Citizens agrees with the PP increased to five weeks paternity leave from 2018

Citizens has agreed with the PP, in the context of negotiations of the General State Budget (PGE) for next year, extending a week, adding up to five paternity leave from January 2018. "We achieved expand to five weeks paternity leave "held this Thursday to the media President orange formation, Albert Rivera, who pointed out that, with this extension low birth of a new child, both parents join together 21 weeks of leave. It will be the second consecutive year that this parental leave is extended, since January 2017 the period of the same --of he doubled two weeks to a month-- Citizens also demand the PP, as a condition to give them their support the processing of PGE. "Gradually equipararemos paternity leave", he pointed Rivera, who pointed out that the intention of his party men and women end up having the same period low. In his view, this measure will allow women to combine work and caring for the baby with their partners and also promote birth "in a countr…

What legal consequences must visit a jihadist web?

In Spain was the reform of the Penal Code of 2015 when a crime paradoxical name was introduced to combat the new wave of jihadist terrorism: autoadoctrinamiento. Thus, with regard to the access of terrorist content on the network, they stopped grieve only searches relating to training (obtaining combat abilities, weapons development or manufacture of explosives) to also criminalize the consumption of radical doctrines and terrorist propaganda. Article 575 of the Penal Code provides that commits an offense who "go regularly to one or more communication services accessible to the public online or content accessible via the Internet or an electronic communications service whose contents are directed or as suitable for encourage the incorporation of an organization or terrorist group, or collaborate with any of them or their purposes ". The stipulated punishment ranges from two to five years in prison. Thus the crime of autoadoctrinamiento criminalizes the "regular access&q…

PP and Citizens agree to lower VAT film 10% in 2018

Yesterday there was one of the most anticipated announcements in recent years by the cinema of our country: Citizens confirmed that the reduced VAT film is one of the measures include the accounts of 2018, at the request of orange training. The rate will be reduced from the nominal 21% to low 10%, a reduction that already slid Secretary of State for Culture, Fernando Benzo, a few weeks ago and has been one of the red lines in the negotiation to support budgets (PGE) in 2018. in 2017 accounts had lowered the VAT to live entertainment, such as music concerts, plays, circus and bullfighting, but not the movies. In 2012, when tax rates climbed, the government reclassified tribute shows reduced 8%, which later rose to the nominal 10- 21%. In this regard, Finance Minister Cristóbal Montoro said yesterday the media in conversation with journalists that the government has decided to postpone one or two weeks the presentation of draft budgets at the Council of Ministers. One end than Citizens…

Formentor Literary Conversations celebrate its tenth anniversary

Royal Hideaway Hotel Formentor Mallorca this weekend will host the tenth edition of the Literary Conversations in Formentor, organized by the Santillana Foundation and sponsored by the hotel site. A total of 80 people, including writers, editors, literary agents, philosophers, academics and journalists will share their thoughts with the audience. On this occasion, the participants in this literary event and must speak on "Bohemians, magicians and vagabonds." Talks will begin on Friday, with delivery of the Formentor Prize for Literature 2017 Argentine Alberto Manguel Canadian (Buenos Aires, 1948) writer. The Barceló family, current owner of the hotel, and Buadas family are the patrons of this award, endowed with 50,000 euros. The prize was awarded to Manguel last May, in recognition of his body of work. Jury components, Inger Enkvist, Lila Azam Zanganeh, Daniel Fernández, Francisco Jarauta and Basilio Baltasar, stressed then that the intellectual work of Manguel is "on…

Interior police reinforcements moved to Catalonia to support the Mossos

Interior Minister, Juan Ignacio Zoido, communicated by letter to the Minister of Interior of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Joaquim Forn, which has moved reinforcements of the National Police and Civil Guard to "support the Catalan police in maintaining order. " The letter detailed the roles agents Forces and State Security are surveillance of public space and the maintenance of order in case the calling of the referendum in Catalonia October 1 suspended by the Court remains Constitutional. In the same letter specifies that these units will act in support of the Corps of the Mossos d'Esquadra, you have entrusted these functions. "All this in order to comply with the instruction 2/2017 of the Senior Prosecutor of Catalonia, submitted on 8 September to the Civil Guard, National Police and Mossos d'Esquadra ordering activate the necessary actions to prevent the referendum illegal ", according to Interior. The Government has decided to move to Catalonia reinfor…

Imputed four young men in Barbastro for causing a serious forest fire

Four young people between 22 and 30 years living in the Huesca Somontano (Barbastro) have been charged with a crime of forest fire with aggravated condition to essential public services. If they are finally processed with that complaint, they could face prison sentences of up to six years in prison. As reported by the Civil Guard, the four were arrested in recent days, following an investigation that allowed locate the point where the fire started, and with the cooperation of citizens, determine that when he started the fire was in place a vehicle that fled at full speed. The researchers identified the driver and occupants of the vehicle, which led to the arrest of those four young men who, after being brought to justice have been released with charges and the obligation to appear before the court when required. The fire, which occurred on September 11, calcined ceral twelve hectares of woodland and around Barbastro. He also burned tires two old tanks. The fire forced to cut the N-24…

Chema's volley, one of the goals of the year

Chema, central defense of the Levant who scored a spectacular volley in the 1-0 for his team in a 3-0 win against Real Sociedad, said after the game that, although it was ugly that he said to him, both had been beautiful. [You can see the goal of Chema on the Youtube channel of La Liga] "Today we had more luck in front of goal than at other times," he said Chema told Bein Sports after the match, which stressed the importance victory against a team that is difficult to hurt. "We were confident in our work and the goal helped us go into the break with a favorable score," he added the center of Levante, who recalled that the team had gone well to First Division. "We are confident the project, we have people who come to reinforce and has we will continue to focus on the goal of salvation," he concluded.

Two children injured after part of a fountain be liked in Tenerife

A boy and a girl, aged 13 and 14 years old respectively, have been injured in varying degrees after fall on them from a source which had gone up in Los Silos (Tenerife), according to the 112 Canary Islands. The incident occurred on Thursday afternoon in the Avenida de Interián in the area of ​​La Caleta de Interián of that municipality, take place until the staff SUC that reach the area checked, along with a doctor moved and nurse health center Los Silos, the child had a lower limb trauma moderate character. He also attended the girl who, at the initial moment of care, had a mild head injury, barring complications character. The two children were taken to Hospital del Norte. In addition, at the site of the incident the local police officers who instructed the relevant proceedings they presented themselves.

specific cuts in Madrid to celebrate the "Day Without Cars"

The city of Madrid celebrates Friday the European Car Free Day with no cuts consideration to traffic and few activities that weekend will focus to harm as little as possible to traffic. After registering the last year a huge traffic jam on the Car Free Day which contributed several accidents, he said then Sabanés, to line 1 Metro was closed for renovation, the device this year just include several specific cuts over hundreds school by bike, which will be accompanied by instructors and teachers, in addition to mobility agents and city police bike. You know what today is # DíaSinCoches? leave it at home and #subealbus 🚌 or use @BiciMAD 🚲 EMT Madrid (@EMTmadrid) 22 September 2017En the most significant Madrid Car Free Day event, the delegate of Environment and Mobility Inés Sabanés receive in the palace of Cibeles to participating school in bicicletada the Stars project and preside over the awards to schools that are part of the initiative. The bicycle ride…

The maxi trimaran 'Banque Populaire IX "ready to go overboard

Comes the big challenge for Armel Le Cléac'h, its new multihull 32 meters long is a few days to kiss the waters of the port of Lorient. It's time to take action with the "Banque Populaire IX, which grows the number of new Class Ultime trimarans for the regatta Volvo Ocean Race solo, nonstop, no foreign aid in 2019. After seeing flying the new "Gitana 17", the figures given by the team of the new "Banque Populaire IX" are even more dizzying. According to their estimates, VPLP cabinet design, with Martin Fisher (design foils), shall touching 50 knots; which means that during the round the world sail at average speeds of 35 knots. "The team Banque Populaire, the construction work carried out by CDK Technologies and subcontractors, have really done an impressive job. After the Vendee Globe needed to breathe and recharge your batteries. Having a team like this behind you, which I have blind trust, it lets you find the energy you need for this type of …

one estelada appears on a balcony of the City of Vitoria

The PP has asked the mayor Vitoria, Gorka Urtaran, to withdraw a stellate there hung on one of the balconies of the facade of City Hall. In this sense, the popular nationalist formation alleges that the councilman not allowed in the past placed outside the building 'flags or references to any social group. " The party emphasizes that it is an "unofficial" flag and has recently been posted on one of the balconies of the facade of the town hall next to another banner that can read a "Yes", which interpreted as a sign of support to the illegal referendum on October 1. On the other hand, popular point that if this claim is not served by the municipal government, formed by PNV and PSE, move a formal request on Monday 25 to the Board of Spokesmen, integrated by all parties of the Consistory.

Join the tag # Yosíquieroserespañol and show your support for the unity of Spain

From ABC launched the label # Yosíquieroserespañol, so that all our readers and Twitter users who want to come together and express their feelings of support for the unity of Spain against the illegal referendum in Catalonia. To join this conversation only you have to add the tag # Yosíquieroserespañol in your tweets with the messages you want to share. Every day, from ABC we will make a compilation and publishing news with highlights both known as anonymous users who participated. If you want to show your support for the unity of Spain and show why you feel Spanish, please write it on Twitter and include the hashtag # Yosíquieroserespañol to participate in this conversation with other users who share this feeling. So do not hesitate, join the "hashtag" # Yosíquieroserespañol and say yes you are with the unity of Spain.

Cifuentes Cs offers his "loyalty" to 2019, but warns: "We will never be their accomplices"

Partner investiture of the PP in the Assembly, Citizens spokesman Ignacio Aguado, started this Friday round of responses opposition to President Cifuentes speech in the Debate on the State of the Region. And it has done in a harsh tone, criticizing the "detachment from reality" of the chief executive, criticizing his management and ensuring that the PP "has created a huge pool of patronage networks" in Madrid, so they are considered incapable to end corruption because "you can not regenerate a pond from within" and because "in his party are prisoners of their silences." The votes of citizens are the ones who allowed Cifuentes be regional president, and also those who have supported the executive both in approving budgets and other thorny issues over the years. This morning, Aguado has reiterated that he intends to govern in 2019 because "we can do better than you, with the cleanest and freest hands." Until then, he said, "they ca…

Catalonia in the historical memory of Compromís

"The Bloc and CiU in Europe will defend the interests of Catalan cultural sphere." The holder is not ABC. It is "El País". The year was 1999 and the Valencian and Catalan nationalists sealed their agreement to attend for the second time, together with the European Parliament elections. The coalition would be repeated in subsequent elections. The last, in 2009. Then the Bloc focused its institutional power at the local level. Today, integrated into Compromís governs the Generalitat, in the main municipalities in the Provincial Council of Valencia and one of its historical leaders, Enric Morera, presides over the Valencian Parliament. With the historical precedents of the Bloc is not surprising their unconditional support to their former partners CiU electoral extinct. The Bloc has gone hand in hand with Jordi Pujol, Artur Mas and today, Carles Puigdemont. The statutes of the main force of composing Compromís not leave room for doubt. So, it has among its goals &quo…

The Civil Guard Cuenca holds a family clan that defrauded 150,000 euros with the thymus of the Nazarene

The Civil Guard has arrested Cuenca four people and four others investigated in the framework of the operation "Escopa ', which has broken up a network of experts in the thymus scammers Nazarene. To date, it has been shown committing crimes of fraud eleven, worth 150,000 euros. The investigation began in October last year when a company of Las Pedroñeras reported that he had made a transaction of garlic and the buyer had disappeared without paying the goods, as reported by the Government Office said in a statement. Following these events, the Civil Guard opened the operation "Escopa" where, in the course of investigations, most scams of this kind in Andalusia, Levante and detected Mancha itself. A man who identified himself as a commercial catering company, according to the fact, using different companies, affiliations and means of communicating with contact- companies engaged in the marketing of fruit and vegetables agreeing to purchase items of products. Vendors …

"This is opera ': A collection to lose fear and prejudice

"I do not understand opera." It is one of the most frequent excuses viewers walk to not approach a fascinating genre, which brings the magic of theater and the spell of the music, which has become in recent decades in the genre most advanced within the performing both in its staging and quality of the voices and joint arts. Bring opera to all audiences is an obsession for all theaters seeking to rejuvenate their audiences. ABC now presents "This is opera" collection which brings in thirty deliveries the RTVE directed and presented by Ramon Gener, a baritone who after leaving the singing began an insistent work of musical disclosure, which said television program is a magnificent example. "I talk about opera, I share it with all he says and explain to people approach a little more information and you can enjoy it better. But the most important thing is to approach the way Naive and free from all prejudices and all fears. " "This is opera" is a c…

Trophy Club Fall Astur de Regatas Real

Tomorrow September 23 at 12.35 hours will take place in the waters of the Bay of San Lorenzo, the first run of the Autumn Trophy sailing dinghy classes: Snipe, Laser 4.7 and Optimist Laser Radial. They are scheduled two rounds on Saturday and two on Sunday. The competition will be held on alternate weekends and will conclude in mid-November, after six days of competition. Last year's winners were: Guillermo Marqués and Ignacio Prendes in Snipe, Optimist, Fernando Alonso was the best, while in Optimist D, got the win Pablo López. Laser who competed in two categories, Hernán Jiménez won Radial and Diego Jiménez 4.7. The awards ceremony will take place at the Annual Gala de la Vela, to be held in December in the Club, on the hill of Santa Catalina.

Eight laps Valentino Rossi

Ten days after suffering a broken tibia and fibula, Valentino Rossi was already thinking he could return for the Grand Prix of Aragon. For that he traveled and therefore underwent multiple medical tests he performed upon arrival at the circuit. Passed the test, the Italian has gone up this morning to the M1 to roll a bit and find the sensations you need to know if you will be physically prerapado for the race. He completed eight laps in a not very favorable terms because it rains a ratitos in the Motorland circuit. However, Rossi managed a respectable time under the circumstances, because it was a 2'8 Marc Márquez seconds, the fastest of the session. He beat his teammate Maverick Viñales, in the twentieth position. Although the numbers in this first contact, were almost the least, because I wanted to see if put up with the pressure and weight of the bike, and if I could well hold the rest of the weekend. Continues to rely on the crutch to alleviate some of the pain in his right l…

Abe rule out the option of dialogue with North Korea and advocates "pressure"

Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, believes that it is time to dialogue with North Korea, since previous attempts have only served to the communist regime "save time", and advocated instead to adopt measures " Pressure".

Obama criticized the new Republican plan to repeal health care reform

The US president Barack Obama has tapped one of his few public appearances to defend the health reform enacted in 2010 and criticize the new Republican initiative to repeal it - "for the fiftieth time or sexuagésima" he ironizado--.

Trump reveals that he has already made a decision on the agreement with Iran but does not clarify what

The US president, Donald Trump, confirmed Wednesday that already have decided whether to keep the nuclear deal with Iran or, conversely, will announce their breakup, but has dodged questions from reporters and did not reveal what his position "I'll let you know."

Dozens of matrons come to meet the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh pregnant

Dozens of matrons have reached the camps of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh to help pregnant women in the Muslim community and their babies, who live in difficult conditions by the huge influx of displaced Burmese arrived from Rakhine State.

850 militants killed in attacks by Syrian and Russian forces in Idlib within 24 hours

850 "terrorists" have been killed by attacks during the last 24 hours by the forces of the Syrian regime and the Russian military aviation in the region of Idlib, according to a balance of the Defense Ministry of Russia figure 187 targets attacked in this period.

Peña Nieto decreed three days of national mourning in Mexico earthquake

President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, has decreed Wednesday three days of national mourning as a sign of sympathy for the victims caused by Tuesday's earthquake, causing strong tremors in areas of central and southern Iraq.

At least 25 killed in a school in Mexico City collapsed by the earthquake

At least 21 children and four adults have died from the collapse of a school in southern Mexico City that has collapsed following the earthquake on Tuesday and rescue teams were still working 24 hours after the tremors looking for more people trapped.

Spanish dies in an earthquake in Mexico and is looking for around ten


Earthquake in Mexico | Direct: Mexico City, with 117 deaths, is the area with the highest number of deaths

Dozens of people have died in the Mexican state of Morelos as a result of the 7.1 magnitude earthquake which struck on Tuesday several areas of central and southern Iraq.

Increase to 225 those killed by the earthquake in Mexico


"The alzheimer also pursuing other symptoms that have nothing to do with memory '

According to WHO worldwide there are 47.5 million people with dementia. Spain is the third country with the highest prevalence: 6% of those over 60 years suffer from some degree of dementia and reaches 27% in those over 85 years. To better understand this disease and those who suffer, Dr. Azuquahe Pérez, medical specialist in neurology, has written a book, "The watches have a schedule to keep" (Next Door Publishers, 2017) dealing with the time and how expresses the passage of the same in people who begin to show deterioration in any of their cognitive functions. A work that explains dementias and cognitive deficits from two main elements: the story of the first patient with alzheimer and watch the different test developed by patients in the General Hospital of La Palma. Pérez explains that "dementia is a concept that describes a deterioration severe enough to interfere in the daily life of a person's mental capacity. The most common is Alzheimer's disease, henc…

Jason Chayes, producer of "Hearthstone": "Some of the best players in the world is Spain '

It was not the first, but it was the title that has managed to regain the success of card games. Led the digital environment, with simple but addictive mechanics and exceptional atmosphere based on the universe of Blizzard "Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft" has revolutionized the mobile gaming industry in recent years. Was the big surprise of 2014. How could anyone imagine that a card game "online", which differs little from a physical one, would be one of the most important games of the year. Millions of people playing continuously connected. Three consecutive years to reap success. In an interview with ABC, title creators Jason Chayes (production manager) and Ben Brode (game director), the key point of its significance and reasons to catch a great community. "Heartstone" has a large base of loyal users from different countries. How is the Spanish community? There are a lot of passion in Spain and one of the best players in the world is there. We are del…

The Spanish Graphene wants to have their own denomination of origin (or at least try)

They call it the material of the future. And maybe at some point it is, but, despite its promising trials, has not yet proved commercially virtually nothing. Very embryonic stage, this extremely thin, flexible and strong element of only one atom thick, promises to be the answer to the development of future technological societies, with almost unlimited applications ranging from miniaturized electronics to custom biomedical devices. Missing, however, a clear standard that governed the next inventions. To pave the way, from Spain aims to boost its development by creating an agency that contributes to the establishment of a kind of denomination of origin food products. The Spanish Alliance in Graphene (SGA, its acronym in English) was born with the firm intention of "creating and disseminating technology with enterprise application" in the emerging sector of graphene and "promote cooperation" technological and commercial development between companies or "knowled…

Bely Basarte, the youtuber behind the musical voice of the protagonist of "Beauty and the Beast"

Basarte Belén Mena was born in 1991 in Madrid and started with 16 years to upload videos to YouTube doing "covers" of some of their favorite artists. To avoid being easily locatable for his teammates decided to use a pseudonym on their channel and social networks, Bely was born Basarte. With over 400,000 subscribers on YouTube and Twitter almost 60,000 in the musical phenomenon has left the video platform to land a contract with a record label and own at 26 subjects. Coming soon will be on the Samsung Madfun held for the second year in Barcelona. Recently uploaded a video announcing that he would reduce the number of publications on your channel, what are the reasons? Youtube took many years, but especially in the last three I've been up a video every week, every Friday at three very punctual. I've signed with a record company and we have prepared a single coming out on September 22 "It's called not want to see you mourn" - another will come later, a d…

Airbus branded "absurd" allegations of fraud in Austria

European Aerospace Airbus has rejected accusations of fraud in the sale of Eurofighter by Austria and his defense minister Hans Peter Doskozil does not rule out a settlement with the German-French company with Spanish participation. The European group has told the Vienna Public Prosecutor which following statements by Doskozil, opened in February an investigation against suspected estafa- Airbus has complied with the compensation that included the contract and has claimed that the statements of Doskozil in which accused the company of fraud and deception and made millions in claims for the Eurofighter contract "seem absurd and politically motivated" and that "no legal basis". Criticized by the Austrian Parliament, Vienna in July 2002 announced the decision to purchase the Eurofighter Typhoon as its new air defense aircraft. The assignment of the 18 fighters was completed a year later, in addition to including aircraft, training pilots and ground personnel, logisti…

The bank beats the "value" to find value

After months in which has fueled the debate between active and passive management, with the latter gaining ground monstrous steps have also flown knives funds to banks. The reasons are several. If they are too expensive, that if the fees are not justified because the managers are dedicated to follow the index, etc. But, ironically, in a year which has gained currency indexed management, data returns so far in 2017 are determined to thwart all schemes. Those arguments that active management does not help to beat the indices can show them as there are now funds almost double the performance of the Ibex 35 (around 8%). But are not the famous "value funds' managers that neither look to the index and say hunting opportunities wherever they are. No, this year happier with their customers Spanish stock funds are the traditional banks. Topping the list, at the end of Tuesday 5 Sabadell Dividend (+ 16.85%) and complete the Santander Small Caps Spain, the BPI Global Investment Fund Ib…

Ryanair pilots decline incentives the company to avoid further cancellations

The call of chief operating officer of Ryanair, Michael Hickey, his pilots to accept work on their days off in exchange for an incentive of up to 12,000 euros in the case of the commanders, and 6,000 euros for co-drivers not you have found acceptance in the template just Irish, seeking thereby alleviate the crisis following the suspension of nearly 2,000 flights until late October. Most of this group has tended to decline the terms of the offer, which was conditional on completed more than 800 hours of flight in the year to the end of October 2018 and stated that the payment would not take place until November 2018 , as confirmed sources pilots and have collected as many Irish and English media. Rejection, explain, it occurs by difficulties meet regulatory flight hours, if they adhere to said bonus. European legislation determines that pilots can only fly 900 hours a year and 100 hours in a month. Promotion fine parallel, the company moved in a statement that it has hired additional …

Tour Mexico City: the epicenter of the earthquake

"I am waiting for my brother to come for me. My apartment is attached to the building that has fallen, "says Sara. Sitting on the sidewalk, this Mexican thirties waiting sitting on the sidewalk Park Spain, Colonia Roma Norte, his brother go to pick her up and take her to spend a few days with him Toluca, an hour north of Mexico City. "My house is fine, but I'm told it's not sure that I stay," he adds with a voice that no longer reverberates fear, but exhaustion after spending all night on the street in the heat of some blankets and taking some coffee to warm up. Sara's face reflects a kind of tense calm after the storm. He has lost gaze and traces of makeup stain her cheeks after both mourn. "I knew many people who lived in the other building. I still can not believe that many of them are dead, "he continues. Sara's words came when ABC had not yet been 24 hours since last Tuesday, September 19, an earthquake measuring 7.1 and centered abo…

US to Iran's refusal to renegotiate the nuclear deal: "Never say never"

Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, have said the nuclear agreement signed in 2015 by six world powers with Iran "clearly has not met expectations" and downplayed the refusal of the Iranian president, Hasan Rohaní, a renegotiate the multilateral pact. "As someone who has long been negotiating things, I learned something: never say never. And things are always dark before getting a breakthrough, "Tillerson told a press conference in New York. The foreign minister was reacting to statements by Rohani, who said today at the United Nations that the nuclear agreement "is not something anyone can play" because "if a brick is removed, the whole building collapses." Tillerson acknowledged that "from a technical point of view," The United States believes that Iran is complying with the agreement and expressing that idea during a ministerial meeting today held along with Iran and five international powers who negotiated the pact ( France, UK, Ge…

Boko Haram prisoner even after being released: "People fear it will harm"

As a young Christian woman, loot prized by jihadists Boko Haram, Rebeca Bitrus snatched a second chance at life after managing to escape from the clutches of the bloodiest terrorist group on the planet. On his odyssey, Rebecca went from being tortured countless times during his two years of captivity to recover even the freedom to practice their faith without the heavy breath on his neck of armed men in several jihadist camps in Nigeria, Cameroon and Chad imposed on him Shari'a. But being a "marked" women in Nigeria for the kidnapping is not easy: on his return suffered rejection and victimization for being 'Boko Haram girl' and also the son of a terrorist under his arm. "I thank the Spaniards how they received me, not as in Nigeria, where many are rejecting me despite what has happened to me, except the bishop (who depends entirely their support) that is helping me," says Rebeca nothing start the interview with ABC. Lying on a couch with a sore back a…

The good performance of the economy, the great asset of Merkel in the German elections

The OECD has revised upwards its forecast this week for economic growth in Germany, predicting 2.2% for 2017, two more than in its latest assessment tenths, and 2.1% for 2018. Also the prestigious IFO Institute just present an optimistic document that warns that there is still room to increase growth this year based on the latest quarterly data eight tenths domestic demand increases. Construction investment increased at a rate of nine-tenths and in machinery and equipment by 1.2%. "All we want is that everything remains as before, companies are interested in stability and I think if there is someone who can get it," says Martin Lahgenkopf, director of a small family business real estate in Berlin. 58.5% of new jobs in Germany come from these family businesses, which account for 56% of GDP. "Despite being family businesses, many of which they are leading and technological innovation requires a large investment. To reverse political stability is needed and that is a sect…

European ultimatum to the Internet giants to accelerate erasing jihadist websites

The war of ideas is as important as police and legal war to combat terrorism. Internet has long been an untamed territory where jihadist extremism has unleashed his hate speech, where he has contributed to the radicalization of Muslims in Europe, USA and other parts of the world. On Wednesday, several European leaders whose countries have suffered the tragedy raw Islamic terrorism increased the pressure on Internet companies to redouble efforts to control extremist propaganda. The leaders of Britain, France and Italy Theresa May, Emmanuel Macron and Paolo Gentiloni- led a proposal that Internet giants retire in less than two hours extremist content spread terrorist groups. The meeting took place in New York, on the margins of the General Assembly of the United Nations, entitled "Prevention of terrorist use of the Internet" and also participated the Spanish delegation, led by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alfonso Dastis. In the morning, Dastis participated in the Global Count…

Merkel, the crisis superadores

Angela Merkel learned as a child to swim against the current. Daughter of a Protestant pastor sent to evangelize communist Germany, made the journey through the wall in the opposite direction, as everyone who could escape to the west. Austerity, the serene effort and discretion imposed by living under surveillance were values ​​that were grown at home, as basic as the potato soup she still cooks on Fridays. Faith and coherence. At school he liked to learn foreign languages, Russian and English, but later studied physics, as later explained, "because the government of the GDR could not interfere in the laws of nature." From these studies, in addition to the brilliant record, he was a sure instinct for logic and an attachment to the facts that has served him well in the era of postverdad. It was in those times, too, when he decided first and failed four-year marriage to Ulrich Merkel, a physicist like her, of which only a big disappointment, the name and a washing machine its…

Rajoy repairs common front with Sanchez and Rivera after the split in Congress

The Government provided a particularly "intense" week, with moments of maximum tension, and met forecasts yesterday from early, although his schedule was not interrupted. President Rajoy attended the session control in the House of Congress, while the vice president traveled to Teruel to sign an investment agreement. Yes, the Moncloa witnessed two new meetings in which the unity of the constitutionalists in defending the rule of law was strengthened, just one day after the brawl in Congress that separated them. It was a way to repair the cracks that let see just hours before. This time there was not a picture with the three, the 'common front' partners together. Rajoy met separately with Pedro Sánchez and Albert Rivera, although in La Moncloa was removed iron the matter. "The important thing is that the government has the support of the PSOE and citizens, that's what counts," they stressed sources close to president. This time neither was an image of t…

The Government is beginning to put pressure on institutions to mobilize 1-O

The main education unions last week Catalans managed to wrest the Government's commitment that, should contact the directors of the schools facing the illegal referendum of October 1, communication must always be in writing. They also agreed that the document explicitly stating that educational professionals disclaims any liability. Thus, according to ABC require union spokespersons, stressful situations like those experienced by some directors during the consultation 9-N, in 2014. be avoided has been told this newspaper, the Catalan government has failed in its recent commitment and has called this week to several schools in the province of Barcelona to ask those responsible to hand over the keys to the facility for October 1 in order to use them as election headquarters. A phone call Said sources, who wanted to preserve the name of the centers affected and the location where they are in, say half a dozen heads of schools in the province of Barcelona (not the capital) reported e…