Russia, Iran and Turkey in Syria perceive calm enough to bet on a political solution

The foreign ministers of Russia, Iran and Turkey, Sergei Lavrov, Mohamad Javad Zarif and Mevlut Cavusoglu, have agreed on Sunday that the level of violence in Syria has dropped enough to promote a political settlement of the conflict, according to a note Russian Foreign Ministry on the preparatory meetings held ministers before the summit between leaders of the three countries on 22 November in Sochi (Russia).

The Argentina Navy received at least 7 communication attempts emitted from the Submarine ARA San Juan '

The Armada Argentina reported on Saturday that he has received at least seven attempts at communication that would have been emitted from the Submarine ARA San Juan ', missing since last Wednesday, as reported by the local newspaper' The Nation '.

Piñera places his vote in the Chilean presidential announcing the beginning of "better times"

The presidential candidate and former president of Chile, Sebastián Piñera has cast his ballot Sunday in Chilean elections and assured that from today opens the road that leads to "better times".

Bachelet bet that will have to wait second round to meet his successor in the Chilean Presidency

Chilean President Michelle Bachelet has predicted Sunday that the presidential elections will be defined in a runoff next month and not during the day, when the conservative Sebastián Piñera exgobernante comes as favorite against a divided center-left.

Ankara suspended all public representations of LGBT issues for "security reasons"

The Governor of the province of Ankara, where the Turkish capital, has ordered the indefinite suspension of all public events of LGBT-themed film screenings, theatrical performances and panel discussions including, for "reasons of public security", according to a order collected by the national media.

The first results of the presidential Chile point to a runoff with Pinera and Guillier

The first official results of presidential elections held on Saturday Chile suggest that the conservative candidate Sebastián Piñera will go to the second round with Alejandro Guilier.

At least 12 dead and 27 wounded in a bombing in the city of Homs

At least 12 people have died and 27 were injured by a bombing that police officials blamed "terrorist groups" in the city of Homs. "The death toll rose to 12 people, the wounded are 27, two rockets exploded in the territory of the mill caused great damage" has informed a spokesman for the police to official Russian news agency RIA Novosti.

At least 15 killed in a stampede in a humanitarian food distribution in Morocco

At least 15 people were killed and five others wounded Sunday by a stampede and a possible struggle, the latter being not yet confirmed, during a humanitarian food distribution in the Moroccan town of Sidi Bualem (150 kilometers west of Casablanca), as confirmed by the Ministry of the Interior.

The leader of the veterans of Zimbabwe says the impeachment of Mugabe goes ahead

The leader of the war veterans in Zimbabwe, Chris Mutsvanga, said that the impeachment of President Robert Mugabe goes ahead, because Mugabe has not announced his resignation in a long-awaited speech on Sunday.

Mugabe resigns and announces that it will remain in power until at least December

The leader of the veterans of Zimbabwe says the impeachment of Mugabe goes ahead

Found alive the old man who disappeared in Laguna del Marquesado

Fortea Jose Izquierdo, the old man of 75 who disappeared on Saturday in Laguna del Marquesado (Cuenca), has been found alive Sunday in an area of ​​this city of Cuenca. This has been confirmed to Efe the 112 emergency service, who pointed out that although the elderly in principle well, has activated a medevac Sescam if I were to be transferred to a health center. The search for this old man, who was last seen on Saturday morning when he went for a walk through the woods, has been reactivated early Sunday with four patrols, one of Seprona and helicopter the civil Guard. They have also participated in several neighboring finding this old man who, as has been known by his family, is diabetic.

How to convert the premiere of "50 Shades of Gray" in an event that everyone talks

In a packed chains and platforms that bombard the viewer with more and more television world premieres, the aim of generalist television, which aims to reach a mass audience, is to create appointments with the viewer. And that is precisely what it intends to do Telecinco on Sunday with "50 Shades of Gray", one of his most important film premieres, around which have created a series of special actions and promotions. "The most important thing is to generate an event, either production or self-employment, as is the case of" 50 Shades of Gray. " But then it must be a title with a lot of notoriety, that allows you to build something around to make stronger the event, "explains Patricia Marco, director of Mediaset antenna. In addition, the intense promotion of "50 Shades of Gray", which aims to become the most watched of the year with permission from "Eight Catalan surnames" (3.8 million viewers and a 21.4% audience share) the chain will o…

They proclaim Caballero, Sahuquillo and Gutierrez as secretary of the PSOE

The Ethics Committee of the PSOE in Castilla-La Mancha, has proclaimed this Sunday as elected general secretaries of the provinces of Ciudad Real, Cuenca and Toledo José Manuel Caballero, Luis Carlos Sahuquillo and Álvaro Gutiérrez, respectively, after presenting the necessary guarantees , as established by the statutes of the political party, and without any other candidate has chosen the election. On the other hand, the Commission also declared as final candidates for the general secretary of the PSOE in Guadalajara to present Secretary General Pablo Bellido and activist Ana Fabián, after presenting the necessary guarantees. Also they were proclaimed provisional candidates for secretary general of the PSOE in Albacete Santiago Cabañero colleagues and Pedro Antonio Ruiz Santos. In the latter case, they are provisional for completing the deadline for submission of guarantees on Sunday and therefore still be in period for lodging appeals. Remember that the primaries for the election of…

Local Police identifies a child who threw stones at a bus Tussam

Local police officers, assigned to the area of ​​security, mobility and major festivals, are located at lower that threw stones at passing a bus route Tussam on the streets of South Polygon. The facts have occurred around 20.00 pm when the public bus was making his tour inside South Polygon. A local police patrol patrolling the area on a camouflaged vehicle observed a group of about five children who were about to stone the windows of Tussam. The vehicle, thanks to the preventive work has not suffered any damage, he could continue their journey, while the agents conducted the necessary steps to locate parents, appearing in place the mother who took care of her son in custody, he is informed of what happened. By local police will be informed Juvenile Prosecutor what happened.

The convent of St. Agnes, BIC that falls apart

Monastery of St. Agnes, one of the most important mudéjares sets of Seville, has become a national story after the fine of 170,000 euros that the Ministry of Culture has imposed the Poor Clares for trying to fix without permission organ the convent, one of the oldest in Seville and which inspired his legend Becquer "Maese Perez, the organist." The rigor with which the Board has applied the rules to the Sisters of St. Agnes, who commissioned Joaquín Moeckel allegations to the sanction, has moved many people of Seville and the rest of Spain to show solidarity with them. A BC was able to visit last Monday monastery, built during the last third of the fourteenth century and part of the XV, with which the Government of Andalusia signed on 12 June 1990 a collaboration agreement in which it undertook to restore the monument in exchange for the transfer of a room of the same for cultural use. Enter the convent moves to melancholy. Here it is buried Doña María Coronel, a brave woman…

Five thousand more children will have the Valencian language as a basis next year

The tripartite governing leftist Valencia has launched an offensive to intensify the use of Valencian in schools. There are two fronts that have opened in recent months. This week, except last-minute surprise, the executive who make up PSPV-PSOE and Compromís bring forward in the Valencian Parliament a bill. This initiative, among other controversial decisions, wants to leave a minimum of 25 percent of Castilian in centers. This entails moving the Catalan model to Valencia, which has outraged the Popular Party, whose spokesman for Education, Beatriz Gasco, said that "in one fell swoop, they want to equate 30 years of linguistic normalization in Catalonia with Valencia. In Catalonia the language is mandatory, according to its Statute of Autonomy, which our statute says it is a right but not an obligation to know it. " The second front to get increasingly Valencian in schools has opened with the State Budget. Thus, in one of his statements, the Valencian Executive has aimed t…

Five provinces have spent decades waiting for their City of Justice

The Junta de Andalucía has configured the cities of justice as a set at three speeds. At the top are Malaga and Almeria, the only two cities with the complete infrastructure and running at full capacity. And then there is Córdoba, which, with the existing building, is now moving to be working in 2018. In the "second class" development of this train of Justice are Sevilla, Cadiz and Jaen. Are the cities in which he has recorded testimonials small amounts of money in the budget. That money (53,000 euros for Cadiz, Seville and 50,000 to 150,000 Jaen) not go far. According to sources consulted by this newspaper, that money is worth only "to put the poster that will be built, fencing the site and order a sketch architects. Nothing else". And there are still cities "third class". Which, on the train of Justice would travel standing. They have no right to seat. Which not only do not have a City of Justice, but also not even have or intend to build project. Huel…

ERC promotes a white label face 21-D to avoid a possible ilegalización

Persons working with ERC have promoted and registered for the elections of 21-D candidacy Diàleg Republic, which is a white mark on which Esquerra take refuge if led by the Catalan exvicepresidente Oriol Junqueras was outlawed, ready explained Republican sources. Among the 17 nominations that have been submitted to the elections on 21 December in Catalonia it has a new name, Diàleg Republic. As confirmed to Efe sources of ERC, it is a match-ups presented for election to the 21-D a list of people who are not on the front lines of Esquerra, but are militants or part of the youth organization , JERC. The new line has been created for the elections of 21-D as it was discharged in party registration Interior Ministry on 13 November. As stated in the register, based in Mollet del Vallès (Barcelona), thus different to that which is in Esquerra Catalan-capital, but other areas of action are the same: Catalonia, Valencia and the Balearic Islands. The president of the new party, as contained i…

classic and innovative sounds in the final stretch of JazzMadrid

International Jazz Festival Madrid faces its final stretch with a combination of established artists and new sensations. After a week with a notable presence of Spanish artists, the Fernán Gómez, the cultural center Conde Duque and Clamores room concentrate recent shows just over a week to the closing of this edition, marked by increased concerts , variety, and jump to new districts of the capital. The big event this week will be the performance of one of the legends of the genre, saxophonist Benny Golson tenor, who will tomorrow a special concert at the Clamores room, starting at 21 hours. The same day will do Delgres itself, Conde Duque, and Vargas Blues Band in the room Guirau Fernán Gómez. As has occurred since the beginning of the festival, on November 2 this week will be between one and four concerts per day, depending on the day. However, the first concert of the week will be the organist Cory Funk Henry and his Apostles, with two passes in the Sala Clamores (19,30 and 22 hour…

Ronco Angel Silvestre and Marta won the National Cross Sword Toledana

The bargueño Ronco Angel (Clinics Menorca) and turolense Marta Silvestre (CA Santuchu) were the winners in absolute category XXXIX National Cross Sword Toledana. Ronco registration was 28 '18' 'for 9,000 meters long, while Marta Silvestre stopped the clock at 26' 47 '' after the 7,400 meters. The men's podium was completed with Alberto Imedio and Mohamed Lausi, while the females it was with Clara Simal and Patricia Cabedo. More than 1,500 athletes classified Toledano testify that this cross is among the top 12 on the national scene. Marta Silvestre - Ana Pérez Herrera At the awards ceremony was the Councilor for Sports, Juan José Pérez del Pino, who presented the Toledo swords to the best classified ads in this especatacular and multitudinous athletic race held on a circuit course in the park Safont. Regarding the Cross Short, the winners were Jesús Lungarán (CA Manchego), with 13 '05' 'and Eva María Gómez (Seseña).

The cruel rejection of a diner "First Dates" by his hometown

First Dates Jesus began the night asking for more. "I like a type of very specific girls," said Carlos Sobera diner in "First Dates." It is fixed, you have a good guy, "their titties" which is fun ... a complete woman "com". However, that was not the first impression was Mary and that for her, it was a little "hick". "Who comes to a first date wedding dress?" She said. He tried to change the image she had. "To me you loved me, you're totally my prototype" sinceraba the diner. This was the last of many attempts to conquer Jesus did Mary. Huelva seemed to be slowly getting into the game the Cordoba. But it was not until she was not the bath "First Dates" to talk to a friend when we discovered what the problem was she had with Jesus. "Okay, is cute, but it's of Cordoba," said the Andalusian. Just over 200 kilometers are separating his two hometowns; However, Mary seemed to have a personal p…

70 immigrants arrive to the Alicante coast in small boats over the weekend

A new patera has arrived on Sunday off the coast of Alicante, this time south of Torrevieja, with 11 people on board to be heeded in the barracks of the Civil Guard, as the Port very cold for attendance, as reported by Red Cross. With this new arrival, the weekend concludes with a total of 70 people attended arribadas in small boats off the coast of the province of Alicante, the sources said. The earlier arrival occurred on Saturday night at the Port of Alicante, with a dozen immigrants, while eight others were intercepted on land, in the municipality of Xàbia. In addition, on Friday they came 21 others in such craft, in this case, also at Torrevieja.

Cendón win a tight primary to lead the PSOE de León

The minimum advantage that started after the first round of the primaries has served this domintgo also in the final round to Javier Alfonso Cendón has managed to accumulate more ballots with his name and being called to become the next secretary general of the PSOE in León Congress on December 2. The apparatus of socialist formation in Castile and Leon has not succeeded in León -the territory more militants, as was Diego Moreno, the other candidate than a week ago passed the first screening, who is the wave of the Regional Secretary, Luis tudanca. The victory finally by a tight result, been to Cendón, which has added 1,145 votes, 51 percent, compared with 1.081, 48.15, Moreno. In addition, they were issued 19 blank ballots in an event that retold with strong participation: 2,245 votes, which supposed to have gone to the polls 79% of the militants. The primary winner leave and launched by the dolphin who so far is the provincial leader, Celestino Rodríguez, increasingly away from Tud…

Mercedes Caballero wins the primaries PSPV in the province of Valencia with 80% of votes

The regional deputy Mercedes Caballero has won Sunday's primary to the provincial secretariat PSPV in the province of Valencia by getting 3,940 votes, 80.1 percent of the total, while the other candidate, Rubén Fenollar, 647 achieved a 13.7% of the total, as reported by the provincial PSPV in a statement. PSPV-PSOE in the province of Valencia on Sunday held primaries for the election of the new General Secretariat, under the Third Provincial Congress to be held on 16 December. As a result of this process, Knight replaces José Luis Ábalos. In the primary process participated activists 4916, 51.72% of the membership. Besides supports both candidates, there have been 291 blank votes (5.9%), and 11 null (0.2%). Secretary General-elect thanked the socialist activists who have participated in the process and stressed that militancy "has spoken and has said majority shape you want this project to the province", as reported by his candidacy on a release. "During this campa…

The most provocative question of Jordi Nicolás Maduro Évole

Spared "Do you recognize the independent Republic of Catalonia has recently proclaimed in Parliament?" To this question Évole Jordi Nicolas Maduro knows only smile. The face-off between the president of Venezuela and the host of "saved" went on Sunday night with the second installment. After a first half full of tension and which spoke of corruption, dictatorship, economic and social problems, among other issues, came a second that was with others like the relationship Maduro and Mariano Rajoy or the Latin American country can. However, the question that Nicolás Maduro described as the most provocative he had done at one time was as to whether or not recognize the independent Republic of Catalonia, which, a priori, should not affect the president of Venezuela. "I can not get into the internal affairs of Spain. That should be resolved through political means, dialogue and diplomacy. They can not be resolved at one blow. You can not ignore an entire society. If…

Fran López elected new Secretary General Socialistes Joves Country Valencià

Rafelbunyol Mayor, Fran López, has been proclaimed the new secretary general of Joves Socialistes Country Valencià (JSPV) to replace the current secretary of the PSPV, José Muñoz, with the support of 99.5% of the delegates during the XII National congress of training. Lopez (Rafelbunyol, 1991) which, along with a new National Executive Committee, will lead the youth organization the next four years, was accompanied at the close of Congress by the president of the Generalitat and Secretary General of PSPV-PSOE, Ximo Puig, and the secretary General of the Socialist Youth of Spain (JSE) Omar Anguita. JSPV as reported in a statement, the brand new Secretary General has expressed his "pride of being part of Joves Socialistes" and its commitment to "continue to defend the rights and equal opportunities of the Valencia youth." Ximo Puig thanked the work done by the outgoing direction with José Muñoz at the front, while has expressed support for the mayor of Rafelbunyol a…

Interior summons Algeria ambassador after wave of pateras

Interior Minister, Juan Ignacio Zoido, will meet early this week (still not materialized day) with the ambassador of Algeria in Spain, Taous Feroukhi after the "alarming flood of small boats" that are reaching the Spanish coast , more than five hundred Cartagena in just 24 hours. Zoido ask the Algerian Government representative of his country to strengthen border control its thousand kilometers of coastline coordinated to avoid these irregular migrants and human dramas in which flow outputs, as confirmed to ABC sources of Interior. The avalanche is the biggest that have occurred, but not the only one in recent weeks. Between October 26 and November 3 they arrived in Almeria and Murcia 600 other Algerians, according to sources consulted by ABC. These data mean that the North African country is not controlling the outputs of boats. "The relationship with Algeria is improved and fluctuates with which Spain has with Morocco at that time," police said. Avalanche barges…

Dogs and carrying strap 8,000 years ago

The gesture of putting a leash around the dog's neck when he takes her out may be much older than you can think. Engravings 8,000 years found in Shuwaymis, a mountainous region of northwestern Saudi Arabia does show that may be the oldest representations of these animals and surprisingly, they are tied to their owners. The images suggest that humans mastered the art of coaching and controlling the dogs thousands of years earlier than previously thought, as recorded by the website of the journal Science. The engravings show hunters with dogs and some of them have lines from the animal's neck to the waist of man, which are likely straps. Shuwaymis area was inhabited some 10,000 years ago by hunter-gatherers. About 2,000 or 3,000 years later, its inhabitants became pastors. In the representations left are the first hounds: Shuwaymis 156 and 193 in a nearby area, Jubbah. All are medium in size, with pointed ears, short snouts and curly tails, hallmarks of domestic dogs. In some s…

Ben Yedder, the "weapon" of Sevilla FC in the Champions

He was a substitute in Barcelona, ​​just before the break, and had no minutes yesterday in Sevilla's victory over Celta Vigo (2-1). Everything indicates that on Tuesday, in his favorite competition, Berizzo will pull your top scorer in the Champions League: Wissam Ben Yedder. The Franco-Tunisian does not hold with nervionenses precisely since 1 November in the win over Spartak (2-1) in the maximum continental tournament. Ben Yedder is raring and smell prepared to help his family in a crucial encounter against Liverpool, where the pass to the knockout stages is at stake. Read here the news.

You have to come to Cadiz

Why do not you go to Cadiz? It has told the very independence Nuria de Gispert to jerezana of Arrimadas Inés nation. So Dona shows Nuria, who was president of the Catalan Parliament before jacarandosa Forcadell, their open-mindedness and their natural goodness. Let's see ... Is there anything that anyone could wish someone else clean heart more and more high-mindedness? Back to Cadiz is returning to Arcadia, paradise on earth cachito has robaíto him to the sea, as stated in the letter of the cantina. Cadiz is back to find oneself in the mirror of salted clarity, of the infinite beauty that undulates in Santa María del Mar and Caleta in silver is still chiseled Burgos for history. For that matter, and to save if you come by car, we could bring Dona Ines Dona Nuria. Thus Mrs. Gispert, independence to the core, could see how bad he lives in Cadiz, the horror of appearing the boardwalk Cathedral at sunset orange and salt, malaje there in the vineyard, where no laughs nobody even winn…

At least four wounded by a bomb attack in western Baghdad

At least four people were injured after a bomb attack Friday in the west of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, as reported by a security source.

At least 15 killed and wounded by a car bomb in the Syrian province of Idlib

A powerful detonation of a car bomb has killed at least 15 people and wounded in the Syrian province of Idlib on Saturday, as reported by the network of activists Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Bonn closed the COP23, the climate summit of small steps

The twenty-third Conference of the Parties to the Framework UN Convention on Climate Change (COP23) has closed this morning in Bonn with little progress designed to build trust and pave the way towards implementing the commitments made at the historic Paris Agreement .

Save the Children celebrates Children's Day recreating war zones in parks in Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao

The NGO Save the Children has celebrated the Children's Day celebrated on Monday becoming Saturday in war zones several parks in Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao to denounce cruelty to the smallest of armed conflict, which in 2016 killed , mutilated or forced to become soldiers to 15,500 children around the world.

The Pentagon first published allegations of sexual abuse registered in each military base

The Department of Defense United States has published today for the first time all allegations of sexual abuse registered by the army in each of its bases, indicating that the number of cases increases in direct proportion to the size of the facility.

The UN has received up to a dozen complaints of sexual harassment during the summit in Bonn

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change has received up to ten dencuncias sexual harassment by participants at the climate summit in Bonn, as reported by the organization's spokesman, Nick Nuttall.

Hariri says from Paris that will clarify the situation in Beirut in the coming days

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, met Saturday in Paris with French President Emmanuel Macron, and after the meeting assured the press that return in the coming days to Beirut and that from there express its stance issues affecting Lebanon.

Protesters organized a sit under milter vigilance against Mugabe's residence

Some of the thousands of people marching today through the streets of Zimbabwe's capital, Harare, to demand the resignation of President Robert Mugabe have reached the residential complex where the president lives, and have started a sit under surveillance military, heeding calls from the influential secretary general for war veterans, Victor Matemadanda.

ZANU-PF will cease tomorrow a Mugabe as party leader

The Zimbabwe African National Union - Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) ejects Sunday morning the country's president, Robert Mugabe, the party leadership, as reported by sources of training.

Ledezma says he feels "free" on his arrival in Madrid and announces that Rajoy will meet at noon

Antonio Ledezma, former mayor of the Venezuelan capital of Caracas, said Saturday morning on arrival at the airport Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas in Spain feels "free" and has announced that it will meet the Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy , at noon at the Palacio de la Moncloa.

Live: forgive Correa

11 Isco good opportunity to score but the Atleti defense gets cleared for a corner. 08 Now Atletico adds a couple of minutes of ball control. Madrid fails to steal possession. 06 Fernández Borbalán forgives referee yellow to Thomas, who came harshly Isco. 05 Madrid starts to control the ball. 03 Correa Sorry! Atletico pardoned before Casilla after receiving the ball Casemiro feet. The move started on another poor delivery of Marcelo. Koke 02 Tripping on Marcelo, who tried to start the white attack. 01 The match kicks! Saca center Atletico, trying to move forward. A minute of silence is saved by Rivilla, rojiblanco former player, and the Attorney General. By the way, among the minor details of the party it is the new look of Griezmann. Does he want the French and change your luck? Field sprint onto the two teams while Atletico Madrid anthem a cappella sounds. Amazing atmosphere for the first derby Wanda Metropolitano. And exchange messages and hugs players from both teams before jumpi…

Bishop, the best "British ambassador" of tourism in the world grancanario

Nearly 1,500 sailors from 34 countries coming out this November from the port of Las Palmas on the island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean. This is the ARC regatta, which is the most important sporting event of the Atlantic. The race takes "anchored" in Las Palmas since 1986 for the love of canaries. And its CEO is Andrew Bishop, who directs all previous logistics apparatus. Many years organizing this event has earned the reconocimieto the Tourist Board of Gran Canaria, it founded more than 42 years, among others, by the Center for Initiatives and Tourism of Gran Canaria. CIT Gran Canaria, the second oldest in Spain, believes that the role of Bishop and the Regatta ARC has been key to place in recent decades to the island in one of the international references for nautical tourism. Cooperation Each year, Bishop returns to the Canary Islands with the following request: more berths. Port of Las Palmas gives you the coverage that you can and there is collaboration owners sailboat…

TRAM strike in Alicante: see times of 20 and 22 November

The minimum services in the TRAM of Alicante will be 50% and 60% during the next Monday and Wednesday, 20 and 22 November. The arrests coincide with two calls to strike: an exclusively tram drivers and other general machinist metro and tram, as explained by the Government in a statement. They affect the three tram lines (L2, L3 and L4), the train-TRAM (L1) and the conventional train (L9). They will take effect 18.35 to 22.35 hours, the first, and from 5.30 to 9.30 second. Faced with this call for strike called by various trade unions of FGV in Alicante, the Directorate General of Labor has ruled minimum service of 60% at peak hours (6 to 9 hours 12 to 16 hours and from 19 to 22 hours) and 50% the day. The schedules of these services are available to users on the premises and TRAM stations, on Freephone customer 900 46 10 46 and on the web, in addition to their profiles on Facebook and Twitter.

Maduro will suspend elections if financial sanctions against

President Nicolás Maduro has taken her under charter sleeve for dialogue, and the lifting or suspension of financial sanctions on the national economy in exchange for going to presidential elections next year without specifying whether to advance them that constitution are planned in December 2018. But most striking is that the president asked to be the opposition to make a campaign abroad to convince the international community for this purpose. Before the technical meeting held in the Dominican Republic on Friday Maduro said that "the government emissaries asked to commit them, opponents Julio Borges and Luis Florido, who have negotiated with me, talk to commit to the US Government and demand to lift the financial and economic persecution, and sanctions against Venezuela, that is the demand that leads Venezuela to the dialogue table. " He added: "We put one issue among many, a central issue, I sent to demand the Venezuelan opposition that by the year 2018 from now re…

UK joins the search for the Argentine submarine lost

Argentina lives anxiously searching the submarine ARA San Juan. Last Wednesday, mientra plowed the waters of the South Atlantic, at the height of the Gulf of San Jorge, communication with the nave.Desde then lost, his whereabouts and status of the 44 sailors on board is unknown. Among these, Eliana María Krawczyk, the first female officer in a submarine in Argentina and South America. Concern is growing as the hours pass. The Pope sent a message of encouragement and "hope cristina" family and the government. Francisco expressed confidence succeed, "efforts being carried out to find the ship." The hypothesis takes on greater weight for the Navy is that there was "a problem of communication, could be power," the captain and spokesman for the Navy, Enrique Balvi. The device deployed "radar and visual search" is in full swing. Captain Balbi expressed the possibility that "the submarine is on the surface and for some reason it's getting dif…

Bernardo Paz, creator of the Inhotim Museum, sentenced to nine years and three months in prison

Brazilian court has sentenced in first instance to nine years and three months in prison Bernardo Paz entrepreneur, owner of Inhotim, one of the largest open contemporary museums in the world, located in Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais state) sky. Bernardo Paz, and his sister Virginia, sentenced to five years and three months in prison, were tried by the Fourth Chamber of the Federal Regional Tribunal in Belo Horizonte, which found them guilty. In his complaint lodged in 2013, the prosecution argued that Bernardo Paz, who will use the process free, the museum used to launder money from other companies owned. According to the indictment, Inhotim 95.8 million received a grant between 2007 and 2008 from a fund based abroad, but the money was subsequently used "to pay the most varied commitments owned enterprises Bernardo de Mello Paz (...). " The accusations date back to the time when Bernardo Paz Itaminas owned conglomerate, composed of 29 companies, most of the mining and steel…

Die in Dos Hermanas a woman hit by a train

A woman, which were not disclosed their personal data, died on Saturday hit by a train passing through Dos Hermanas (Sevilla) for reasons that investigates the National Police. Past 12.00, a freight train has stopped after running over the woman without emergency services moved to the area were able to resuscitate. Renfe has reported through its official social networks that the event has caused delays in their departures from the Seville town, which has returned to normal shortly before 17:00.

Thousands of Valencians claim on the street for a better regional funding

Thousands of Valencians have participated in the demonstration called by trade unions and employers to demand a fair funding for Valencia, with the support of civil society and representatives of all parties except the PP, and attended by the president of the Generalitat , Ximo Puig. A group of tambourine and flute and two giants have enlivened this claim in defense of fair treatment in financing and investments receiving Valencia State, which departed at 18.00 hours from Calle Guillem de Castro of Valencia, surrounded by a festive environment, it continued through the Paseo de la Pechina and street Blanqueries, to finish in the Torres de Serrano reading the unitary discourse. The banner at the head of the march, under the unique slogan "valencià poble exigeix ​​one finaçament just" (The Valencian people demand a fair funding) has been held by representatives of the organizers, unions CCOO PV, with Arturo León, and UGT PV with Isamel Saéz, and CEV employer, with Salvador Na…

Diego García and Laura García Caro due in the "Toledo Blade"

Diego Garcia, 20'50 '' -far of 19'37 'the national-record, and Laura García Caro, with 22'27' 'Saturday were the winners of the XXX Sword Toledana on Avenida de la Reconquista with the presence of a large audience. Organized by the Liberbank-CAT, this test is one of the two best of this modality in Spain. Nearly 400 athletes participated in the various outlets. In absolute race was a dogfight between Diego García and Alberto Amezua, surpassed in the last meters silver medalist Erik Barrondo London. Eighth came Jesús Ángel García, with seven world and several wins this trophy. In women, lepera Laura García Caro (pictured) was separated from his rivals from the start. Mirna Flores came second and third, María Pérez, winner of the previous edition.

Macron agrees with Hariri to return to Lebanon on Wednesday

Saad Hariri, the Lebanese prime minister who resigned last week, will return to his homeland on Wednesday after contacts and subsequent maneuvers in his official reception held today at the Elysee, where he met with President Emmanuel Macron shadow. French diplomacy considered a "great victory" national Saad Hariri output from Saudi Arabia, where it is not clear whether he was held, detained or abducted by the same regime that precipitated the listing? Forced? his resignation and flight to Riyadh, the capital 'friend'. After his last talks in Riyadh with Hariri and Mohamed bin Salman (known MBS), the heir to the Saudi absolute monarchy Prince, President Macron has managed to rescue the Lebanese Prime Minister atrocious impasse precipitated by the Saudi adventurism. At the Elysee today and in the coming days, Macron will try to escape maneuvers that perhaps the French voluntarism advance. Precipitating the resignation of Hariri and inviting him to "take refuge&q…

Ibrahimovic flirts with the divine

José Mourinho has described this week as "a lion" but Zlatan Ibrahimovic is more alien than being alive to use. At 36 years, the Swedish giant joins a list of goals unspeakable fantasy, improbable heels and acrobatic touches a superpower more: in just seven months recovering from a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament. With 36 years. In the win against Newcastle Rafa Benítez (4-1), it seemed to roar when stripped tracksuit headed the way to the field. He had fifteen minutes to enjoy 17 balls and leave a snip with designation of origin have not done but to stimulate a wild appetite. Running times sour taste for Nordic striker back in April 2016, lowered his media status by having to trust the credit Europa League a season that was not going as expected at Old Trafford. The United contesting the final minutes of the tie against Anderlecht in the quarter-finals of the European competition silver when the referee to blow certify the classification of English, watched his front h…

Hundreds of people ask in Velilla unit administrations against the closure of thermal

More than 3,000 people gathered Saturday in the Plaza Mayor of Velilla del Río Carrión (Palencia) against Iberdrola's decision to close the power station of the town and avoid the loss of 80 direct jobs and 200 indirect . The participants demanded the government to work "together" to avoid the cessation of activity on the ground. "We have it voted to make our life better, not to hear accusations over who is to blame the closure 'argued in the public manifesto read this afternoon promoter concentration, Eduardo Ibáñez. They also called on the various political groups to forget their differences and the guidelines set by the parties to "fight for the future of the region and of all our people" because, he said, in this area of ​​northern Palencia "We all want power stations remain open "and thus keep the business project started 53 years ago in the region with the construction of the plant. In this regard, he recalled that despite the economic…

The exJemad Julio Rodríguez presented on Sunday his candidacy to lead can Madrid

The exJemad Julio Rodríguez presented Sunday at a news conference his candidacy to lead can in Madrid, as indicated to Europa Press sources of the dwelling formation. The same sources have detailed this Saturday was trading with errejonista sector with a view to present a joint list with the supporters of the secretary general of Podemos nationwide, Pablo Iglesias, since the deadline for submitting nominations is midnight on Saturday. In turn, the anti-capitalist sector and registered his candidacy to run for the General Secretariat of Podemos in the city of Madrid, headed by the deputy in the Assembly and Council spokesman Autonomic we in the Community, Isabel Serra. After learning that the hitherto Secretary General can in the city of Madrid, Jesús Montero, would not be eligible for re-election, the possibility of promoting a uniform application of all streams were explored. However, that option has not been possible and anticapilista industry agreed this week to boost his own cand…

An explosion in a transformer substation without light leaves much of the east of Sevilla

Several areas of the Cerro-Amate, Sevilla Alcos Park East and have remained without electricity on Saturday by an explosion in a transformer. The notice by the citizens came to the emergency services at 19.00 hours and was then moved to the place firefighters, local police and operators of Endesa. The operators of the electricity company worked for a long period to remedy the fault that left unlit much of the east of Sevilla. Apparently, as reported by the City Council of Seville through their social networks, the blackout was caused by an explosion in a transformer located in Cerro-Amate neighborhood. This caused several traffic lights will stay off, so had to deploy several local police patrols to control traffic and avoid accidents. In addition citizens were asked by social networks that maximize all precautions at intersections. Breakdowns would have concentrated on: Avenida Ciudad de Chiva, Avenida de las Ciencias (Sevilla Este-Alcosa); Avenida de Andalucía, street Satsumas, Cle…

"Discrimination, no '

Discriminations have a temporality. If you could understand at some point it once was, when the fragility of our system and the enormous difficulty between male and female occupation gave rise to a cronificada situation. Today, in spite of democratic laws, on the reverse of the word equality, we find the term discrimination, and now if we should not understand. Positive discrimination, such as reserving certain seats for women in management competence, contributes to cronificar this situation, since neither encourages nor motivates other alternatives available to women and also perpetuates and stigmatizes this unacceptable difference. One thing is that the physical evidence ponder, for certain oppositions, the physical requirements objectively considering the average for the case of women, and on the other hand, for men. This is really equal opportunities for women and men, as envisaged in each case that can reach those goals without any limit for both parties. What is not fair, bala…

A German driver drunk and without a license runs over a man in Sevilla

A man, a German national aged 52, was arrested on Saturday morning in Seville, specifically in the street Bathrooms, after hitting a pedestrian and triple the allowable blood alcohol. Facts have happened in the morning of Saturday, at 09.30 hours, when a driver has run over a pedestrian who has been slightly wounded in the street Baths, as reported by Emergency Sevilla in a posting on his Facebook account. In the place Casualty Investigation Team Vials of the local police, who performed the breathalyzer test driver, checking tripling the maximum allowable rate personó. In addition, the officers found that the detainee had no driving license tourism and insurance. In this regard, local police found that the man had no fixed abode in the city because they resided in his vehicle, which has been deposited in the municipal warehouses. The man has been arrested and is waiting to be brought to justice. As for the wounded, she has been served on site health services by going off on their own…

Toledo signed a tasty draw against Real Madrid Castilla

CD Toledo has garnered a tie to a goal Saturday in Madrid before the Real Madrid youth team, after the dispute of a football game very intense and at times, high technical quality. Toledo squad continues to add points that are serving him out of dangerous positions in the classification. The opening minutes were light Madridistas domain and as a result, could early lead on two offensive actions by Quezada and Óscar Rodríguez in minutes 11 and 13, respectively, that came out. The visitors' reply came after 15 minutes when center Exposito was at the feet of Héctor Figueroa and within the small area, but the shot went Canary striker merengue top of frame. The ball was for locals, but the cons of Toledo were very dangerous. In this way, and when 28 minutes was met Álvaro Antón fired a shot "the doll" from an excellent position to put the 0-1. He forgave the Toledo but not the subsidiary of Real Madrid. So when 31 minutes was fulfilled, a side kick taken by Quezada led to the…