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El Juli suffered a goring in Bogota

A round later marked by emotion Bogota ended the season in which Julian Lopez, caught by the fifth week, and Luis Bolivar became the top honors. The willingness and readiness of the alternating plus the requirement of most bulls showed a balance in which there was a big winner if that was the public of the Colombian capital. There were seven innings, all non-exempt transmission of intense sensations. In the first of the afternoon, Ernesto Gutiérrez Arango, El Juli mobility counterpart found in much of the job. But not joy. So he was forced to rush to make series thrusts the fans rewarded with ear request issued by the box. The premiere in his bullfighter Julian Lopez life with historical iron Mondoñedo had trimmed blow by blow. A bullfighter El Juli, determined not to be outdone and a bull fight, that third run, ready to not give one centimeter of their land. The silences of respect and olés PROFU NDOS marked his fight. Rapier foiled what could end up in a trophy. Apotheosis, which p…

The head of Oxfam UK criticized the "disproportionate" criticism over the scandal Haiti

The executive director of Oxfam UK, Mark Goldring, has criticized the review "disproportionate" to the organization after learning the prostitution scandal starring several of its workers in Haiti and the controversy over the lack of transparency in this regard.

Increase to 13 those killed in the accident helicopter official overseeing the earthquake in Oaxaca

At least 13 people have died in the crash of the helicopter carrying Interior Minister of Mexico, Alfonso Navarrete Prida, and ruled Oaxaca, Alejandro Murat, when examining the damage of the earthquake this morning, intensity 7.2 in the south.

Israel bombards Gaza after being wounded four soldiers when withdrawing a Palestinian flag

Tanks and Israeli warplanes bombed the Gaza Strip on Saturday in retaliation for an attack that wounded four members of an Israeli military patrol they were withdrawing a Palestinian flag when he detonated an explosive device on the border of the Palestinian enclave.

At least 19 dead and 70 wounded, twenty critics, for three simultaneous attacks in Maiduguri

At least 19 people have died and 70 were injured, some twenty critical, in three suicide attacks simultaneously late on Friday in the Nigerian city of Maiduguri, the epicenter of the violence of the Islamist sect Boko Haram.

German Foreign Minister expresses serious doubts about the reliability of US and international partner

The German Foreign Minister, Sigmar Gabriel, has expressed Saturday his doubts about the reliability of US and international partner under the leadership of President Donald Trump: "I'm not sure that America still recognizable," he said from the Conference Munich security.

London Juncker recommends that no safety issues linked to trade negotiations Brexit

The President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, has recommended this Saturday to UK addresses separately Brussels, commercial especially economic negotiations Brexit and future security agreement when leaving the country is realized block.

Theresa May: "There is no possibility of a second referendum" on EU exit

British Prime Minista, Theresa May, has completely ruled Saturday the call for a second referendum on the permanence of the UK in the European Union after the victory of supporters of separation in the June 2016 plebiscite.

Lavrov denounced the "irrational myth" which he attributes to "the Russian threat" the Brexit or Catalan referendum

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has denounced the "irrational myth" of "the omnipotent Russian threat" that sees traces of Russian interference "everywhere" from the Brexit the Catalan referendum.

McMaster stressed that there is "clear" evidence that the Syrian army continues to use chemical weapons

The National Security Advisor US HR McMaster, said there is "obvious" public evidence and photographs showing that the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad continues to use chemical weapons.

EU defends the Munich Security Conference its international weight away from the shadow of Trump

Interventions by EU leaders who participated Saturday in the Security Conference in Munich suggest that Europe aspires to fill the gap in the international arena is leaving the United States of Donald Trump and thus emerge as an actor higher weight.

Galician leader resigns UPyD by "dictatorial attitude" of national leadership

UPyD leader in Galicia, Javier Lojo, announced his resignation Saturday, along with several members of the regional leadership of the party. The decision, as explained in a statement, is motivated by the "dictatorial attitude" of national responsibility for organization, Marcos Paz, and the refusal to include in a party meeting a debate on the policy of alliances in the municipal elections of 2019 . today, leaders in Galicia were liaising to "consolidate a coalition proposal" that would rescue the organization of the electoral ostracism. That is why the "discontent" between various party members magenta towards national leadership. As detailed in the last Political Council of UPyD, Paz rejected "without giving further explanations' incorporation into the agenda the possibility of establishing links with other formations; Lojo an alternative and driven by a "political advisers twenty other communities." Following the refusal, the Galici…

Federer gets into the final of Rotterdam

Roger Federer, who on Monday will appear in the ATP ranking as the new world number one, beat Italian Andreas Seppi (6-3, 7-6 (3)), the last obstacle before the final of Rotterdam which will play against Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov. Both confirmed their status as tournament favorites first. Federer, who took an hour and 26 minutes to win for the fourteenth time in fifteen occasions the Italian tennis player, returns to the final of Rotterdam, who won in 2005 and 2012 and which was a finalist, also in 2001. Roger Federer, winner Open in Australia at the start of the course, aiming for a second success in 2018. he has always won Dimitrov, with which they have met six times, the last at Wimbledon last year. Dimitrov, fifth player in the world, plans to open his achievements in the current year and win for the first time in his career, the Swiss. Grigor Dimitrov reached the final after playing a set and a game against David Goffin. Belgian he retired in the second game of the second set of…

Vera Cruz de Zamora uses advertising to add cofrades

The Brotherhood of Vera Cruz de Zamora, the oldest of Holy Week in the city, uses advertising to attract new cofrades techniques. At present there are 2,850 brothers, a number that is not small, but to organize one of the longest parades, with eleven steps and an extensive tour with intermediate stop adding more brothers would enhance the procession and stay "more lucida". In addition, diffusion is intended to end doubts as there are processions that have closed quota and admit new brothers, but that is not the case. The president of the Brotherhood, Teo Hernando, does not hide another reason for the campaign encouraged to enroll in the Confraternity: economic. "If we are more fee income are higher" and that is a relief for the coffers of the brotherhood is "the only one who does not receive a single euro of the Pro Easter" and only with their own resources to cope the cost of take to the streets the evening of Holy Thursday sculptures nine eleven bands.…

Protocols NGOs in doubt after the "bacchanal" Oxfam

In Oxfam's headquarters in Madrid, the phone kept ringing on Thursday. "Of course, Rosa, has every right in the world to unsubscribe" was heard a female worker on the phone, just a few minutes after the press conference in which the organization was accountable for improper sexual conduct. The news that several aid workers from the UK subsidiary paid prostitutes, some of them minors, with money from the organization following the earthquake in Haiti has been a turning point in its credibility, and threatens to spread to the rest. But industry sources consulted agree: NGOs are a reflection of society, and are not exempt from harassment, abuse or hiring prostitutes. Now it is reviewing the protocols, but there are no magic formulas. In Spain, Intermon Oxfam acknowledged this week the dismissal of a person for payment of sexual services, and three other penalties for harassment since 2012. Action Against Hunger also fired two workers since 2011 to hire prostitution service…

Frozen foods, much healthier than we think

Ideally wake up every morning and enjoy a nutritious breakfast of, for example, a few tomatoes and fresh carrots freshly picked from our own garden. While it is true that urban gardens have started to become a rising trend in recent years -in Madrid and counted by decenas- so is the fact that among the common mortals, the rush and hectic pace marking the rhythm of our routine that often do we find it unavoidable to use frozen "save" lunch or dinner on products. Although base our diet eating frozen foods can be counterproductive, the fact is that, contrary to popular belief, many of the products from our supermarket freezer are much more nutritious than fresh foods. They are frozen unfairly maligned? In ABC we wanted to resolve all doubts and for this we have used nutritionist Laura Zurita Rosa, of the Association of Dietitians and Nutritionists Madrid (Addinma) who explains that many frozen products give us, contrary to what we think, many more benefits than other fresh foo…

Balearic historic march against the requirement of Catalan in the health

This Sunday, February 18, Palma live, quite possibly, one of the most massive demonstrations in its history. The Balearic capital receives from half past eleven a march under the slogan "Languages ​​do not save lives. By healing without linguistic borders "organized by civil public platform Mos Movem (Ongoing). The first civic mobilization of this kind took place in December last year in Menorca. The essential aim of that demonstration is to express the rejection of future regional decree that will regulate linguistic knowledge of Catalan who should have doctors and nurses who want to work in the Community. It is recalled that in the current legislature governs in Baleares socialist Francina Armengol, thanks to the direct support of the PSOE and Mallorca month and parliamentary endorsement of Podemos and Menorca month. The protest on Sunday has the support of groups such as the PP, Cs or acts Baleares, the Medical Association of Baleares (Simebal) and patient associations s…

Why the 7.2 earthquake in Mexico has not been as devastating as the September

"By God, not again," she implored Tina as a powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake violently shook the floor of Mexico City. Hugging the breast of his eldest daughter, the woman, in her 50s, she was calm with deep and unhurried breathing, while the memory of the nearby still tragedy, which caused more than 300 deaths and collapsed around 40 buildings in the capital, He filled his thoughts. "Quiet mom, breathe. Not going to happen, "he tried to calm her daughter, Marina, who kept his gaze skyward to be alert if an object was clear. Mother and daughter were in the middle of the street Tabasco, Colonia Roma Norte, a neighborhood that was destroyed during the earthquake of 1985, estimated that caused more than 10,000 deaths, and suffered a hard hit in the quake last 19 September, where several buildings collapsed and many others suffered structural damage, so they are still waiting to be demolished. And it is that the colonies fashionable Condesa and Roma Norte, preferred …

Eduard Batlle: "Targeted therapies become chronic cancer immunotherapy cures'

He grew up in the same neighborhood as the genius of world cuisine, Ferran Adrià. Maybe that's why, Eduard Batlle, a benchmark in research Colon in his latest work, published this week in "Nature" cancer, could have given the final blow to the disease, it is clear that to advance knowledge this cancer is necessary before, 'deconstruct'. "It is a culinary term that fits perfectly with what we do. We see its different components, understand it as an ecosystem in which they interact very different cells, tumor, the immune system, blood system .... It is this communication that gives us the keys to understanding why it appears and extends "Batlle said in an interview with ABC. From his small office at the Institute of Biomedical Research (IRB) in Barcelona, ​​this ICREA researcher who has managed, for the first time, cure colon cancer in mice unblocking the immune system to act against the disease, calls for more resources to administration to promote the …

The risk of irrelevance

A few days ago, the Italian Cardinal Camillo Ruinni gave a long interview to 'Corriere della sera' in which was a juicy analysis of the situation of Catholics in Italy. Diagnosis, in some respects, can be transplanted to Spain. Already it is seen that eméritos Cardinals have an inner and outer freedom that challenges their conscience. The headline was eloquent and provocative. Italy said in angry, "Catholics run the risk of irrelevance." He admitted the decline in the practice of the faith; insisted that not despair, because "there are sincere and committed Catholics"; lamented the demographic problem, "the most serious, because it destroys hope for the future"; and pointed to a phenomenon that spans more than a few countries in the relationship between politics and Catholic world, between Catholicism and culture, we have entered the dynamics of irrelevance, despite notable contributions to social life. There are few signs of this risk irrelevance…

Valencia seeks to position itself as a tourist destination with the Chinese New Year Parade

The facade of the City of Valencia is illuminated red to mark the Chinese New Year in order to join the initiative of Guangzhou city, China twinned with Valencia in 2012. "From Valencia we want to position the City as an international destination and reconnect our Twinning and our relations with China, "said the first deputy mayor, Sandra Gomez. and follows the example of other iconic buildings in the world, including the Empire State of New York, the Sydney Tower or Tokyo Tower, which also light up. In fact, Valencia is also twinned with Xian since 2016 and Chengdu from 2017 Cavalcade of Chinese New Year of Valencia has come for the first time this Saturday at the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, adding thus another year these celebrations, as reported by the consistory said in a statement. The display produces unusual visual effects - REUTERS This enclave of the city of Valencia has been filled for this day of Chinese cultural activities and the City Hall is lit red for the holida…

One in five older men suffering from erectile dysfunction age

Erectile dysfunction can adversely affect the relationship causing a relational imbalance and eventually a disruption of the relationship, not only sexual but also couples. In addition, patients with erectile dysfunction have a large number and variety of concomitant diseases, most cardiovascular nature. The prevalence of these diseases is greater with increasing severity of erectile dysfunction. In Spain, 1 in 5 older men suffering from erectile dysfunction, according to various studies of the Association for Research in Sexual Dysfunctions in Primary Care (AISD-AP) and multidisciplinary work Epidemiology of Male Erectile Dysfunction (EDEM ), an analysis of 12 scientific associations including the Spanish Association of Andrology, the Spanish Association of Urology, the Spanish Society of Cardiology and the Spanish Society of Hypertension counted. According to the AISD-AP study, conducted on 3,600 men in Spain, the 42.68% of men go to primary care for erectile dysfunction in varying…

The wages of Spanish children amounted to 1,700 million euros

The amount of pay received by nearly 5 million children aged between 5 and 15 years. So says the report Childhood in Spain, which analyzes the reality of children in our country. The document, prepared by The Modern Kids notes that Spanish parents are the third in Europe to give more money to their children, 30 euros per month. The total of what they receive each year, including specific times and weekly pay, amounting to over 1,700 million euros. These data are attached to the fact that since 2016 households with one child are the majority in Spain, 2.8 million households. Agency specialists have warned assistants Breakfast Kids on the importance of recognizing smaller as consumers of this. In our country the average expenditure per family at Christmas is 663 euros, and more and more children involved in this decision. The new generations, as consumers, stand out for being hiperinformadas, being a heterogeneous group, for their intense loyalty and openness to new things, but above a…

What all women should know of the menstrual cup

Approximately female tampons slow to biodegrade six months; hundreds of years if you talk about your applicators. For its part, the comprensas, 90% plastic, manage to disappear when 300 years have passed. Although there is a long time, little has been heard of the menstrual cup and, above all, of the benefits that entails. Among them, save a lot of money over the years, not cause serious health problems or respect, more properly, the environment. Maria Esclapez, Intimina sexologist, has talked to ABC about the advantages that this method for women as well as hygiene measures and use should be taken. What advantages does the menstrual cup off the pads or tampons? Menstrual cups of medical grade silicone are healthy and sustainable products. They are completely hypoallergenic phthalate (group of chemical compounds mainly used as plasticizers), bleaches, fibers or any other substance that may cause allergic or sensitivity reaction. In fact, unlike tampons, which can cause serious health…

Video games that heal

Hector enters the auditorium and knows the terrible news: Egyptians have stolen valuable items related to the goddess Bastet, shaped protective guardian cat home and family. He knows that there is no "perfect crime", so look for evidence which lead him to travel the world, clues that tell you what the target of thieves and where have been the valuable pieces. You will have to investigate complicated scenarios, carefully watching every detail, every corner. Talk to characters of all sorts that explains what happened, with the intention to know more about a historical theft that can affect the future of mankind ... until everything fades to black. "How did you feel, Hector?" He asked when virtual reality glasses removed. "It's fine, but I've seen that in this part there is a fault ... '. Hector Alcaine, Madrid 19 and computer science student, spends twice a week by the University College of Art and Design U-tad in Las Rozas, to test a pioneering sys…

Confirmed: Russia and China will have space weapons in a few years

War in space is not an invention of science fiction. There are weapons capable of destroying satellites at least since the sixties, but taking into account the development of technology and the amount of economic and military interests that depend on satellites in Earth orbit, many experts have warned that a scenario conflict in the orbit of the Earth is increasingly likely. This Sunday, Spain will launch into space defense satellite PAZ, aboard a Falcon 9. "We affirm that if the United States entered a possible conflict with Russia or China, any of these would justify attacks on US satellites rocket or allies to counter the perceived military advantage and derived from civil, military and commercial space systems, "warns the" 2018 Worldwide Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Community, "a report by the leadership of the National Intelligence Center US and collected by This has several consequences: the first is that "foreign powers, particul…

The legendary vespino turns 50

If the Seat 600 was the car that motorized Spain, the Vespino can be considered, especially for the generation born between the 60s and 70s, such as motorized vehicle to the youth of the time. The history of this moped begins in 1952, when Enrico Piaggio created the company MOTO VESPA SA and founded a factory in Madrid, with the collaboration of INI (National Institute of Industry) and Juan Llado, (then CEO of Banco Urquijo ). At that time the Vespa was born, which would leave the street in 1953. His "little sister" was born in 1968 as a cheaper product. The 50 cc engine was a Spanish patent and joined transmission V-belt with continuous automatic change by centrifugal drive and the drive chain of the pedals within the crankcase of the engine, which also serves as a swing arm suspension mono-shock, recalls the historical vespino website. The openable pedals allowed circular flat as a current bicycle, if running out of fuel, to save it, or for any other reason that would pre…

The competitiveness of manufacturing factories ensures five new vehicles in Spain

Spain has been reinforced this week its role as a world power as a producer of vehicles. In recent days the factories in Vigo and Figueruelas were awarded the production of five new models, including the popular Opel Corsa and its new electric version, which will be built in the Aragonese factory from 2020. Both factories belong to the Gallic conglomerate PSA , owner of Peugeot, Citroen DS and Opel brands, and first manufacturer of vehicles in Spain. In the awards, which guarantee the workload for at least five years, it has weighed the competitiveness of both facilities. In the case of the Zaragoza factory, however, what she tipped the balance for the new Corsa was the commitment of the workforce with the new collective agreement, which the company says will increase "significantly" its efficiency. "Maintaining competitiveness is essential, and that affects all areas, including plants," said Opel CEO, Michael Lohscheller. In exchange for the pay freeze during 201…

Owners are lucky Iveco vehicles: spare parts at a competitive price

Iveco Nexpro just introduced its new product line alternative parts, designed for the activity of its commercial vehicles. Thanks to its direct connection to the Iveco brand, this product line that has just been launched meets the needs of customers and represents the best deal for all those who own older vehicles and are looking for a cheaper alternative for their spare parts, without compromising quality. Thus, the vehicle owners can replace their parts at a competitive price, counting at all times with the exclusive service network Iveco. The name of Nexpro is based on two basic ideas. Nexus, where the brand offers a connection between different brands and components, providing resources to meet the needs of parts of vehicles of all ages. And pro: it evokes the quality, professionalism and performance of Iveco. Two words that contain the manufacturer's commitment to its customers, which multiple solutions for every need are offered. What gives? Nexpro offers certified and guar…

The "inheritors" of Zorrilla

Aida Acitores and aunt Eugenia Acitores discovered the overnight that one of his ancestors was none other than the famous writer and poet José Zorrilla Valladolid. According to point aunt and niece, this discovery made them "very excited", even more so considering that the author of "Don Juan Tenorio" had no direct descendants. It all started when Aida, along with her mother, thanks to the journalistic profession of the first and penchant for history, began reading a year ago on the Zorrilla family. the bicentennial was celebrated writer and also because some routes were preparing dramatized in the town of Torquemada Palencia where Zorrilla "had a house and wrote a story inspired by the municipality". They found "very interesting about the family", such as the father of playwright "was very important" for the history of the people things because he led the troops braved the French factions in 1808. After this exhaustive search for inf…

winning combination of the draw for the Bonoloto of Saturday, February 17, 2018

Here are the draw of today Bonoloto Saturday, February 17, 2018. The fortune has fallen on the numbers 01, 08, 15, 37, 42, 44. The supplemental was 48 and reimbursement corresponds to 2 . the privileged acertantes of the six main numbers achieved the jackpot. In turn have people who scored five figure prize and the complementary four numbers or three numbers. The refund can recover money from the bet. Do not forget that the Bonoloto draws are held from Monday to Saturday. In the Bonoloto there are two game modes: daily and weekly. Also you can place multiple bets of up to 11 numbers. The price of each bet is $ 0.50, and must select six different numbers between 1 and 49. By sealing the ticket a figure between 0 and 9 corresponding to repayment is obtained. Then another drum with ten balls between 0 and 9 will be one which corresponds to the withdrawal extracted. It is allocated to the prize 95% of the total possible collection more boats according to the following categories. In addit…

SPD's popularity plummets after the agreement with Merkel to reprise the 'grand coalition'

The Social Democrats (SPD) Party of Germany has returned to plummet in the polls to register a new low, after reaching an agreement with the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) Angela Merkel to reprise the 'grand coalition'.

UN calls on Iran to stop executing convicted of crimes when they were under

The United Nations Human Rights High Commissioner Zeid Raad Al Hussein has urged Friday Iran to "comply with international law" and put an immediate end to the execution of criminals convicted of crimes committed when they were under 18 .

Brazil's government takes control of security in Rio de Janeiro to stem the tide of violence

Brazil's president, Michel Temer, has ordered a federal intervention in Rio de Janeiro to take control of state security forces in order to stem the tide of violence that erupted in the region Rio de Janeiro during Carnival past.

Hezbollah considers "a very large military achievement" the shooting down of an Israeli airliner in Syria

The leader of the party-Lebanese militia Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, has considered "a big military achievement" shooting down an Israeli military plane has defended Syria and Lebanon claims in border disputes that have open with neighboring Israel.

Turkey "neutralizes" a 1,551 Kurdish insurgents and terrorists of the Islamic State in the campaign 'Olive Branch'

A total of 1,551 members of the Syrian Kurdish militias (YPG), the Workers' Party of Kurdistan (PKK) and the terrorist group Islamic State have been "neutralized" -that is, or have died from well have been capturados- the beginning of the operation 'Olive Branch', reported the Turkish Army through a statement Friday.

UN warns that the situation in East Ghuta could be "more serious than previously thought"

UN warned Friday that the situation in the enclave of East Ghuta, controlled by Syrian rebels and besieged by the forces of President Bashar al Assad, could be "more serious than previously thought" under seen by humanitarian convoy of the UN and Red Crescent who this week managed to visit one of the locations.

At least 18 killed in a clash in northwestern Nigeria

At least 18 people have died as a result of clashes between armed groups and residents of an area of ​​northwestern Nigeria men, according to a preliminary assessment of victims reported by police, while three residents have raised those killed above 40.

Trump migration project fails in Senate

The migration project of US President Donald Trump, who solved the controversy of the 'dreamers', provided an increase in border security and presented new limits on immigration, has failed in the Senate Thursday.

Trump will travel Friday to Florida to give its support to the victims of the shooting

The US president, Donald Trump, has announced that Friday will travel to Florida "to meet with some of the bravest people in the world" but "whose lives have been totally destroyed" by the shooting perpetrated Wednesday in an institute and which resulted in 17 fatalities.

Leopoldo Lopez's party is distancing itself from the presidential election

Venezuelan opposition party Popular Will, led by Leopoldo Lopez, has announced that it will present not support any candidate for the presidential elections on 22 December at the opposition tries not go divided.

Motorcycle registrations in Europe fell by 0.8% in 2017

In all the two-wheeled motorcycles and mopeds were registered 1,314,337 units in the previous year: 0.8% less than in 2016. By market, Spain consolidates its position as fourth largest market in number of registrations, with 159,359 units, only behind Germany (173,921), Italy (230,610) and France (270,130). This has been made public since Anesdor, the National Association of Sector Two Wheels, and Acem, the Association of European Motorcycle Manufacturers. The Spanish market both wheels turn falls by 6.9% compared to 2016 while Germany registered a decline of 15.1%. By contrast, Italy and France ended the year positively, with growth of 4.8 and 6.7% respectively. Figures that respond to changes in the European emissions regulations and entry into force of the new Euro 4 stage for motorcycles in 2017, prompting an advance in sales in 2016. By market, motorcycles registered a decrease of 9, 4% in the whole of the European Union until 913,917 units. By countries, Italy has the highest n…

Villaseca received 14.2 million euros in compensation to leave Natural Gas

The former chief executive of Gas Natural Fenosa adviser, Rafael Villaseca, this company has received compensation of 14.24 million euros, equivalent to three times annual salary plus a fourth for reasons of non-competition after leaving last week, as has the energy group reported to the CNMV. Moreover, Villaseca, who has been 13 years in the company, will receive 3.64 million euros of its plan to long-term savings. On 6 February, the company announced the appointment of the then CEO of Abertis, Francisco Reynes, as new CEO of the group replacing Isidro Faine, a move that also forced the departure of Rafael Villaseca as chief executive officer. The contract stated CEO compensation three times his annual total compensation in the event of termination of the contractual relationship and an indemnity equivalent to one year in concept of "post-contractual non-competition covenant" for a year. For the first concept has gained 10.68 million euros and the other 3.56 million second…

Sorrentino and Bertolucci, against the closure of a summer cinema in Rome

One hundred prominent representatives of Italian culture, including the award-winning and Oscar Bernardo Bertolucci Paolo Sorrentino, have signed a petition to prevent the closure of open-air cinema in Rome. The decision of the closure of this historic space, which only displays the screen on summer nights in a public square, has come from the consistory of the Italian capital, ruled by the Five Star Movement (M5S). «Watch old movies? It is fetishism, "he opined this week through Facebook counselor and assistant vice president of the Commission on Culture in the Roman City Hall, Gemma Guerrini. Indeed, the viewing of classic pieces of cinema is what this space, called Piccolo Cinema America, whose closure has caused a whirlwind in the world of Italian celluloid is dedicated. Actor Luca Zingaretti his partner Luisa Ranieri until the aforementioned filmmakers Sorrentino and Bertolucci, through the director of the Venice Biennale, Alberto Barbera, or producers Gianluca Arcopinto an…

Fras Alicia and María González, leaders of the 29er class in MedSailing

Fras and González of the CN Cambrils, sailors leading the 29er class on his first day. CN premises Balís, Ferrer and Maqua, class-leading 420. The results deparan a weekend of excitement and adrenaline in waters CN Balís where MedSailing of 420 and 29er classes are held, and means, in the latter class, the first stop of the Eurocup. The horn output sounded at 24:15 in the CN Balís for 29er fleet formed by a total of 73 vessels and have been able to perform two tests. 420 have sailed at 13.25 to perform a single test. With a stable wind Levante 4 to 5 knots, the crews have competed in the first day of MedSailing 2018, dominated by the sun and weather stability. The 29er class, which yesterday could not compete because of adverse weather conditions, has been dominated by a female boat. The sailors CN Cambrils Alicia and María González Fras authority have dominated both races of his group and lead the standings with some comfort ahead of Jaffrezic and Tissier French. Double tie for thir…

"He paid airline tickets so that his name would not show 'speaks another alleged lover Trump

There are no two without three. Donald Trump will accumulate ensure women remained with him when he was already married to Melania Trump. After the porn actress Stormy Daniels, the former contestant of "Apprentice" Summer Zervos; now is the "former Playmate" Karen McDougal Playboy which claims he had an "affair" with the now President of the United States. McDougal said his relationship with Trump dates back to 2006 when they met at the Playboy mansion. Been eight handwritten pages McDougal which have uncovered this new infidelity story published in "The New Yorker" by Ronan Farrow. According to the "former Playmate 'encounters with Trump took place in a Beverly Hills Hotel bungalow, the same where he also met with Stormy Daniels. Among other things, McDougal claims that Trump offered him money after their first sexual encounter, money she refused. "Whenever flew to Los Angeles, we saw ourselves in the same place. And came much, &…

A Valencian City Council refuses to label the signals in Castilian at the request of the Government

The City of the Valencian town of Bellreguard received a letter from the Government Office to change the signs and traffic signals also appear in Castilian, since so far are indicated only in Valencia. However, Mayor Alex Ruiz, Compromís- has already announced that it will refuse to apply this change. The government team -led by nationalists with the support of PSPV-PSOE has said that answer the request of the Government Office, since "the Constitution recognizes the protection of all languages ​​of the State and defends cultural diversity Spanish state". Mayor of Bellreguard, Àlex Ruiz - ABC Speaking to Europa Press TV, the mayor has argued that "is a Valencian-people" and for this reason "signs are written in this way." "Since 1992 we have approved a municipal regulation preferential use of Valencian and what the administration is running," he justified. Ruiz says that the Government Delegation requests that "the signs are to be labeled …

Andréa Mesquida and lead their respective groups in Palamos Optimist Trophy

The wind returned to mark the second day of Palamos Optimist Trophy-Nations Cup, and did not make its appearance until noon. From the direction of race two hour postponement was raised at the expense to enter a gentle easterly breeze that reached the knots allowed to give only two of the five planned outputs as the wind shifted and ended up falling. They could compete White and Green groups, running out to participate Blue, Yellow, Pearl and Emerald. The victories were for the Spaniard Marc Mesquida and French Manhes Andréa. In the White Group two yachtsman Club Nàutic S'Arenal shone with its own light, firstly Marc Mesquida winning the only contested race that attached to the second place achieved in general will be located at the top of the table. His club mate, world champion Maria Perello, a third was marked; thus keeping intact their options to victory. In between Mesquida and entered the Danish Malthe Perello Ebdrup. He came as the second day leading British William Pank, b…


One of the big questions now is whether the legislature will hold without collapsing the great territorial fight of center-right label that fits the party Rivera after a cosmetic procedure in which he was removed the social democratic trait. Rivera makes more efforts to give the "phisique du role" that Robert De Niro, is a politician of the Stanislavski method. But we see how far reaches abrasion. Because the struggle between Cs and PP will be house to house. That is, reñirán, one by one, all allocable defects adversary and all the alleged virtues for oneself. For example, if Cs has advantage on a key issue such as honesty, PP, sunk into it by its string of corrupt prisoners and orfeón of "pentiti" questions its funding to try to ruin the presumption of attractive superiority for an electorate sick of popular and less frightened than before the possible arrival of a horde of extreme left mangancia. This element is important: the PP has lost the coercive argument t…