spanair has left in earth to at least 22,000 passengers and without work 4,000 people but, also, a substantial mouthful for its rivals: 4,3 million users in the Prat the past year and other 2.8 million in Barajas. Before similar pie, the investors are betting today by Vueling, that he already is first in the airport of Barcelona by number of travellers, as main beneficiary of the closing of its rival when assuming good part of its routes. Fruit of it, the actions of the airline presided over by Josep I itched have raised until a 23% (5.02 Euros).

Vueling increases to a 50% its flights in the Prat after the fall of Spanair

The closing of Spanair has left in earth to at least 22,000 passengers and without work 4,000 people but, also, a substantial mouthful for its rivals: 4,3 million users in the Prat the past year and other 2.8 million in Barajas. Before similar pie, the investors are betting today by Vueling, that he already is first in the airport of Barcelona by number of travellers, as main beneficiary of the closing of its rival when assuming good part of its routes. Fruit of it, the actions of the airline presided over by Josep I itched have raised until a 23% (5.02 Euros).

The contents of Megaupload can be erased this week

The worrisome news on the final destiny of documents deposited in Megaupload by the internauts. The federal authorities of the USA have finished the registry of the servants and copied what tests consider to accuse to Megaupload. The two companies that maintain the servants of lodging of the company could initiate this week the erasure of the data. Megaupload has congealed its bottoms and the maintenance of the same cannot pay.

Griñán ends the most difficult legislature of last the 30 years

The president of the Meeting of Andalusia, Jose Antonio Griñán, has signed east Monday the decree of dissolution of the independent Parliament and call of the ninth elections Andalusians who will be celebrated next the 25 of March. Griñán, that assumed the headquarters of the Government Andalusian in 2009 after replacing Manuel Chaves, ends thus the most difficult legislature of the 30 years of the autonomy.

“Another lost opportunity”

A small survey to some recognized Spanish graphical designers reflects an enormous deception by the way in which the election of a logo has been managed to represent the Olympic candidacy of Madrid in 2020, to create a mark that, after all, will represent to us before the world.

Spanair presents/displays contest of creditors with liabilities of 300 million

The Spanair airline has first thing presented/displayed this morning the voluntary contest of creditors with liabilities that surpass the 300 million Euros, according to have confirmed judicial sources. The contest, that has entered the registry of the Judicial City of Barcelona, will be distributed in the next hours to one of the mercantile courts of the city. The closing of Spanair has left in earth to at least 22,000 passengers and without work 4,000 people.

The judge today returns to the bench to investigate the Francoism

The judgment against the magistrate Balthasar Waiter to have investigated the crimes of the Francoism will continue this morning in the Supreme Court with the reading of the decision that the court has made on the previous questions raised by the defender of Waiter, Gonzalo Martinez-Fresneda, and the public prosecutor Luis Knives. Of not accepting no of the expositions of the defense and the public prosecutor, the judgment will start again with the interrogation of Waiter in charge of the accusation of extreme right-wing union Clean Hands.

Brussels admits more delays in the solution to the crisis of Greece

Greece remains undecided. There is no agreement so that the bank rasque the pocket and assumes the sufficient losses like solving the Greek fiscal crisis. There is no information exceeds how it is applying to Athens the scissors. There is no pact between the Greek political parties to start up new reforms and to guarantee the arrival of new aid. The new plan of rescue is not approved, that could lift the amount of the aid (aid to the European: via credits) until the 145,000 million Euros, according to the last estimations. Nothing. Nothing don't mention it. The president of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Muddy Durão, admitted yesterday new delays in the so many times postponed European solution for Greece, that can be ready, like soon, in the middle of February.

The scientists of the program Ramon and Cajal request work

Two hundreds of investigators of the program Ramon and Cajal, designed for one decade to catch highly qualified scientists, with international experience and preparations to direct their own lines of investigation, have been signing letters that will appear this week in the ministries of Economy (with the competitions of R+D) and of stable Education having solicitd job to be able to continue their work. The scientists denounce in an official notice the uncertainty in whom they are with respect to his future, in spite of the necessity unanimously recognized to invest in R+D so that Spain can grow economically.

The crisis locates to million more of Spaniards in poverty risk

The poverty continues growing in Spain as a result of the crisis. One is moderate in low rents, unemployment and deprivations, and the cocktail of all this leaves to a number record: between 2009 and 2010, million more of Spaniards poverty number of or risk of poverty was added to the total, altogether 11.6 million people, according to the data of the Network against the Poverty and the Social Exclusion (EAPN, in its English abbreviations). Most of the increase takes place in Valencian Community, Murcia and Catalonia, that add more than half million in the population in risk and register ascents superiors to three percentage points.

The communities of the PP hope the Budgets to act

The situation is totally new. The greater crisis from the Great Depression of years 30 has pillaged to Spain with the prorogued Budgets. All the accounts are in the air. No independent community, pending of the cuts because they are those that assume the social cost, knows what relying well. The money that has received in the month of January has fixed based on the Budgets of 2011, when the recession was not installed like now.

The Supreme one rejects the tests of Waiter in the case of New York

The judge of the Supreme court Manuel Marchena, who the past Friday imputed formally to Balthasar Waiter by a supposed crime of improper bribe in the cause abierta by the sponsorship of two courses in New York, rejected all the tests of unloading asked for by his defense counsel for this process, Enrique Oil mill, to consider them irrelevant or devoid of sense or nonpertinent.

Vueling goes off in Stock market after the fall of Spanair

The closing of Spanair has left in earth to at least 22,000 passengers and without work 4,000 people but, also, a substantial mouthful for its rivals: 4,3 million users in the Prat the past year and other 2.8 million in Barajas. Before similar pie, the investors are betting today by Vueling, that he already is first in the airport of Barcelona by number of travellers, as main beneficiary of the closing before the possibility that assumes some of its main routes. Fruit of it, the actions of the airline presided over by Josep I itched have raised to this morning a 16%.

Muddy it requests to Spain “equipment of action” against youthful unemployment

The European leaders tried yesterday to make specific a strategy precise to confront the avalanche of unemployment can be generated the new recession that threatens the zone Euro, and of special way to Spain and Italy. The declaration that prepared the ministers yesterday based on a triple handle: stimuli for youthful unemployment, to complete the inner market, especially in the sector services, and to facilitate financing to the 23 million small and medians companies, by means of a new distribution of the not adjudged European bottoms.

The bishops of the USA rebel themselves against the sanitary reform

In the homily of Sunday, the North American priests called to the insurrection. One week after the Government of Barack Obama ratified a norm according to which will demand charitable organizations, hospitals and universities of religious affiliation that cover the expenses of contraceptives to their employees, numerous bishops and catholic parish priests used their pulpits to criticize the measurement hard. They asked in addition the North American faithfuls who are united to a pressure campaign on the Capitol, so that this one stops the plans of the White House.

Spain grows a 0.7% in 2011 in spite of falling 0.3% the last months

The Gross Inner Product of Spain advanced an average of 0.7% in 2011, according to the first advance of national accounting that has published today the NSI. In spite of the positive balance of the year, the statistic office also confirms the return to the contraction of the Spanish economy in the fourth trimester with a reduction of 0.3% in front of the September closing, when it stagnated. The data, therefore, confirms the bad news that already had advanced so much the IMF as the Bank of Spain.

Pact not to rob used?

Five days without use nor pay for the “indignant police”

The City council of Madrid has notified the municipal police that participated in an assembly of 15-M in past July which is the result of the file that abrió to him: the serious offense of which it was accused materializes in five days without use nor pay. The director of Security, following a proposal by the inspecting head of the Municipal Police, accused to him of "abuse of attributions", a serious offense that can entail a pain among three days and three months of use suspension and pay. The agent identified as municipal police and assured that he as much as many of their companions also were indignant and supported 15-M. The Town hall initiated investigation to him shortly after that one assembly celebrated in the Door of the Sun in which 15-M expressed its solidarity with the Movement.

Bottle investigates the possible use of resources privately public

The City council of Madrid has abierto to an investigation on the presumed deprived use of resources carried out public by civil servants of the department of control of the traffic. According to the investigated denunciation, several technicians of the area of Circulation presumably used for particular aims cars made their available by the companies in charge of the management contract of the traffic lights. Those vehicles had to be used to realise inspection or to go to incidences and repairs of traffic lights. In his place, they used them to the civil servants to go and to return to house, or to make managements of all type between newspaper. And not only. In addition, the week ends took to them presumably, and did with them excursions and trips of long distance. The gasoline, the tolls and the frequent fines of parking that received ran, always according to the denunciation investigated now officially, of account of the companies awardees of the contract of traffic lights.

Fast guide to understand this summit of the European Union

The leaders of the Union have begun today a key summit in Brussels in order to confront the disquieting drama that more affects than 23 million of unemployed and the increasing social malaise. The prescriptions that take in their portfolios the European leaders do not suppose, nevertheless, any change of direction of the measures of applied adjustment and austerity until now. One is to maintain the rigor and simultaneously to stimulate the growth but without new resources. The Greek crisis and the deterioration of the situation of Portugal, will be very present in the meeting.

Romney, at least, is not Obama

Mitt Romney is very not met in Hialeah. This is a city with more of a 70% of population of Cuban origin, to a large extent workers and lower middle-class, for which the policy is a quite secondary subject. Nothing that to see with the Cuban elite of Miami, activates, powerful and influential. The republicans of are it here, essentially, like auto answer to the Comunism that governs in its dear island. And they want to a republican in the White House to make sure that there is no type of understanding with the brothers I castrate, something that do not finish seeing clear if it follows Barack Obama. Any republican bond, the one that more possibilities it has. Romney, for example.

Never more

The dream of an airline company of Catalan flag has finished like the rosary of the aurora. Little more than two years the adventure, presented/displayed at the time like an example of alliance between the powers will have lasted public and the civil society. The final result is a wastefulness of million, to a large extent money of all, that never will return more and that have not served indeed to improve the image of the country. The ridiculous situation sensation is proportional to the package of patriotic proclamations that adorned the experiment. He is not stranger who certain press of Madrid regodee with this episode: they have put it very easy. Nevertheless, Spain is not very well located to give lessons. The patriotic businesses are not a Catalan exclusive right, the bull skin is full of disasters of this sort.

Six hours to treat ictus

To 10,30 it sounds looks for of the neurologist Faustino Nombela. An ambulance of the 112 communicates possible ictus of a woman of 64 years. Nombela communicates its colleague Alvaro Ximénez-Cheek, and the hospital of the Princess of Madrid, one of the five of the community with specialized units (there are 40 in Spain), starts up.

The Mexican ambassador in Caracas, victim of a kidnapping express

It happened thus: Sunday at night, the ambassador of Mexico in Venezuela, Carlos Pujalte, went in the car along with his wife, Ojeda Dove, by the Country urbanization Club of Caracas  - where the richest families on the city and the majority of the ambassadors credited in the country live, when both were kidnapped by common delinquents. Hours later, the pair was released in good state of health in the outskirts, after paying by its rescue a certain amount of money that neither the Venezuelan police nor the Mexican embassy have wanted to confirm. The delinquents have not been caught. This is the seventh time, in the last year and a half, that one or several diplomatic representatives are victims of the insecurity, that every weekend is only received between 40 and 70 lives in the Venezuelan capital.

Google, Apple and Microsoft pay minimum taxes outside the USA

They are three of the most popular companies of the world. Their products are used in all the planet, are between the companies with more success, majors income, majors benefits and major value in Stock market. They were created by visionaries, have of the best programmers, the best technicians. And, reason why it is seen, also have the best fiscal advisers. Google, Apple and Microsoft save thousands of million dollars to the year in taxes thanks to maneuvers of fiscal engineering that allow them to pay minimumly by the benefits that obtain outside the United States.

Christian Mosquetero

They say all to it, its trainer first: "Christian Ronaldo is a player with a very own style, with a DNA that cannot be changed". It is the DNA of a winning, competitive, demanding boy until exasperation. A DNA that even got to tire the public of Santiago Bernabéu because it understood that it needed to be accompanied by something more: comradeship. And they informed it to Christian. With whistles. It happened the 7 of January, against Granada. Madrid overcame and finished cattle by 5-1. The Portuguese almost marked the fifth goal at the end of the party. And he did not celebrate it. Since he had already happened in Glass against the Ponferradina.

“They bleed the fingers to You and you enjoy suffering”

While they are leaving the beers the clothes, to which they are arriving bags and more bags from ice to fill the bathtubs and that reclaim the tennis players, the Serb Novak Djokovic is based on a touching hug with his fianc2ee, the beautiful Jelena. The champion takes off the gold medal that hangs to him of the neck and, with a sweet gesture, puts her. "They give equal Them in the Games", is listened to them say in Serb, as if in the head of the even one already it appeared London 2012.

Djokovic was Nadal

To the howl it accompanies a dry movement to him by the hands, that violently tear the t-shirt of the champion of the Abierto one of Australia. To the 1,30 of the dawn in Melbourne, the Serb Novak Djokovic ruge to celebrate (5-7, 6-4, 6-2, 6-7 and 7-5) a double conquest: the one of the longest end (5h 53m) of the history of the matches of the Grand Slam and the one of Rafael Nadal, who fights, he sticks and he teaches the eyeteeth when a 0-40 in the fourth sleeve overcomes and gets to command by 4-2 and 30-15 in the definitive one; that he runs, he pushes and rutting, tightening to number one of world-wide tennis when gambles outdoors, with the first drops of water, and also under the ceiling that it protects to them of rain; that it sells his skin to price of gold, asking blood and sweat like tributes until inclines by seventh end followed before the marvellous Nole, the done voracity tennis player.

The revulsive one is called Guardiola

The Barça only is lost a party of League and, nevertheless, it is to seven points of Madrid, that counts two defeats, one against own Barcelona. The difference marks the ties to it (six against one), a result that penalizes, as much to countable effects as of game, because it helps to contemporizar and it does not demand measures but it favors the paralysis. The unique equipment that has won to the azulgrana has been the Getafe. The Barcelonist, on the contrary, have not been able to win in their exits to Anoeta, Mestalla, San Mamés, Cornellà and the Madrigal. Excess of sedentarismo or narcissism.

Spanair precipitated the closing because it did not have money nor for fuel

The minister of Promotion, Ana Shepherd, assured yesterday that she had to call personally to the people in charge of Spanair to find out of what it was happening in the company. The lack of capital of the company was not a secret, but so nobody was preparation was so that the airline stopped only operating in hours. Why the cease was sudden and the company even annulled its flights before asking for a competing process? The company says it did that it "by security", since the workers "were nervous". According to several sources of the sector, Spanair did not have liquidity to pay combustible or rates.

The troops of You roast recover the suburbs of Damascus

Why the Arab spring has been clogged in Syria and Bahréin? In both countries the population has left to patent its displeasure without a year later the repression has almost managed to silence it. Nevertheless, also in both, a significant part is against the change, convinced that the present governors protect better their interests. The observers aim at the sectarian differences between their inhabitants. He returns to leave to the surface the fault between suníes and chiíes that crosses Near East and that Iraq shakes again. Some fear that rivalry between the two branches of the Islam crystallizes in a regional conflict.

Helmets only summon elections in Asturias after six months in the Government

The president of Asturias, Francisco Alvarez-Helmet, has dissolved this behind schedule parliament of the community and has summoned anticipated general elections for the 25 of March, the same day of the autonomic elections of Andalusia.

Separated a priest to invest in New Rumasa money of the church

To emulate the miracle of breads and the fish is not within reach of anyone, by much knowledge of the Bible that is had. To embark in a financial operation of risk him has cost the parish to Jordi Castellet, the priest of Sant Hipòlit de Voltregà (Osona). According to Nou has advanced the 9, Castellet invested 200,000 Euros, part of them of the parish, in a company of the group New Rumasa. The conglomerate of companies of Jose Maria Ruiz-Mateos presented/displayed a contest of creditors and admits to have 3,000 million to its investors. One of them was the parish of Castellet, that trusted its money to promissory notes of New Rumasa in spite of the multiple warnings of the National Commission of the Stock market, that warned up to seven times of the lack of supervision of the emissions of New Rumasa.

Rajoy in Brussels: “The labor reform is going to me to cost a strike”

This Friday we have made the law of Stability. Friday that comes the financial reform. Then, the labor one. [Labor reform] is going to me to cost a strike. The president of the Spanish Government, Mariano Rajoy, has been relieved with his homologous Finn, Jyrki Katainen, in char it informal moments before beginning the European Council. Tour of table, the entrance of the leaders in the room of the Palace Justus Lipsius where the meeting is held, serves so that the leaders greet and maintain informal conversations under the glance of the centers of the cameras and the indiscreet ear of the microphones.

Novagalicia 600 more Bank announces low and the closing of 110 offices

Novagalicia Bank has announced during the morning of today the unions that need to lower the invoice of the expenses of personnel in 50 million annual Euros. No longer there are hot cloth: "The bank will study measures of saving by the route of the group reduction as well as of progressive wage diminutions, with greater impact in the elevated repayments more", it announced the official official notice. All the glances focus to the central services of Vigo and Corunna that "will be adapted half to the so large one of the rest of the financial sector. For it, they must have a dimension nonsuperior to the 1,325 professionals". Altogether the organization calculates that they are due to produce more between 600 and 650 low ones in the group, of which enters 350 and 400 correspond to the network of branches.  The reduction of offices is quantified in 110, "which it will allow him to operate in all the provinces and the main Spanish cities with one better structure …

25 million guarantee to the imputed ones of the “Emarsa case”

The judge who instructs the Emarsa case has done public today a car to which determines 25 million Euros of guarantee to the imputed ones by the sacking of the water purifier of Pinedo. The ex-president of the public company, mayor of Manises and vice-president of the Delegation of Valencia, Curled Enrique, and the exgerente, Esteban Cuesta, are most outstanding.

Fish-Beard supports to Chacón by “woman, Catalan and very Spanish”

The father of the Constitution Gregorio Fish Beard has made public today his support to Car to me Chacón in his candidacy to the general secretariat of the PSOE because the party needs the change that can contribute "a young woman, who is Catalan and who feels very Spanish".

The Government will stop transferences to the rebellious regions

The project of Law of Economic Stability and Financial Sustainability establishes an iron mechanism to control the excesses of the independent communities. Although the people in charge of the Ministry of Property need that the norm respects the budgetary autonomy of the autonomies, the certain thing is that the law determines requirements very strict and establishes a severe regime of sanctions.

The world remembers the forgotten diseases

To eradicate is the favorite word of the epidemiologists. The idea to end for always a disease is not a dream, although in the world it has only been obtained once: with the smallpox (and it is about happening to polio). But the announcement made this the United morning by the Governments of the USA, United Kingdom and Arab Emirates, the World-wide Organization of the Health, the Bill Foundation and Melinda Gates, 13 of the main laboratories of the world, World Bank and NGO as Healthy World, the Bottom for the AIDS of the USA (Usaid), Initiative by Medecines for the Diseases Forgotten (DNDi) and Club from Leon one supposes one firm bet to repeat the feat. And not in a single disease, but, of blow, in 10 of them.

The judge dictates the absolving sentence for Camps and Costa

The president of the court of the jury in the cause of the suits, Juan Climent, has already dictated to the absolving sentence for the ex-president of the Valencian Catalan Autonomous Government, Francisco Camps, and the ex- Secretary General of the Valencian PP, Ricardo Coast, that was declared nonguilty of the crimes of improper bribe that they were imputed to them.

Unemployment defies the leaders of the EU, who today confront a new summit

Impossible mission? After the recession threat that hangs on the zone Euro for this year, and the following one also for Spain and Italy, the leaders of the Union today meet in Brussels in order to confront the disquieting drama that more affects than 23 million of unemployed and the increasing social malaise. Good proof of it is the general strike that will today paralyze Belgium, first from 1993, and that will force the European leaders to move in helicopter and to use military bases. The prescriptions that take in their portfolios the European leaders do not suppose, nevertheless, any change of direction of the measures of applied adjustment and austerity until now. One is to maintain the rigor and simultaneously to stimulate the growth but without new resources. The Greek crisis and the deterioration of the situation of Portugal, will be very present in the meeting.

Imputed the head of the “mossos” in Barcelona by the evacuation of 15M

The holder of the instruction court number 4 of Barcelona, Josep Maria Miquel Porres, has mentioned to declare like imputed the head of the Mossos d'Esquadra of Barcelona, commissioner Joan Mill Carles, by the evacuation of indignant of the Movement 15-M that was encamped in the place of Catalonia the past 27 of May. Miller will declare the next one  10 of February.

Like a jail, but worse

What it is seen at first they are grates; the cells with bunks for eight, a washbasin and abiertas bookcases, without toilets nor ticket offices. In the calls rooms of leisure there is no leisure: two stays (one for men and another one for women) dirty, dark, spoiled, full of papers and packages by the ground are, whose unique furniture is a few steel tables and chairs, one tele without control at the disposal of the interns and machines with tentempiés and drunk (insufficient spaces, according to the judges). There are people seated in the ground on blankets or coats to sleep. The empty cold of January the patios. The medical service is to top, but an infirmary stay does not exist to isolate some intern it needs if it and its disease is not as serious as to transfer it to a hospital. The unique cell with toilet is the one of isolation: a very small tile space with devastating aspect and a cement bank that does the times of bed (on which a mattress is placed) in that scares to imagine…

Germany feels the pressure so that it contributes more money

Solidarity also means to rely on the agreed thing. Wolfgang Schäuble, the holder of Property, perceives with clearness the international pressures so that Germany jeopardizes more money in the fight against the crisis. The motto of Schäuble is the same that also repeats democristiana the Angela Merkel (CDU) from first of year: the growth is not fought with the budgetary discipline. Merkel takes the phrase to Brussels chiselled in granite. It will be his litany until the decided Fiscal Pact in December is signed and sanctioned by its partners. The negotiations will concentrate in the final writing in this agreement, in the German resistance to extend the bottom of permanent stability ESM and, although it is not in the agenda, also in the interminable Greek rescue.

The hoax of 11-M enquista

The instruction court number 43 of Madrid, whose holder is Cillán Choir, takes two year and a half investigating if a police head of the Tedax named by the Government of José Maria Aznar (PP) broke the law in the case of 11-M. Commissioner Juan Jesus Sanchez Apple tree is imputed by supposed concealment, manipulation of tests (rest of explosive), concealment and omission to persecute the crime in relation to the major attempted in Spain, that cost the life to 191 people.

A soup of strange fish

The waters of the CAP of Creus are of coldest and productive of the Mediterranean. Prairies of posidonia, crustaceans, chorales and a great variety of fish coexist in the marine reserve to the south of the gulf of Leon. But to the overfishing of certain species, that it puts in danger the biological diversity of the zone, a new threat is united: the increase of the temperature of the sea caused by the climatic change. Although it is soon for observing all the transformations that this phenomenon can carry for marine means, a pioneering study financed by the Abertis Foundation and carried out by investigators of the University of Girona, the CSIC and the Polytechnical University of Catalonia have given the alert: the increase of the temperature of the sea is changing the relation of species of fish of the CAP of Creus.

CiU gives via free “correbous”

Convergència i Unió, party that was added to the prohibition of the bullfights of bulls to avoid the suffering of the animal, now tries abrir the prohibition of correbous lightening the conditions to celebrate them and stopping punishing some until now indictable practices of the bullfighting acts.

The Racing maintains the pulse

When a flowery landscape for the Valencia arose, an unexpected shower arrived from the North that spoiled the escape. Before, the sun that had illuminated to the Racing had disappeared suddenly when it had already taken the temperature to him. In the end, an unexpected storm watered down the expectations of both with a tie that leaves without flavor which seemed a pale day.

Nole devours another record

"Gentleman, discúlpenos", say the Serb Novak Djokovic watching towards the theater box of authorities and after overcoming the Murray Briton in semifinals. "Pardon by not volear and running more as much by the bottom. We are working in improving that". Mr., sonorous Sir in English, is not other that the Australian Rod Laver, who in the 50 anniversary of its two conquest of first of Grand Slams attends in Melbourne the match, sees how world-wide number one gains his fifth great one and repairs in a data that introduces to Nole in a club selectísimo: the one that trains he himself, the American Pete Sampras, Swiss Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, unique the able ones to gain three titles of the followed Grand Slam in the open era (from 1968).

“The end that less has hurt to me to lose”

In spite of finishing physically worn out and to lose the party in tight a fifth Seth, Rafael Nadal defined the defeat before Novak Djokovic like "less painful" of the suffered ones in the last end. "I have done everything what I have been able, I have fought, I competed of you to you with a player who is shining and have closely together been. I have taken it to the limit, something that had not obtained in 2011", subsequent to said Balearic in the press conference the encounter. On the other hand, Djokovic described its victory (third in the Abierto one of Australia) like "most important" as its race. "I am proud to comprise of history and of an elite of players that has gained several times this match", the Serb, conscious said that he had disputed an ineffaceable party by his hardness. "When I have heard that has been the longest end of history, I have put myself to cry", confessed.

Djokovic inclines to Nadal in a epic duel

At the four hours of party the rain arrives, that accompanies with its drops a shout by closed fist: he is Rafael Nadal who howls, who jumps with the eyeteeth to the air, because before it is closed the ceiling of the track has raised a 0-40 that left to Novak Djokovic removing by the title. With 7-5, 4-6, 2-6 and 4-4 for number one for the duel. While the towels dry the cement, both rival they review what it has happened so that Nole commands after yielding the first sleeve in 1h20m. First, the Serb pushes pelotazos to Nadal, that ends up from within sticking a pírrico 4% of balls of the track. There Nole begins to distribute the game with the feet on the line (34%). If the Majorcan does not yield before that he is because in his heart a demon lives: of attack in attack, it dreams about the victory (4-2 in fifth) and is ended up inclining 7-5, 4-6, 2-6, 7-6 and 5-7 before a superlative and tremendous rival, in the longest end (5h53m) of the history, that finished past the 1,30 at nig…

“The judgment has implications on the prestige of Spain”

To this Venezuelan, exjuez, ex-president of the Inter-American Court of Human rights, that participated in the process of peace of El Salvador in the ninety and which at the moment it presides over the Commission the International of Juristas (CIJ), have brought him to Spain a preoccupation: the judgment to Balthasar Waiter by its investigation of the crimes of the Francoism. What an attack against one of the pillars of the State of right and against the judicial independence of those more uncomfortable judges considers, those than face the power. CIJ, that sends observers in opinions that offer few guarantees, has decided that at this moment his president must be in Spain, and in no other place of the world, not watching a judgment that began to trouble to them long before.

The hypothecating tide