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A self-centred young person

The condemned by the crime of the Marta minor of the Castle, Miguel Carcaño, is a self-centred young person of 21 years and without mental problems that an infested case of lies in its multiple versions throughout three years has carried out. The psychiatric study that reflects its personality indicates: A self-centred person, with difficulties to establish forts and stable affective bonds, as well as to include/understand or to put themselves in the paper of the other () Without psychopathology some.

Point of flexion

Alternatives in the marker, great interchanges of points, a spectacular tension, nerves, public and an atmosphere… All best of the Glass Davis one was transformed in the final encounter in Seville between Nadal and Of the Colt. The victory of Rafa put the definitive bow to the fifth Spanish Salad bowl, a magical cycle from the year 2000, the confirmation of the best equipment of this century. But, for me, the key of the eliminatory one was in the victory of Ferrer against the same Of the Colt in the second encounter of Friday. As much by the victory in himself as mainly by the form in which one took place, after a battle of almost five hours, with as much tension and as much wearing down for both players. That was key so that this Sunday Of the Colt accused the fatigue and ended up doubling the knees.